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Coldest day this century

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By Thursday, Dec 28, 2017 News 8

Great Barrington — With a high temperature of only 9 degrees and a low of 1 degree below zero for a very mean temperature of only 3.5 degrees, it make this day the coldest of this century.

The 9 represents the coldest high reading since December 22, 1989 when the high was only 7 and a low of 4 below for a very mean reading of 2.5.

And Forecasters say our current cold snap will continue for a few more days due to a blocking pattern in the atmosphere.

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  1. Steve Farina says:

    And with this, many environmentally minded people opt for man made personal warming over man made global warming – sitting in, or departing from running vehicles with the heat blaring. Funny how the mindset changes when things become personal…or maybe with these frigid temps the idea is to usher in global warming…

    1. nick diller says:

      I love winter weather, Steve. Sometimes being out in it and other times looking out at it

  2. Dale says:

    Could you please clarify whether yesterday was the coldest day in a century or just the coldest Dec 28 in a century. Thanks.

    1. nick diller says:

      Thursday was the coldest December high temp this Century and the coldest high temp since 12/22/1989. and coupled with winds average 14MPH made for a rather uncomfortable day unless you were dressed for it. But it as not bad at the grill on the kitchen porch last night grilling salmon. It’s pretty much never too cold for grilling. Weather at CBS 6 says the cold weather will stay for a while. Cheersw

      1. Dale says:

        Thanks for all you share Nick!

  3. adrian says:

    Shouldn’t that be a mean of 4? Literacy is important, but so is numeracy.

    1. Shawn G. says:

      Grammar error, as well.

  4. Lou Moscatello says:

    I remember December 1989, my first winter here. There were 20 straight days below freezing with an average temperature of 19. Coldest December ever recorded up to that time. Check it out in a Berkshire Eagle story from the time. Since surpassed by another December whose year I’ve forgotten but documented in another Eagle story.
    Lou M

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