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Decadence All Day! Part 1

Your decadent day of chocolate begins here, with Montezuma and Madame du Barry. Who knew?

Valentine’s Day 2019: Dip it in chocolate, all day long.

We’ve designed a day in which there is chocolate in every bite and every sip.

How (you may ask) did chocolate get so attached to Valentine’s Day? History teaches that by the 1500s, the holiday had moved away from the theme of early Christian martyrdom to that of love. Meanwhile, the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez, while destroying Aztec civilization, picked up the recipe for chocolate, which the Aztec nobility had enjoyed in the form of a drink made with roasted cacao beans, cornmeal, vanilla, honey, and chilies; Montezuma was said to have downed it by the gallon as an aphrodisiac.

Montezuma, where it all began.

Back in Europe, the new elixir from America caught on among the upper classes. At Versailles, Madame du Barry, mistress of King Louis XV (among others), began her day with a cup of chocolate and is said to have mixed chocolate with amber to stimulate her lovers. The French Revolution ended all that, and 19th-century breakthroughs in chocolate production made it a mass-market commodity, though still a special one. Richard Cadbury first packaged chocolate candies in heart-shaped boxes in 1861 – and the link to Valentine’s Day was soon forged.

Madame du Barry, an early practitioner of aphrodisia by chocolate.

Be decadent for a day! It’s easy to do in the Berkshires, where chocolatiers, chefs and bakers beckon you to indulge. And we’re going to make it even easier for you to enjoy a day infused with chocolate delights. We asked some of the Berkshires’ top chefs and confectioners to get you through your Valentine’s Day on a continuous wave of chocolate. Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday) to see how your day begins. We’ll take you through lunch and dinner on Wednesday, and put you to bed on Thursday, Valentine’s Day itself.

For your convenience, here is a list of nearby places where you can stock up on chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  Run right out!

Indulgence awaits at Catherine’s Chocolates in Great Barrington. Photo: Phil Holland
Chocolate shops of the Berkshires 

Chocolate Springs
55 Pittsfield Rd
Lenox, MA 01240-2123 USA
(413) 637-9820

H R Zeppelin Fine Handmade Chocolates
Stockbridge, MA 01262
(413) 559-0275

Catherine’s Chocolates
260 Stockbridge Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230

Peace Love & Chocolate 
36 Main St
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Robin’s Candy
288 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230

Lindt Chocolate Shop & Beverage Bar
60 Premium Outlet Boulevard
Space B060 Suite 17
Lee, MA 01238
(413) 243-0637

Chocolate without borders

New York

Oliver Kita Artisan Chocolate
18 West Market Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Verdigris Tea and Chocolate
135 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
(518) 828-3139


Thorncrest Farm, LLC & Milk House Chocolates
280 Town Hill Road
Goshen, CT 06756
(860) 309-2545 


The Village Chocolate Shop
471 Main St
Bennington, VT 05201
(802) 447-3789

Vermont Confectionery
1541 West Rd
Bennington, VT 05201

The Chocolate Barn
5055 Historic Route 7A
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
(802) 375-6928

The Chocolatorium
261 Old Mill Road
East Arlington VT 05250
(802) 375-6037

Mother Myrick’s Confectionery
4367 Main St
Manchester Center, VT 05255
(802) 362-1560



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