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Clayton Halden Chrisman, 45, of Sheffield

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By Saturday, May 19, 2018 Obituaries 2

Clayton Halden Chrisman, 45, passed away May 14, 2018 at the home of his father and stepmother, in Sheffield after a long illness. He had come East for treatment from his home in Denver last October. He fought a long and courageous battle for two and a half years.

Clayton was born December 21, 1972 in New York City. He attended St. Anne’s, Buckley, and graduated from Riverdale Country School in Riverdale, N.Y. He went on to Colorado College for a BA in English. He traveled around the world between his junior and senior year after studying in Florence, Italy.

Clayton was always entrepreneurial and a bit of an iconoclast. Following graduation he moved to San Francisco where he joined several startups. He co-founded View Interactive Entertainment, an Internet-based Juke Box manufacturer, in 2005 and sold it in 2013. Moving to Denver, he founded Trolling Motors.com in 2014 an e-commerce business serving the sport fishing industry which he managed until his death. Clayton was an avid outdoorsman becoming an expert telemark skier, biker and fly fisherman.

He loved the Berkshires, grew up here weekends and visited three or four times a year ever since  his parents acquired a place in 1975. Clayton was a cheerleader and confidant to many. He was witty, kind beyond description and a lover of music.

He is survived by his father, Neil D. Chrisman; his mother, Ulla A. Chrisman; and his stepmother Kathleen M. Chrisman.

A memorial service will be held June 9, at 4 p.m., at the First Presbyterian Church, 12 West 12thSt., in New York City.

A reception will follow.

Memorial donations may be made to his favorite charities: Himalayan Cataract Project and the Sheffield Land Trust.

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  1. Christopher Owen says:

    The news of Clayton Chrisman’s death comes as a great shock to us, being a close friend of Clayton’s Father and Step Mother. The shock comes first and naturally with my utmost sympathy to his parents , Neil and Kathy, for whom , as a father of a daughter almost identical in age, I cannot conceive a worse occurrence to one’s life than loosing a child especially one with so many accomplishments behind and certainly so ahead. All this for what one would believe, a minor ailment.

    This particular case warrants utmost attention as the reason, and cure would seem simple to our naive minds. What with the advance in medical research, such a basic, yet devastating condition in which to be consumed, without relief very hour and every day, well over two years and all the while, seeking every conceivable solution with all without success even despite surgery.
    All to to the ultimate and devastating end.
    For those that have read and my comments, especially within or without the mediical world, please make every effort in the names of those who have faced or are facing similar experiences. Bring to your doctors attention in any way you are able the significance of the tortuous mental pain, nonstop, night and day, literally without end, notmoment”s relief. In doing the name of Clayton and the many others who are facing a similar experience.

    1. William Lash says:

      Thank you Christopher!!!!! Duely noted….

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