Monday, May 27, 2024

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THE OTHER SIDE: Donald Trump v. The New York Knicks

The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump is a morality tale writ large taking place at a time when so many Americans seem to have misplaced morality.

THE OTHER SIDE: Little Lee v. General Electric and Monsanto — Round Four

It seems clear to me that GE does not want a trial anywhere near the town that has been injured or the river that has been destroyed.

THE OTHER SIDE: Monsanto v. General Electric — Round Three

While all might be fair as the corporate giants do battle, as always it is the innocent who are the real casualties of war.

THE OTHER SIDE: Monsanto v. General Electric — Round Two

In many ways, if you can get past the significant irony at work here, Monsanto tells a clear story of how severely and perhaps irredeemably our world has been poisoned by all the parties in this action. Make no mistake, however this ends, it seems to me that there really is no honor amongst thieves.

THE OTHER SIDE: Monsanto v. General Electric — Round One

It is remarkable what emerges when billions of dollars are at stake, and once colluding polluters decide they need to fight one another.

THE OTHER SIDE: White MAGA v. Black Fani Willis

Fani Willis’ unwavering determination not to be bullied, her unwillingness to accept blame for her independence and attitudes about men and money upended the MAGA attorneys.

THE OTHER SIDE: Our alarming airborne PCBs

I want to talk about the failures of government to properly regulate the egregious choices polluters like Monsanto and GE have made as they chose profit over public health and the environment.

THE OTHER SIDE: Derbies, dough, and looking for joy

As the epidemic descended, I was searching for sports love.


Be careful out there.

THE OTHER SIDE: Who you gonna call?

So, when the trucks come rumbling through, who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters. As for calling Town Hall and members of your select board, can you really expect those who put you in this position in the first place to actively and effectively get you out of it?

THE OTHER SIDE: Who is the real vermin ‘poisoning’ our country?

One upon a time, politicians watched what they did and said in public, and often they paid a price for either bad behavior or slips of the tongue. But these are the days, my friends, where even monstrous behavior seems to matter not.

THE OTHER SIDE: Sue Monsanto, save Lee — a modest proposal (Part Three)

I have read too many words, written too many. For me, there is always the reality of a poisoned Rising Pond, but the enduring dream of a fishable, swimmable river.

THE OTHER SIDE: Sue Monsanto, save Lee — a modest proposal (Part Two)

Thanks to our share of Aroclor, we in Berkshire County have been victims of GE and Monsanto’s gross incompetence, remarkable negligence, and their unrelenting impulse to put profit before worker safety, and the public health and our environment.

THE OTHER SIDE: Sue Monsanto, save Lee — a modest proposal in three parts (Part One)

While recent events may preclude legal action against GE, that is not the case when it comes to pursuing claims against the Monsanto Company, the ultimate responsible party for the widespread PCB contamination in the Commonwealth.

THE OTHER SIDE: Suing to save Mother Earth

I realize now that I was extraordinarily lucky to see Glacier when there were actual glorious glaciers. So, to me, there is no battle that makes more sense than fighting as hard as possible to protect that special space.

THE OTHER SIDE: In the midst of this madness

So much about this cowardly new MAGA mad world view tests our sanity. It has been hard to recognize—and name—the descent into our own homegrown authoritarianism.


I was about to forego writing about COVID these last few days. But I recently realized that there are many ways to conduct and suffer from war.