Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Patrick White knows how to get things done

Patrick has the ability to both have a big vision, seeing what is important in the big picture, and at the same time see the deeper details of what it will take to achieve that vision. Most importantly, Patrick understands how to get things done.

Connections: What goes around comes around

The earning capacity of many people makes it impossible for them to afford health care. Millions do not have protection against the economic effects of sickness.

Connections: Waiting for a train

The first time around, from concept to completion, it took 44 years to establish passenger train service in Berkshire and there is no reason to believe it will take less time to restore it.

Connections: Circus circus

The elephant arrived in Lenox exhausted and suffering – apparently – from internal injuries. Residents came from all over Berkshire, stood in the barn door, and watched Columbus die.

Monument Mountain’s ‘Independent Project’: Risk and opportunity

It is far easier to have a teaching disability than a learning disability. Kids who are both intelligent and a bit rebellious are usually the kids who end up struggling in school.

Connections: Summer storm at Tanglewood led to Shed

Eighty years ago, Tanglewood concerts were outdoors -- in a tent. At one performance, an all-Wagner concert, with Koussevitsky conducting, a storm rendered the music inaudible.

Connections: Elm Court epitomized the (past) Gilded Age

'Elm Court…has become famous…as an example of what the progressive modern spirit, backed up by abundant capital, can accomplish.' -- Berkshire Resort Topics, 1904

‘Death with dignity’: Make it possible in Massachusetts

In her letter to the editor, Joyce Scheffey of Great Barrington addresses the dilemma of end-of-life decisions and urges passage of legislation.


Why is it we always know best? Especially when we know nothing. Why? Because we are Americans? Because we know best? That, of course, is something Republicans and Democrats can always agree upon. We not only know best, but are the best.

A Fable: Acts of the Devil

Herewith a fable for our time by the poet Kurt Kruger, on the wily schemes of the Devil: 'Long ago, when there was much more space than people, I would have gone to each isolated population, in turn, and convinced them that I was God.'

Book Review: The surveillance state: No place to hide, really

Page after page reveals to us with ever increasing horror that we are the most surveilled and spied upon people to ever walk the earth. This is not fiction.

Chelm 01262: On the march for a county of ‘bridges’

"We already have West Stockbridge and now we could get Lenox as North Stockbridge, Lee as East Stockbridge, Great Barrington as South Stockbridge and even Pittsfield as FarNorth Stockbridge." -- The Elders of Chelm 01262

Connections: The Bank Heist

The issue is not if drug and alcohol abuse constitute a legal defense; the issue is that there is a statistically significant relationship between addiction and crime.

Get politics out of politics

Local politics isn't about politics. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s not about slogans. It’s about working with others and sharing ideas and getting things done.

Another side of the story

I understand how easy it is to imagine that those voters who don’t say yes, who don’t vote yes, just don’t care about teachers. To imagine that they don’t care about kids.

Mother Goes to Town Meeting

I look up and see Moses standing at the ready nearby, ready to lead us through another annual round of democracy. Next year, in the high school.

Ed Abrahams for Selectman in Great Barrington

Letter from Craig and Annie Okerstrom-Lang