In Peru, confronting global climate issues close to home

Sunday, Dec 7 - Massachusetts is top in the nation in terms of energy efficiency. Massachusetts residents and businesses have incentives to conserve energy and improve energy efficiency that others don’t. Couple energy efficiency with renewable energy and we’re on our way to a low-carbon transition.

Energy committee disputes Berkshire Edge analysis of gas pipeline decision

Thursday, Nov 6 - "The six New England states never, as the article stated, made “a decision to impose a charge of dubious legality on all New England ratepayers in order to support the funding of a natural gas pipeline that is planned to traverse Massachusetts." -- Heather Hunt, executive director of New England States Committee on Electricity

Anatomy of a pipeline decision: A scheme of ‘dubious’ legality

Monday, Oct 20 - The general public has not been included in the development of energy projects, and in the words of the Conservation Law Foundation, “formulation of and negotiations around [energy] proposals have been conducted almost completely behind closed doors.”

Harvesting the sun, or how we ‘went solar’

Thursday, Oct 16 - I decided to investigate the solarize program launched by Gov. Deval Patrick and spearheaded locally by Malcolm Fick with the town’s Energy Committee as well as Juliette Haas of Egremont. Calculations showed that a free-standing structure with 20 photovoltaic panels would provide 100 percent of the electrical energy that we typically consumed.

Reflections on the People’s Climate March in New York

Saturday, Sep 27 - "Notwithstanding the daunting prospect of climate disruption, we now know that the troops are there for the long fight, and they're in good spirit!" -- Tom Stokes of Stockbridge, coordinator of the Pricing Carbon Initiative, and one of more than 300 Berkshire residents who took part in the Climate March.

Climate march Sept. 21 in NYC; Berkshirites to take part

Friday, Sep 19 - Edge correspondents Victor Feldman, the author of this story, and his Great Barrington Waldorf High School colleague Evan Seitz will be at the People’s Climate March Sunday. They will be filing their observations of the event on our Twitter feed, @BerkEdge, that is displayed on our home page as “This Just In.” On Sunday, for the duration of the demonstration, our Twitter feed will be titled “Climate March.” Please follow their accounts.

Odor issues halt Log Homes bioremediation

Monday, Aug 25 - “We never anticipated that the site’s cleanup would be concurrent with the heaviest rainfall in 227 years.” -- Chris Young, Biotech Restorations CEO

Monument Mountain preserve, trails extended to village of Housatonic

Thursday, Aug 21 - “Open space is the industry. It promotes wellness, provides community, and lends itself to a happy, healthy society.” -- Ethan Culleton, who sold 45 acres on the western slope of Monument Mountain, including Flag Rock, to the Trustees of Rserversations.

The future of food: Beyond farm to table

Monday, Aug 11 - "It is not enough to just support the farmer; we need to support the land that supports the farmer." -- Chef and author Daniel Barber, owner of Blue Hill Farm in Monterey