Friday, June 21, 2024

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Immaculate Victorian on “The Hill” in Great Barrington

Enhance your Berkshire experience by living in one of Great Barrington’s classic Victorian beauties, offered by Kate Lascar of Berkshire Property Agents.


So many garden books have us think primarily of the aesthetics of plants and how they contribute to the garden whereas “The Essential Tree Selection Guide” teaches us to think more broadly about the plant’s needs, how its success depends on what is growing around it, and how it contributes to the habitat and environment that is evolving before our eyes.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of January 4, 2024

I see that cold days are still ahead, so don’t be fooled by our recent March-like weather.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of December 28, 2023

Don’t overlook the life happening in front of you all year long. Don’t overlook the importance of decomposition in supporting growth.


Perhaps the tradition of bringing in a tree and greens is one way we combat the cold and darkness that is late December. If bringing nature in a little closer helps, I say do it by all means.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of December 21, 2023

Many holidays in December celebrate the human ability to hold a light up into the darkness and look forward to more daylight ahead.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of December 14, 2023

I want to speak briefly about these common plants found in stores now. You can find their histories and historical significance online elsewhere. I hope to share some more personal insights.


There is nothing that helps me more to get through the shortest day of the year than the site of a winterberry wreath on the front door of a house, pine ropery festooning a Greek revival house on Main Street in Ashley Falls, or a towering spruce in a front yard or town center covered with Christmas lights.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of December 7, 2023

While waiting for a protective blanket of snow, I have been noticing the smallest details on rock outcroppings and tree trunks. I am looking for anything green now that leaves have dropped.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of November 30, 2023

Because growth slows down during these cold autumn and winter months, you can too! Truly, it is a great time to see what overwinters, what stays evergreen, and what little tasks can be done with almost no exertion, no hot sun, and no mosquitoes.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of November 23, 2023

Just because it's cold doesn't mean the gardening tasks are done. Jodi is getting ready for winter and next spring. Here's how.


The USDA posts an updated hardiness zone map that will surprise many gardeners.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of November 16, 2023

Yes, the ground is still soft enough for planting, but the window is closing!

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of November 9, 2023

Have you planted spring-flowering bulbs yet? Now is a great time. For earlier blooms, try amaryllis or paperwhite bulbs. More on these next week.

THE SELF-TAUGHT GARDENER: Gaining perspective

My recent visit to Middleton Place outside of Charleston made me realize that the new trend of opening gardens to the world around us is not, in fact, new.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of November 2, 2023

This fall has been perfect for the Lazy Berkshire Gardener. Not much frost has allowed me to spread out my fall gardening tasks.

THE LAZY BERKSHIRE GARDENER: Week of October 26, 2023

By the time you read this column, our first fall frost may have occurred. Frost was likely going into Tuesday, October 24 and is likely again overnight on October 31.