Life In the Berkshires

Larkin about in America: Airborne

Saturday, Jun 17 - The news we are fed daily is divisive and alarming, but if we get out of the bubble we find there are also good things happening.

Flying Deer Nature Day: A celebration of nurturing all life

Friday, Jun 16 - I will be at Flying Deer Nature Day, as the proud Mama to one of 13 girls in Moon Tribe, the rites-of-passage program for girls between the ages of 11-13, designed to support girls as they move through early adolescence, learning about themselves and the world and discerning their identities as young women.

Dewey Hall celebrates its 130th year as Sheffield’s cultural center

Wednesday, Jun 14 - “I love that Dewey Hall provides an experience of history, a tangible sense of continuum… We're invited to create personal memories, to mark our family milestones and engage our friends and neighbors in a space that holds 130 years of collective history.” -- Erika Ludwig, Dewey Hall board member

BerkShares Business of the Month: Yummy Treasures

Tuesday, Jun 13 - Connection to community is an important theme for the Carpenters, and so they made sure to include big wooden tables in their shop so that customers can come in to work on projects or simply hang out.