Farm and Table

EATING IN SEASON: Fresh strawberries

Thursday, Jun 11 - Those delicate heart-shaped berries inspire me to cook up a storm. Is there nothing better than a strawberry rhubarb pie, or how about some strawberry ice cream and better yet, preserving the bounty and canning some strawberry jam?

Culinary Adventures: Indian Line Farm, CSA pioneer

Wednesday, Jun 3 - This year there are 140 members who pick up their shares on Tuesday or Friday from June 1 through to the end of October. Indian Line also offers working shares, which is a discount in exchange for 30 hours of work on the farm. Some people will work the barn on pickup days, and others help in weeding or harvesting.

Culinary Adventures: Markristo Farm, a family enterprise

Wednesday, May 27 - Farming in Columbia County has changed remarkably in the last 25 years. When we got started, there was just Ted Dobson, Hawthorne Valley, and us. Today? Every little town has a farmers market.” -- Martin Stosiek of Markristo Farm

Culinary Adventures: Laura Meister’s Farm Girl Farm

Wednesday, May 20 - There are many paths to becoming a farmer but Meister’s struck me as delightfully unusual – she majored in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania, and went on for a Masters degree in the same field at Tufts.

Food & Wine: Bánh Mì sandwich, fusion of east and west   

Monday, May 18 - The juxtaposition of the umami rich Maggi Sauce with the unique taste of cilantro and the sweet and sour bite of the pickles in a cocoon of French bread slathered with mayonnaise makes for a wonderful fusion of east and west. This is the yin and the yang of sandwiches. Namaste.

Culinary Adventures: Hosta Hill Farm, a source for sauerkraut and kimchi

Wednesday, May 13 - Unlike many farmers, the couple does not have an off season because they produce their products all year long, selling at winter farmers markets and wholesale. As Elling says, “Buying our products is not just for consumption — it’s an investment in local agriculture and business.”

Culinary Adventures: It must be spring. Farmers’ Market opens

Wednesday, May 6 - The Great Barrington Farmers Market took over the train station on Saturday mornings for years, but moved to the fairgrounds last year. This year they have an arrangement with Great Barrington’s fairy godmother, Jane Iredale, who is generously leasing them space on her company’s conveniently located property, with a lot of room for parking.

NATURE’S TURN: ‘Vegetable magnetism,’ edible landscapes

Tuesday, Mar 3 - Our fascination with plants involves everything about them, including underground tubers, bulbs, and, by extension, the special charm of seed packets -- all of which hold the promise of new growth. Altogether, their appeal is so compelling that when choosing varieties and quantities for the new year’s garden great restraint is often required when purchasing.

The science that cried wolf

Saturday, Feb 21 - So — enough with the food-pyramids and the nutrition admonitions. Don’t tell me how many glasses of this or ounces of that I’m supposed to consume, or the dire consequences if I don’t. From now on I am going to listen to what my own body is telling me.

Eat Well, Live Well: Fermentation, or when is a pickle not a pickle?

Sunday, Jan 25 - I have grown enamored of naturally fermented pickles and other vegetables, both for their great flavor and for their incredible health is amazing what people did with food before anyone understood the science behind it. Ketchup, marmalade and relishes also used to be lactofermented. Ketchup, originally known as ke-tsiap, was a spicy, pickled fish sauce made of anchovies, walnuts, mushrooms and kidney beans from Indonesia.

Culinary Adventures: Oakhurst Diner in Millerton, New York

Wednesday, Jan 7 - Once upon a time, an original box car diner, made in New Jersey in the 1940s, it was brought to Millerton to replace an inn owned by the Hotchkiss family that had burned down. Today, much of the original diner remains the same, so you’re forgiven if you feel as if you’ve entered a time warp.

Culinary Adventures: The eponymous Preservation Society and P.S. Bistro

Wednesday, Dec 31 - Chef and owner Christophe Jalbert places a high premium on local ingredients on his menus. In a short time that he has owned the former Route 7 Grill, Jalbert not only developed solid relationships with 40 or more farmers in the area, but the people who come to his restaurants expect locally grown food prepared to show off its high quality.