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Community support for young readers

By Friday, Oct 11, 2019 Letters

To the editor:

This year the sixth grade moved from Undermountain Elementary to the middle school of Mount Everett Regional School where I am the librarian. As my budget has remained flatlined for years and does not account for this increased need, I am facing challenges in developing a book collection that serves this population. I reached out to several organizations and businesses in the area to solicit donations. I want to thank Holly Hamer and Ed Abrahams of the Friends of the Great Barrington Libraries for their generous support. The Friends have gifted the library over 90 books and counting. I can’t catalogue them fast enough; my young students see them on my desk and want to check them out. It has been tremendous to receive support to keep the wonder and curiosity alive in our young people as well as to raise the next generation of readers, lifelong learners and informed citizens. We need to work together to meet the many challenges facing our small community.

Michelle Raszl

The writer is the librarian at Mount Everett Regional School.