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Endorsement for Martin Mitsoff, Sheffield selectman candidate

By Wednesday, May 8, 2019 Letters 3

To the editor:

I’m voting for Martin Mitsoff for Sheffield Selectman on Monday, May 13, and invite you to do the same.

Martin is getting my vote because he has clearly told us what he wants to accomplish as selectman and his volunteer activities in Sheffield have proven his commitment and value to our community. His volunteer interests are broad and directly serve all constituencies and ages, from young person to our most senior citizens.

He has particularly demonstrated leadership by not only being a fireman but by establishing stronger EMT/1st Responder services at the Volunteer Fire Department; making improvements at the library, including parking lot lighting and greater security; and serving on the Conservation Commission. He has attended most selectmen meetings for almost a year to become familiar with issues and the job itself.

It is his platform, however, that tells me what he wants to do and will work to do if elected: he wants to make our town more open and prosperous by increasing transparency in town business, and work on solutions to the vexing issues of affordable housing, greater economic development, and additional sources of revenue to offset personal property taxes. These issues must be addressed to attract and keep younger adults in town, make Sheffield more attractive and affordable to those already here and help Sheffield take advantage of much offered to us, but currently left on the table.

This will all take work, but if not now, when?

I know he has the drive, desire and interest in solving these and other issues facing our beloved town. My vote will help give him the opportunity to serve our town and work hard for each of us. Please join me and cast your vote for Martin Mitsoff for selectman.

Rene Wood


The writer is a member of the Sheffield Board of Selectmen.