Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Friday, Jan 12 / By / Plenty to look at and read in this week's Real Estate Friday!, from the best sales of last year to a gorgeous property of the week, to a spectacular Transformation to the latest installment on our complete guide to dealing in Berkshire real estate.

Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Friday, Jan 5 / By / Happy new year! This week we move forward while embracing the past, with a gorgeous renovated Victorian and staff picks for the Best of 2017. Plus, Installment Five of our guide to buying, selling, financing and building real estate in Berkshire County.

More taxable property lowers GB tax rate

Tuesday, Aug 26 - "Great Barrrington is the only community in Berkshire County with a large business center that does not employ a split tax rate." --School Committee member Richard Dohoney

Odor issues halt Log Homes bioremediation

Monday, Aug 25 - “We never anticipated that the site’s cleanup would be concurrent with the heaviest rainfall in 227 years.” -- Chris Young, Biotech Restorations CEO

Monument Mountain preserve, trails extended to village of Housatonic

Thursday, Aug 21 - “Open space is the industry. It promotes wellness, provides community, and lends itself to a happy, healthy society.” -- Ethan Culleton, who sold 45 acres on the western slope of Monument Mountain, including Flag Rock, to the Trustees of Rserversations.

The future of food: Beyond farm to table

Monday, Aug 11 - "It is not enough to just support the farmer; we need to support the land that supports the farmer." -- Chef and author Daniel Barber, owner of Blue Hill Farm in Monterey

Tanglewood grass

Friday, Jul 25 - Next to the artists, nothing at Tanglewood takes more “care and feeding” than the lawn, that greensward that many consider to be the crown jewel of Tanglewood.

Part I: The heroin epidemic in my town

Wednesday, Jul 23 - We cannot dismiss the problem of heroin and the underlying, mysterious madness of the youth here. What do people need to escape from when they need to escape this much, this far?