Saturday, May 25, 2024

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The Vibe

Fiona’s Findings: Fashion forecast for 2015 — The Zeitgeist

The concept of "one-for-one" or shopping with meaning is taking a front seat; whether brands are selling apparel, eyewear or even a toothbrush.

Traveling with the music underground

They squawked, banged and clanged their way through several Seussian numbers before the bar crowd was forced to stop blathering and pay attention.

An Upper Second Hand: The Best Finds of My Generation

The Edge introduces its Berkshires version of an antiques road show, hosted by the estimable and erudite Andrew Flint who's gifted at discovering diamonds in the rough.

Theatre of Freedom: A unique way to experience the Fourth of July

'The Theatre of Freedom' is a radical theatrical experiment in community, vulnerability and the meaning of freedom.

Fiona’s Findings: Rock ‘n’ Roll reverie

If you can guess what legendary musicians are represented in Fiona's sketches, you might win one of Fiona's illustrations, customized to your sense of style.

Fiona’s Findings: Italians do it better

In Amsterdam, I was looking for an army green field jacket and came across a vendor selling military surplus from across the globe.

Fiona’s Findings: Summer style

Wherein Fiona Breslin explains -- and illustrates -- her summer fashion preferences.

Living Room Theatre to pop up in Rotary Way: Taboo is the topic

We’re collecting performances about those things we don’t want to talk about, varying from the serious to the funny, like sex, death and politics." -- Pooja Ru Prema

Fiona’s Findings: A Great Find

My family owned a popular women’s specialty department store in White Plains, N.Y., called L.A. Schulman. It was THE place for stylish women.

Fiona’s Findings: A fashion illustration comic

I hope you will receive Fiona's Findings for what it is: A small love letter to style which chronicles the good, bad and everything in between.