IN THE FIELD: Sandhill cranes

Saturday, Mar 17 - This is not a bird one associates with the Northeast. Sandhill cranes breed across most of Canada into Alaska, dropping down into the upper Midwest and the Mountain West.

IN THE FIELD: Birds of winter

Monday, Feb 5 - It is refreshing to hear these noisier-than-usual sparrows chattering this time of year when it is otherwise so quiet.

Green States climate watch

Tuesday, Jan 16 - Maryland joins U.S. Climate Alliance for a total of 16 state members (51 percent of U.S. population) calling for a return to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Connecticut Expansion Pipeline: Don’t blame the company

Tuesday, Jun 6 - Following nearly four years of struggle against a powerful company (Kinder Morgan and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline) backed by laws and a Federal commission, it seems that now is an appropriate point to judge performances of the various participants and agencies that could have made more of a difference to avoid this calamity.

IN THE FIELD: American Woodcock

Monday, Apr 10 - The woodcock begin their displays at dusk, usually right around the time it turns dark enough to not see things very well. The show is mostly auditory.

A postscript to “Letter from Maine”

Saturday, Oct 8 - Texas Republican John Culberson, who has voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, has said he believes that a higher power has put life on other worlds and he wants to find it on his watch.

IN THE FIELD: Revenge of the lawn

Saturday, Aug 20 - If our goal is to surround our homes with sterile patches of uniform green, in pursuit of some vision of suburban perfection, even while raising cancer risks for our children, we should probably reevaluate our priorities.

IN THE FIELD: Why birds?

Tuesday, Jun 14 - I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in birds. When I was eight, I started keeping a little journal of the birds I saw. I love how birds have an “otherness” emblematic of the natural world as a whole

IN THE FIELD: Birds close to home

Tuesday, May 24 - The combination of predictability and surprise makes a well-known route rewarding, whether one is birding or enjoying it in some other way.