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THE OTHER SIDE: PCB YITBY — Yes, PCBs In Their Back Yard

It is not hyperbole to imagine that we are in the midst of a war on humanity—humanity, as in possessing the quality of being humane, of manifesting kindness and benevolence.

THE OTHER SIDE: Suing to save Mother Earth

I realize now that I was extraordinarily lucky to see Glacier when there were actual glorious glaciers. So, to me, there is no battle that makes more sense than fighting as hard as possible to protect that special space.

THE OTHER SIDE: In the midst of this madness

So much about this cowardly new MAGA mad world view tests our sanity. It has been hard to recognize—and name—the descent into our own homegrown authoritarianism.


I was about to forego writing about COVID these last few days. But I recently realized that there are many ways to conduct and suffer from war.

THE OTHER SIDE: The Trump trial in Miami — Flippers v. Lemmings

From where I am sitting, Donald Trump’s luck is running out.

THE OTHER SIDE: Trump and Georgia On My Mind

A close look at the lyrics of Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell’s “Georgia On My Mind” reveals that nothing is as simple as it seems. And that might yet hold true for Donald J. Trump.

THE OTHER SIDE: Housatonic hypocrisy

“There is overwhelming documented evidence that the proposed toxic-waste site in Lee (Upland Disposal Facility) has long been known by the key players to be a poor choice for dumping PCB’s or any other ‘forever’ chemical.” — Lee Select Board Chair Bob Jones, September 11, 202

THE OTHER SIDE: Whose Housatonic?

Shouldn’t the decisions about what to do about our Housatonic be made by and for the people. While there is no denying democracy is important in Georgia and Washington, D.C., it is important in Berkshire County as well.

THE OTHER SIDE: Poverty — American made and American maintained

There are so many consequences for the rest of us as the few maximize their wealth, as a grievously unfair tax structure enables them to keep far more than they need while proper housing and adequate healthcare is unattainable for so many.

THE OTHER SIDE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. v. Peter Hotez

It is yet another grand irony. The ignorant imagine they know better than those who labor for years to better understand, who read and study and hypothesize, make mistakes and correct them, who appreciate that, while perfection is impossible, trying to get it right is essential.

THE OTHER SIDE: Lordy, the tapes

Those Americans who still hold onto what used to be everyday pre-Trump values, like respect for the law and a concern for our national security, might have been shocked by the outrageous carelessness and treasonous behavior detailed in the indictment. But to me, it all seemed so eminently believable.

THE OTHER SIDE: Fire and Rain

It’s so very hard to acknowledge and confront the climate crisis, so very painful to fully appreciate the depths of human stupidity and out-of-control greed that has brought us to this point. To destroy the very place that provides us life.

THE OTHER SIDE: The Scorpion, The Frog, and CNN

Personally, I’m glad Kaitlan Collins allowed Donald Trump the opportunity to be the scorpion he is. As he proudly told multiple lies and provided a clear picture of who he’ll be if he occupies the White House a second time around.

THE OTHER SIDE: Above the law

It is profoundly sad that the desire to ensure that our Supreme Court justices live up to their obligations to “administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich …” has become yet one more issue mired in predictable, partisan politics.

THE AIRPORT (Part Eight): The arc of Great Barrington’s zoning history is long. With respect to the airport, which way does it bend?

In the final installment of THE AIRPORT, Bill Shein presents a detailed history of Great Barrington’s zoning bylaw and its key role in the past, present, and still-unknown future of the town’s 92-year-old country airport.

THE OTHER SIDE: Deadly mistakes

Impatience, anger, over-reaction has always been with us. So too murder. And just maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention in the 1950s, but it seems to me we’re facing an epidemic where more and more of us skip from understandable annoyance to shotgun blasts, when being pissed off or afraid somehow justifies bullets flying.

THE AIRPORT (Part Seven): Flight lessons, aviation careers, and questions about safety are all part of the conversation

The Great Barrington Airport offers lessons to those interested in aviation as a hobby and, in some cases, a career with the airlines. Whether the flight school creates safety risks for those living nearby has long been a concern of some of its neighbors.