Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Patrick White has been a great supporter of the Mohican people and deserves to represent the 3rd Berkshire District

We have seen local leaders come and go over and over these past 200 years. We need more like Patrick White.

Hunger takes no summer vacation!

Even well fed children are apt to experience some “summer slide” in learning, but poor nutrition makes this much worse.

Pro-Palestinian protests are not antisemitic

To equate opposition to Israel, in whatever form it takes, as “Jew hatred” is as sensible as equating opposition to MAGA with hatred of Christians.

Misguided protests

The protests in front of a Jewish owned business were cruel and insensitive. The protests seem one-sided.

State legislation to ban the sale of puppies from puppy mills

It is my hope that the bill makes it out of committee and does not die there, as too many good pieces of proposed legislation often do.

Foundry supporters’ virtue-signaling at Planning Board meetings is not a good look

Amy Brentano's minions at Planning Board meetings do not seem to notice that what is being discussed in these meetings is not whether the performance venue should exist, but whether The Foundry’s permit should go from some noise controls to no noise controls.

The answer to The Foundry’s sound issue remains a simple and affordable one

We all love the notion of having a quality performance venue in our town. But the venue doesn’t work if it denies certain basic rights to its abutters.

All the protest against Fuel accomplished was to bolster the coffee shop’s business

Because Fuel is a majority-Jewish-owned business, a pro-Palestinian rally was held last Saturday, followed by aggressively picketing Fuel and badgering customers, claiming Fuel’s owners support Zionism and genocide in Gaza.

Thank you to Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Stephen Bannon and Vice Chair Leigh Davis for their words and leadership regarding a recent protest

As Steve Bannon said, protesting American foreign policy in front of Town Hall is a right; assigning acts of genocide based on hearsay to a business 5,000 miles away from the conflict that sells coffee is, in fact, antisemitism.

The continued breakdown of checks and balances in West Stockbridge

Unjustifiable scapegoating of human beings eventually affects every one of us. I fear this is a case where the town of West Stockbridge is about to fail the Nguyen family again, because this issue has clearly become a popularity contest.

Seven things you can do to affect voters now

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg says, “Worry less. Do More.” I agree. Please join in!

West Stockbridge should not lift the conditions in The Foundry’s special permit

Everyone, including Truc, believes The Foundry is good for the community. However, as long as there is reason to believe that aspects of its programming do cause harm to neighbors, there need to be some conditions in place.

Berkshire Elections 2024: Letters to the editor

Readers of The Berkshire Edge write in on local Berkshire County elections.

Stay inspired and involved for the election in November

I pray that all of us can get — and stay — inspired and involved. November is a heartbeat away.

PCB pollution does not just affect our beloved river: It affects you, too

PCB pollution, if left unchecked, will cause adverse and irreversible effects on the health of Berkshire County residents. We deserve to live freely in a county with access to clean water—and peace of mind that a situation similar to this will never happen again.

Sheffield recycles

I applaud everyone who is part of Sheffield’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse. In doing so, money is saved, jobs are supported, and our solid-waste footprint is hopefully reduced as smart environmental choices are made daily.

Great Barrington’s decision to outsource lifeguards at Lake Mansfeld to a questionable Georgia-based company is concerning

BSRCC has been a cornerstone of our community, ensuring quality and safety at Lake Mansfield for nearly two decades. It’s disheartening to see our town prioritize cost-savings over community loyalty, support for the local workforce, and quality service.