Columnist Alan Chartock is misinformed on many issues

I don’t understand how The Edge allows a column this vapid, yet destructive, to run week after week. 

To the editor:

Hey Alan. It’s not that simple. Try reading The Berkshire Edge once in a while.

In a period of one week the Berkshire Edge ran a lengthy, thoughtful column by two elected officials, “It’s Not That Simple,” which explained in detail why the simplistic suggestions like yours often don’t work. They specifically explained why there’s no magic wand for the Division Street bridge. And they asked readers to approach frustrating problems by making suggestions rather than by calling people names and fostering divisiveness.

Then a few days later The Edge let Alan Chartock shoot from the hip, with no actual suggestions, and ask for a magic wand to fix our very real problems, calling those who are actually working on the problem, many of them volunteers, lazy and stupid.

Last week, and the two weeks before that, Mr. Chartock “examined” the GB Selectboard where one new member can’t seem to get along with the other four, and he blamed the other four. Again, with no evidence at all that they are the problem.

I don’t understand how The Edge allows a column this vapid, yet destructive, to run week after week.

Finally, there is his last pointless point in this week’s column. “We are being told once more that the combining of the two local school districts is moving ahead. Maybe that’s true.”  Maybe that’s true?!  Last week he wrote a column where he said the two school committees should “get off their duffs” and consolidate. Apparently, he hasn’t read any of the coverage of the two committees and eight selectboards doing just that for several months. But instead of apologizing, or at least saying “oops,” he doubled down with a very Trump-like “we are being told,” as if it were news.

Please, Berkshire Edge. You can do better

Helen Silver