Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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CONNECTIONS: When did we become so treasonous, irrational, and biased?

The wellbeing of the state as presently constituted ensures the wellbeing of the people. To threaten one is to threaten us.

CONNECTIONS: Are progress and change always good?

Is all change good? Is the point of progress to improve sales or improve life? The trouble with misinformation is not just that it proliferates lies, but that it obscures the truth.

THE BODY SCIENTIFIC: Psychedelic drugs for depression and anxiety (Part One)

Banned drugs, like banned books, have a way of reappearing. Ketamine, psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA can have extraordinary effects, including hallucinations and an expansive view of life.


So what do we make of someone who supposedly (according to him) invented the concept of fake news and then created it for his own benefit?

Berkshire Elections 2024: Letters to the editor

Readers of The Berkshire Edge write in on local Berkshire County elections.

Mr. Piasecki, spare us your condescending ‘compassion’ and ‘pity’

Mr. Piasecki's letter attempts to further divide the town by pitting the “new folks” against the old timers in town. Please note that all the current members of the Select Board, including incumbent Andy Krouss, have lived in West Stockbridge for decades.

I WITNESS: Happy Mother’s Day

I have gotten through my first holiday season without my mother, along with her birthday and my birthday. Now it is Mother’s Day, and before too long it will the first anniversary of the day she died.

Lee holds successful wide-ranging Service Day to honor Earth Day

This annual event succeeds because Lee residents and businesses join hands to help improve our corner of the planet. We couldn’t do this without them!

A clarification on intervenors in the Housatonic Water Works rate-hike case

I recognize that Great Barrington and West Stockbridge chose not to name one of their respective members as an intervenor. Stockbridge named me.

LEONARD QUART: A victory for social democracy

I am heartened by Labor’s victory in London and England—a sign that social democracy is ready to return to power in Great Britain.

Unfortunate reference to children as ‘illegals’

These interesting, dynamic, engaged young humans have no say in the matter where they live and what their citizenship status is.

SONIA PILCER: Remembrance

"Forgetfulness leads to exile. Remembrance is the secret of redemption." — Baal Shem Tov

Remembering the days before homelessness in Berkshire County

I spent much of the 80s and early 90s in Boston, when homelessness started to take off, but it was absent in the Berkshires upon my many returns. Then around the turn of the century, the unhoused population appeared at Park Square in Pittsfield and drive islands of shopping-mall entrances.

PETER MOST: Thoughts on Great Barrington Town Meeting 2024

If there is going to be any serious debate at Town Meeting, it is likely to occur in connection with consideration of Article 13. This article requests the town approve an expenditure of $150,000 for the planning-and-design phase for improvements to the ramshackle Ramsdell Library.

I WITNESS: The right to a speedy trial

Let’s talk turkey. Donald Trump is running for the presidency, again, for one reason only: to avoid judgement and consequences for his outrageous behavior.

Vote to approve the proposed funding for the Ramsdell Library at the Great Barrington Town Meeting on May 6

While Great Barrington’s two libraries are linked and are two locations for one library system, there are unique spaces within the Ramsdell library which do not duplicate spaces within the Mason Library and offer opportunities for unique programming for the families and adults in the town.

Know where to get your facts when it comes to the Department of Public Utilities’ review of Housatonic Water Works’ rate-hike request

If you have read anything on social media describing the proposed settlement between the DPU and HWW from any source other than the actual intervenors in the case, it is likely inaccurate.