Letter from Paris

Monday, Sep 22 - How many of the discerning sophisticates reading this month's Letter From Paris know the interesting history of Jeanne Louise Calment?

The grand dames of Berkshire music

Monday, Sep 15 - Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge built a concert hall on her property with 500 seats and outstanding fine acoustics. It was 1918 and the Berkshire Music Festival at South Mountain, Pittsfield, was born.

Grossman endorsed for governor

Wednesday, Sep 3 - Other candidates are "fighting," while Steve Grossman is actually working to create positive change for all of us.

Connections: Protests are as American as apple pie

Tuesday, Sep 2 - In 1774, a successful act of civil disobedience resulted in the forceful closing of the court at Great Barrington and in the raising of a Berkshire militia. When the shot was fired at Lexington in 1775, Berkshire was ready.

Back to the future of Berkshire food

Tuesday, Aug 26 - The Berkshires Agricultural Society was founded in 1811 for the purpose of experimentation and improvement of all things edible — on the hoof, off the stalk, or out of the ground.

The ‘News,’ then as now

Tuesday, Aug 5 - It took 200 years for American media and public relations to discover the power of hypocrisy: simultaneously lying and denying it.

Connections: What goes around comes around

Tuesday, Jul 29 - The earning capacity of many people makes it impossible for them to afford health care. Millions do not have protection against the economic effects of sickness.

Connections: Waiting for a train

Monday, Jul 21 - The first time around, from concept to completion, it took 44 years to establish passenger train service in Berkshire and there is no reason to believe it will take less time to restore it.

Connections: Circus circus

Thursday, Jul 17 - The elephant arrived in Lenox exhausted and suffering – apparently – from internal injuries. Residents came from all over Berkshire, stood in the barn door, and watched Columbus die.