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EDGECAST VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren: Your voice matters

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By Monday, Jul 17, 2017 Edgecasts 13

At a July 8 Town Hall forum at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered an electrifying address to a packed auditorium of 800 citizens, warning that the Trump administration policies would convey a tax cut to the rich by cutting health care for Americans.

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  1. Patrick Fennell says:

    Amazing that the Trump haters want him out of office less than a month after he was in office and continue to talk impeachment. Yet after six years Liz has accomplished nothing. Wells-Fargo top executives were never indicted for bank crimes, the filthy rich gets richer, Berkshire County is struggling more in the last six years than ever before. She had her chances, but caves in constantly, she chose to help Hillary instead of Bernie for example and how is that working out for MA?
    Liz does not deserve another term in office and neither does Richie Neal. Ed Markey might since he may have helped Maryland, the state he really lives in. When will democrats hold their own elected people to the same standards they hold Trump?
    Oh and how is that pipeline going in Otis?

    1. Barbara Newman says:

      Inspiring. Humanistic. And a real fighter for what is good and right. Elizabeth Warren is not afraid to speak up–loudly–for the things this country needs. She is strong leader, with both integrity AND intelligence. We need more like her in American politics. Period.

      1. John says:

        This could not be farther from the truth. Americans need to stop sticking their responsibilities to their neighbors. Elizabeth Warren serves no one but herself. She promises over and over freebies devoid of any common sense in exchange for votes. Government does not need to get more bloated and you cannot tax yourself to prosperity.
        Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters are exactly what needs to change in America and they need to retire

    2. Jason Brown says:

      Correct Barbara. John and Patrick need to turn off Faux news for a second and look around. Elizabeth has more guts than anyone in the Senate right now and it’s great to see her stand up to bullies. Patrick, professing your ignorance doesn’t help your cause. Elizabeth Warren’s achievements so far make 45 look like a toddler lost in a sandbox. She has created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sponsored 36 bills including the Equal Employment Act for All, the Schedules That Work Act, the Trade Transparency Act, and the Fed Accountability Act. She is also a final expert on bankruptcies which is why tRump is scared of her. Trump has only created panic and embarrassment for the nation. “After six years Liz has accomplished nothing” Seriously? Eyes wide shut.

      1. John. says:

        Thank your for your comments.
        Try to run a small business with those like Elizabeth Warren spouting off. One does not need any news whatsoever to decide that she if fully incompetent and has no sense of balancing the books.
        You cannot tax your way to prosperity not stick your neighbors with your responsibilities.. ?
        The sooner she retires the better for everyone.

  2. Jim Mahon says:

    At the risk of spoiling the fun, I’d like to say something positive. I was there and this video captures the moment. Senator Warren responded thoughtfully, sincerely, and knowledgeably to our questions, and she inspired people to hope that government can be used for something more than dividing us. Thanks to Ben and the Edge.

  3. Lee Harrison says:

    Mr. Fennell is obviously living in some parallel, through-the-looking-glass universe, one where Republicans are virtuous and do not want to throw 23 million people off health insurance so their millionaire and billionaire funders get the tax cuts they so “richly” deserve, where treason is now a virtue, where using the Office of the President of the United States for personal monetary gain in contravention of the Constitution they declare so publicly they cherish, where stealing a seat on the Supreme Court is deemed righteous, where suppressing our constitutional right to vote is “smart politics,” where wrecking the public school system in favor of private and charter schools is educational progress, where destroying the Environmental Protection Agency and rolling back environmental regulations while an iceberg the size of Delaware broke off Antarctica, where up is down and down is up. So yeah, it’s in this world that Mr. Fennell’s comments fit nicely. In the real world Liz Warren, who grew up poor and knows what average folks go through, is the champion of working families.

    1. Rick Brown says:

      Lee, I could not agree with your comments more. You are right on. Additionally, town halls and “real” press conferences should be hallmarks of a strong democracy. How long has it been since Trump met with reporters? His own Press Office won’t even go on camera. I have seen Senator Warren speak multiple times. She is working for the people of Massachusetts. Unlike Trump, she is not afraid of her constituents.

  4. Tom S says:

    Is this woman ever happy? I mean, ever since she came on the political scene she has been complaining and saying how bad our country is.
    I do love her energy, that is impressive, but she fails in specifics; simply US (non rich people) vs. THEM (rich people). A very sad way to go about life and politics.

    And by the way a bill that allows students to REFINANCE debt is not a solution, it is a band aid.

    1. John says:

      Elizabeth Warren is clearly full time miserable.
      The issue with both student loans and medical care is obviously a cost problem. Obama ignored this and placed band aid after band aid.
      If you have a college campus these days, they are massive sprawling properties full of grandeur and outrageous administrator pay.
      Have a look at medical costs and you will see often 100,000 a year going to malpractice insurance to protect your local physician from ravenous lawyers. And Yes these ravenous lawyers advertise and portray east lawsuits on he radio….

      No good can come from Elizabeth Warren, except all the hot air from her on a cold winters day…

  5. Maria Nation says:

    Thank you Berkshire Edge for carrying Ben Hillman’s work. If we have leaders like Elizabeth Warren and Adam Hinds and determined citizens like Ben Hillman and an open, fair press like the Edge, we can find hope even in these dark days of American politics. The Russians aim to foment chaos in our country (and are succeeding). The GOP is doing nothing about this while endeavoring to further enrich the One-Percenters (at the sake of the working and middle classes – not to mention the environment). All that is keeping this from happening are the determined folks who march, join, write, call and refuse to give in to cynicism despite the horrors unleashed by this false President. Thank you Ben Hillman! Power to the people.

  6. Jenny Russell says:

    Sharing “good news” seems all very well and good, but clearly, the growing list of news which forecasts VERY bad futures for consumers, health care, the environment, as well as foreign policy has grown exponentially since January 20, 2017. For example, while we’re paying (some) attention to the circus of Russian intrigue and all its components, we may be missing such seemingly less dramatic items as proposed rule-making (now before the Congress) which allows the manufacturers of medical hardware (defibrillators, implants, and so forth) to delay the reporting of malfunctioning medical devices for ninety days, as opposed to the current 30 days. The lobbying efforts by such manufacturers have reached $8 million for the first quarter of 2017, and the lobbyists have expressed disingenuous surprise that the FDA is already understaffed to review “the 65,000 new adverse effects every month” (The New York Times 12 July 2017). I cite this small item as an example of run-away and unfettered expenditures on behalf of industry and business and disproportionately unpleasant, even dangerous for the uninformed public at large. If additional taxes (on, say capital gains) are necessary to pay for clarity, honesty, timeliness and safety (let alone respect, courage, and compassion), I say, tax the rich!

    1. John says:

      I would encourage you to have a look at the medical reporting process in detail at both the federal level and medical device level. There is far more that happens than a simple ‘report’, and further yet, there are annual reporting requirements.
      It is a process which currently indeed works, and works pretty well at that. Having been involved in failure analysis to root cause, I can tell you it is possible to spend months analyzing a device at the microscopic leve to get to the real root cause of a failure, never mind address an appropriate and approved corrective action.
      In the mean time, eat your vegetables, don’t smoke and get appropriate exercise. All the Best

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