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Berkshire region real estate sales March 12-18, 2017

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28 Summer St: Jeffrey R. Filiault of Adams to Casandra M. Deblois, $134,000 on 03/15/2017

6 Woods Dr: Joshua S. Clairmont of Adams to Michaela M. Duval, $185,100 on 03/16/2017


260 East Rd: Springbrook Homes LLC of Alford to Joanna and Lindsay Allen-Price, $420,000 on 03/13/2017

191 Green River Rd: Peter R. Watts and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Alford to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $349,000 on 03/13/2017


693 King Richard Dr: Thomas Kiriako of Becket to Vincent Pastore, $140,000 on 03/17/2017


1095 South St: Gregory S. and Deborah A. Nowicki of Dalton to Brandon D. Hoag, $133,500 on 03/15/2017


19 Stormview Rd: Brian T. Filiault and PHH Mortgage Corp of Lanesboro to FNMA, $346,900 on 03/13/2017

160 Summer St: Katherine R. Miller of Lanesboro to Stephen M. and Andrea M. Rotter, $179,900 on 03/15/2017


2 Teal Rd: Ronni Beer of Lee to Brian D. and Arza S. Goldstein, $635,000 on 03/17/2017


24 Morgan St: White-Hebler S V Est and Kevin White-Barth of Lenox to Erika M. and James R. Mills, $379,000 on 03/13/2017

North Adams

139 E Quincy St: Kristy L. Fitzgibbons of North Adams to Michael L. Mcgrath, $56,500 on 03/16/2017

102 Liberty St: Remilard FT and Richard D. Remillard of North Adams to Adam W. Oneil and Melissa M. Peltier, $150,000 on 03/16/2017

49 Phelps Ave: Jeremy A. and Shannon M. Zoito of North Adams to Kurt B. and Joey A. Collins, $237,000 on 03/17/2017

516-518 Union St: Melanie Mcdonald and HSBC Bank USA NA of North Adams to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $90,000 on 03/16/2017

27 Watson St: Michael D. Tanner and Barbara T. Wallace of North Adams to Jeremy A. and Shannon M. Zoito, $161,000 on 03/17/2017

17 Wesleyan St: Kyle R. Demarsico of North Adams to Quicken Loans Inc, $137,559 on 03/17/2017


370 Cloverdale St: James M. Grant and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Pittsfield to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $100,000 on 03/15/2017

16 Cynthia Ln Unit 16: Analesa Berg of Pittsfield to Gabriel E. Manfugas and Lauraine M. Donohue, $294,000 on 03/17/2017

207 Dawes Ave: Cynthia M. Mole of Pittsfield to Kirk E. and Sarah E. Nichols, $265,000 on 03/17/2017

722 E New Lenox Rd: Kendra C. Isbell of Pittsfield to Kyle V. Palen, $190,250 on 03/17/2017

58 Emerson Ave: Kirk E. and Sarah E. Nichols of Pittsfield to Brian C. and Meaghan J. Cooper, $195,000 on 03/17/2017

91 Francis Ave: Teti Anthony J Jr Est and Joseph A. Teti of Pittsfield to William Bravo and Lia Saldana, $75,000 on 03/17/2017

5 Hall Pl: Central Berkshire Habitat of Pittsfield to Sheerece Adams, $120,000 on 03/17/2017

4 Hawk St: John T. and Hulda Oneil of Pittsfield to Lisa A. Dobson, $139,000 on 03/15/2017

43 Lake St: Holly Barnes and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $18,860 on 03/17/2017

57 Mckinley Ter: Felix Zarzuela of Pittsfield to Larry Leavitt, $200,000 on 03/13/2017

1382 North St: Phillip G. Farrar of Pittsfield to Jonathan S. and Alexandria E. Couper, $200,000 on 03/17/2017

270 Onota St: Dana P. Fresia and Susan Ward-Fresia of Pittsfield to Estevao Bida, $110,000 on 03/17/2017

71 S Church St Unit S103: Linda Morgenlander of Pittsfield to Milton Lestz and Neil Irick, $200,000 on 03/15/2017

71 S Church St Unit S104: Linda Morgenlander of Pittsfield to Milton Lestz and Neil Irick, $200,000 on 03/15/2017

36 S John St: Sylvester A. Josephs and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $109,900 on 03/16/2017

21 Toronita Ave: Roberta L. Brassard and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $54,000 on 03/17/2017

68 Williams St: Michael R. and Lisa P. Stoddard of Pittsfield to Mark Cimini and Emily Taylor, $350,000 on 03/13/2017


604 Polikoff Rd: Michael W. Martin of Sheffield to Z Floors, $125,000 on 03/13/2017


5 Willow St: Isaacs Charlotte R Est and Loretta Tenuta of Stockbridge to Charles J. and Nancy J. Brex, $95,000 on 03/13/2017


13 Manning St: Micheline and Pierre R. Toureille of Williamstown to Sean C. and Nicole M. Keogh, $284,300 on 03/15/2017

65 Maple St: ENL LLC of Williamstown to Christopher Jordan-Leyda and Kerri Leyda-Nicoll, $300,000 on 03/17/2017


New Hartford

31 Birdsview Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA of New Hartford to Tapshil Desai, $115,000 on 03/17/2017

59 E Cotton Hill Rd: Julie A. Rosenbeck of New Hartford to Robert A. Adelstein, $164,000 on 03/17/2017

70 Wickett St: Gail C. Sheridan of New Hartford to Kenneth W. and Deicy M. Palifka, $32,000 on 03/16/2017


62 Burton Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Salisbury to Jason Lemon, $345,000 on 03/10/2017

60 Race Track Rd: Lloyd Baroody of Salisbury to Paul G. Parker and Andrea J. Hagan, $139,000 on 03/13/2017

5 Riga Ln: Daniel C. Brazee and Salisbury B&T Co of Salisbury to Reginald W. Lamson, $41,000 on 03/17/2017


35 Apple St: USA HUD of Torrington to Great Salt Pond Inv LLC, $42,500 on 03/16/2017

30 Ascot Ln: Naser Elezi of Torrington to Sean and Kari Patterson, $200,000 on 03/17/2017

35 Bonvicini Dr: BD Asset Co 3 LLC of Torrington to Jonathan and Krista Gall, $132,400 on 03/13/2017

51 Butler St: Scott J. and Traci L. Belcher of Torrington to Wilson O. Borja-Borja and Miriam P. Tapia-Espinosa, $95,000 on 03/16/2017

518 Circle Dr: Dorothy Crockett of Torrington to Jose P. Bonilla, $125,000 on 03/15/2017

51 Ivain Rd: Mary and James F. Ivain of Torrington to Sally Chinatti, $109,000 on 03/17/2017

158 Lincoln Ave: Granite Ridge Realty LLC of Torrington to Hector I. Castillo, $115,000 on 03/13/2017

83 Morningside Dr: Kimberly Hunter of Torrington to Veronica Zaffina, $175,000 on 03/17/2017

29 N Grace St: Martha C. Maztko of Torrington to Christina Giersbach, $82,000 on 03/13/2017

129 Norwood St: Brian and Beth A. Gangloff of Torrington to Debbie Harrick, $90,000 on 03/15/2017

25 Oxford Way: BBC Prop Solutions LLC of Torrington to Lacy L. Grabinsky and Tara L. Pozzato, $150,350 on 03/17/2017

43 Surrey Ln Unit 43: Brian Remmers of Torrington to Lois A. Videtto, $75,000 on 03/15/2017

356 White Pine Rd: David and Theresa Nichols of Torrington to Steven M. Moore and Melissa A. White, $177,000 on 03/13/2017

100 Lawton St: TSMC Inc of Torrington to 100 Lawton LLC, $425,000 on 03/13/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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