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EdgeCast Video: MassDem Convention — the face of resistance

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By Sunday, Jun 25, 2017 We the People 7

On June 3, 2017 in Worcester, Mass., the Massachusetts Democratic Convention had an air of defiance, starting with some fiery speeches by elected officials, followed by a vote where delegates adopted the most progressive platform in the history of the Commonwealth.

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Did all the progressives bring whistles to the convention and blow them at once?

  2. John says:

    These folks need to get past the notion that government is everything to everybody, and face reality as it is an not as they want it to be.
    The November 2016 election is over and the liberals lost the presidency, senate and house. Now, prior to the election, many liberals proclaimed they would move from the USA if the election resulted as it has. It is time to move on liberals as you so proclaimed, unless your word is no good…..
    While the Feds can print money, the states cannot print money. The states simply have to set priorities for spending and simply start saying no to every petty demand.
    A family of 4 had been placed in debt 250,000 by the federal government alone. Now how much debt do you want the state and town to sign you up for?

  3. Steve Farina says:

    Wow, so much to say about this….it will require me to revisit and decide if it is worth it…
    For starters though – Gubernatorial candidate thinks the state runs from Boston to Springfield…bodes well for the Berkshires, not
    Asking for more revenue (increasing taxes on the “rich”) – how did that voluntary tax bracket work out? Did all the Democrat millionaires pay higher taxes to support your programs?
    Forget Bi-partisanship? Really?

    Resistance? Ya mean like this:

    All this and more wrapped up in a neat video package making the obviously biased Edge look even more so…there once was a time of true independent journalism….even our “news” reporting is divided in the current environment, so sad

  4. Nadine says:

    Just stop it already!!! Enough is enough!!!!!

  5. Laurily Epstein says:

    What a great film! I’m so proud to live in Massachusetts!

  6. Ken says:

    Well for one thing it makes me sad that I live in this state.
    The goal of our state politicians should be to support our elected President !
    He was elected by “The Peoples Vote” that alone should send a message. The election is over lets move on so some actual work can be done. By the way there is more to this state than Boston to Springfield.. there is another 50 miles of voters!!! Time to move on!!!

  7. Holly Morse says:

    What an inspiring video! Liz is absolutely the best. Ben Hillman does a great job of capturing her voice and energy. She stands as a beacon to all of us feeling overwhelmed by the morally bankrupt thugs savaging our government to further line the pockets of the wealthy. “Find a group. Join it. Join two. Push back!” Elizabeth Warren gives me hope. Democracy can still function if we all dig in and work. Don’t slack off! Write, call, canvas and turn up!

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