DISPATCH: On the wild side, rattlesnake caught in Elm Street lawn

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By Sunday, Aug 13 Life In the Berkshires  7 Comments
Lynn Lanoue
The 21/2-foot rattlesnake discovered on the lawn of the law offices of Lamme and Linscott on Elm Street in Great Barrington. The creature was removed by Animal Control Officer Shep Evans, with help from the Great Barrington Police Department.

Great Barrington – On Saturday (August 12) Lynn Lanoue, a legal assistant in the law offices of Jim Lamme and Wendy Linscott on 22 Elm St., sent the following dispatch to Lamme and Linscott who were away from the office at the time.

“There was some excitement at 22 Elm yesterday. I came across a young rattlesnake on the lawn (about 2 ½ feet long) near the back porch, and called police to report it. The police, The Nature Conservancy and Shep Evans [the town’s Animal Control Officer] were here. Shep caught the snake in a cat catcher and The Nature Conservancy put it in a big galvanized can from Carr Hardware.”

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  1. Janice Storti says:

    Wasn’t there another rattlesnake sited in the gardens surrounding Berkshire Bank on Main Street in Great Barrington a few days ago?? This was posted on Facebook complete with picture. To those of us terrorized by the word “snake” have something to worry about?

    1. Jeremy Van Deusen says:

      I believe it was the same one. Both pictures look very similar (the one on Facebook was zoomed in) and the locations are right next to each other.

    2. Jeffrey says:

      I am NEVER leaving my porch again.

  2. Jonathan Hankin says:

    So do we need to be careful when garbage can shopping at Carr’s?

  3. Shep Evans says:

    Adds new meaning to “America’s Most Exciting Bank!”

  4. Shep Evans says:

    Some have suggested that there is a “lawyer” joke in this.
    I think that’s a bad idea.

  5. George Grumbach says:

    There must be a joke about a rattlesnake on a lawyer’s lawn.

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