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A Tanglewood bestiary

Friday, Jul 4 - The campaign to rid the Shed of starlings began in the 1940s with birdshot. Chemicals were tried in the ‘50s, and screening in the ‘60s. All to no avail.

A poem: In My Town

Tuesday, Jun 17 - In my town the youth congregate to complain about their futures and Try their hand at drinking away their worries. They want more than their imaginings of the future can give them

A Fable: Acts of the Devil

Friday, Jun 13 - Herewith a fable for our time by the poet Kurt Kruger, on the wily schemes of the Devil: 'Long ago, when there was much more space than people, I would have gone to each isolated population, in turn, and convinced them that I was God.'

Disaster (Man-made)

Tuesday, Jun 10 - This jewel of an exhibit shows artists who are unafraid to burst the pretentious ego-inflated bubble of current artistic trends.