Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Patrick White has been a great supporter of the Mohican people and deserves to represent the 3rd Berkshire District

We have seen local leaders come and go over and over these past 200 years. We need more like Patrick White.

Let’s keep Stockbridge politics civil and truthful

Vote your conscience for your preferred candidates.

Trump’s trial clearly reveals the character of both Trump and the Republican Party

The Republican Party has become a shameless cult engaged in undermining our constitutional principles.

Divestment of university endowment investments that support illegal Israeli government practices? Not a financial problem, according to Professor Charlie Eaton

The mainstream news media and Columbia University President Shafik have been blowing smoke on the question of divestment.

Berkshire Elections 2024: Letters to the editor

Readers of The Berkshire Edge write in on local Berkshire County elections.

Mr. Piasecki, spare us your condescending ‘compassion’ and ‘pity’

Mr. Piasecki's letter attempts to further divide the town by pitting the “new folks” against the old timers in town. Please note that all the current members of the Select Board, including incumbent Andy Krouss, have lived in West Stockbridge for decades.

Lee holds successful wide-ranging Service Day to honor Earth Day

This annual event succeeds because Lee residents and businesses join hands to help improve our corner of the planet. We couldn’t do this without them!

A clarification on intervenors in the Housatonic Water Works rate-hike case

I recognize that Great Barrington and West Stockbridge chose not to name one of their respective members as an intervenor. Stockbridge named me.

Unfortunate reference to children as ‘illegals’

These interesting, dynamic, engaged young humans have no say in the matter where they live and what their citizenship status is.

Remembering the days before homelessness in Berkshire County

I spent much of the 80s and early 90s in Boston, when homelessness started to take off, but it was absent in the Berkshires upon my many returns. Then around the turn of the century, the unhoused population appeared at Park Square in Pittsfield and drive islands of shopping-mall entrances.

Vote to approve the proposed funding for the Ramsdell Library at the Great Barrington Town Meeting on May 6

While Great Barrington’s two libraries are linked and are two locations for one library system, there are unique spaces within the Ramsdell library which do not duplicate spaces within the Mason Library and offer opportunities for unique programming for the families and adults in the town.

Know where to get your facts when it comes to the Department of Public Utilities’ review of Housatonic Water Works’ rate-hike request

If you have read anything on social media describing the proposed settlement between the DPU and HWW from any source other than the actual intervenors in the case, it is likely inaccurate.

Fairview Hospital Interim Vice President Emmett C. Schuster introduces himself

My past experience working in rural hospitals across the country has shown me a lot of different healthcare environments, and I have been impressed to see the extent of sophisticated treatments and services available to patients in this region who use the front door of Fairview Hospital to tap into the broader Berkshire Health Systems network.

People do not always behave rationally

People do not always behave rationally. Psychologists know this. Economists finally discovered this. And many do not understand it.

Hoping for more evaluation of fact, analysis, and documentation from Patrick White

Mr. White would have us believe that until he started his service on the Select Board in 2020, neither his predecessors in office or members of the Finance Committee were concerned about real estate taxation.

We should be thanking our Stockbridge Finance Committee members, not denigrating them

The Stockbridge Finance Committee is composed of fine, community-oriented citizens who volunteer their time and their accumulated years of financial-management skill to ensure that our community is and will remain financially viable for decades to come.

Dismay at the treatment by two West Stockbridge Select Board members towards a taxpayer

To allow three people who are not residents of West Stockbridge to speak freely while not allowing a business owner and taxpaying resident of the town to do so is wrong.