Monday, May 20, 2024

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ENVIRONMENTALLY SPEAKING: I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

It's not only wrapping paper that is the problem but also the bows, ribbons, tinsel, and some Christmas Cards that end up in the landfill.

Nick Diller: November 2023 weather, AI weather model

Most of the storms passed by either well to the north or well to the east.


As a consumer, you have many ways to reduce your waste. Think reuse and refuse, which conserves resources, reduces the waste stream, produces less pollution, and slows down the manufacturing of plastic products.

THE OTHER SIDE: Massachusetts’ massive PCB mistake

Some states fight, and some states surrender.

Egremont Green News: 67 rain barrels now in action

The program, offering discounted barrels to store roof runoff and recycle our rainwater, is available to all cities, towns, and villages in Massachusetts.

Sheffield keeps on recycling

I applaud everyone who’s part of our town’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse; you save money, support jobs, reduce our solid waste footprint, and make smart environmental choices.

A toxic PCB cleanup that’s arbitrary and capricious

The EPA and the Committee’s attorney has imbued the Rest of River Municipal Committee with the notion that their compromise won a better cleanup — an illusion that ignores almost four decades of history.

Egremont Green News: Let’s catch the rain

Rain barrels are coming to Egremont, at a good price, and people from other towns are welcome to join this water-conservation effort.

It’s Not That Simple: The Housatonic River Clean Up, Part 3

"We’ll have to see what happens with the signed settlement. We can’t rest easy just yet. We hope there are not going to be any appeals. We hope EPA moves forward to issue a new permit based on the settlement agreement.” -- Great Barrington Town Manager and Director of Planning & Community Development Chris Rembold

Egremont Green News: Neighbors join plastic-reduction challenge

Instead of over-eating or over-drinking or over-spending, this healthy-living campaign targeted the over-abundance of plastic.

Egremont Green News: Egremont’s exemplary environmental achievements

By chipping away at our waste line and energy consumption, we hope our local efforts are joining a larger, worldwide movement.

Time is of the essence: A call for intergenerational innovation and justice

How will we, as a community of creative, thoughtful and diversely capable individuals, respond to the circumstances at hand? How will we invest in a greener, healthier, more equitable future?

Egremont Green News: Attentive recycling really pays off

Instead of thinking of your recyclables as trash, try thinking of them as something that has value--a precious commodity.

Egremont Green News: Fast chargers needed for electric vehicles in Berkshires

An owner of an electric vehicle says current infrastructure is too geared to Teslas.

Egremont Green News: Climate activism rising all around us

You don’t have to look far for organizations pushing for solutions—there are lots of exciting opportunities to engage.

AMPLIFICATIONS: A plastic life

Alternative packaging, such as those made from bagasse and bioplastics, is being researched and manufactured, but not at a rate that will impact change any time soon. Perhaps the best way to proceed is at a community level.