FIELD NOTES: ‘Tis the season for salamanders

Sunday, Mar 20 - In Massachusetts the Jefferson and blue-spotted salamanders are listed as Species of Special Concern. This group of salamanders belong to the Ambystoma genus and are commonly referred to as "mole salamanders." The genus evolved 30 million years ago (give or take).

IN THE FIELD: Common nighthawk

Friday, Nov 27 - Common nighthawks have one of the longest migration routes among North American birds, wintering all the way in South America.

EDGEWISE: Omens from Nova Scotia

Thursday, Aug 20 - St John, just across the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, has been expanding its deepwater port, serving as a tanker depot for oil and gas. This is where the disputed gas pipeline that would run through Berkshire County would end up.

EDGE WISE: Eco-cinema and environmental awareness

Thursday, Apr 16 - I can understand that food waste is a problem, and look at a statistic and tell you that it is terrible, but once I am confronted with images of the sheer magnitude of piles of wasted food and the story of people who tried to make a difference, that is when I have to take a look in the mirror and really consider taking action.

‘Pipeline Pilgrimage’ called attention to climate crisis

Monday, Apr 13 - “I think one of the challenges with climate change is that it is abstract. But when we do things like spend twelve days seeing where a pipeline is proposed to go, we make that a bit more real and we bring others with us to see that, making the abstract a little more concrete.”  -- Jay O’Hara, one of the walk organizers

Cape Wind proponents rally for renewable energy future

Saturday, Mar 14 - “I’m here today because I cannot look my daughter in the eye if I have not tried to protect her future while our leaders on every level fail to act on climate change. We must not let [our leaders] act for the short-term gain of a few.” -- Anne Goodwin, of Mothers Out Front

Part II: The fracking quandary: More fossil fuels, little environmental oversight

Tuesday, Mar 3 - The Energy Policy Act of 2005 specifically exempts oil and gas hydrofracking from the Act under the provisions of the Halliburton Amendment, so-named because Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, and, in 2005, Chairman of the National Energy Policy Development Group, advocated the amendment. Under its terms, EPA is barred from regulating any activities associated with well construction, fluids injected undergound into the drilling well, and other activities at the wellpad.