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THEATER REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s production of ‘Boeing Boeing’ plays at the Boyd-Quinson Stage through August 3

Everyone should let themselves go, see the show (forget it is called a farce—just think comedy), and laugh as much as you can. That is what it is for: laughter, a much-needed commodity in this peculiar time we are living in.

A poem: In My Town

In my town the youth congregate to complain about their futures and Try their hand at drinking away their worries. They want more than their imaginings of the future can give them

Fiona’s Findings: Italians do it better

In Amsterdam, I was looking for an army green field jacket and came across a vendor selling military surplus from across the globe.

A Fable: Acts of the Devil

Herewith a fable for our time by the poet Kurt Kruger, on the wily schemes of the Devil: 'Long ago, when there was much more space than people, I would have gone to each isolated population, in turn, and convinced them that I was God.'

Review: Pooja Ru Prema’s ‘Endure’ lights up the Green River

Pooja has created a deeply personal aesthetic that mines ancient and modern forms. It is challenging and wondrous and a must-see.

Disaster (Man-made)

This jewel of an exhibit shows artists who are unafraid to burst the pretentious ego-inflated bubble of current artistic trends.

Fiona’s Findings: Summer style

Wherein Fiona Breslin explains -- and illustrates -- her summer fashion preferences.

Book Review: The surveillance state: No place to hide, really

Page after page reveals to us with ever increasing horror that we are the most surveilled and spied upon people to ever walk the earth. This is not fiction.

‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ at Mixed Company

What happens when a group of strangers living in a Vermont village sign up for drama class? During the 6-week course, what starts as ridiculous and at times seemingly pointless acting exercises turn into something entirely different.

Pooja Ru Prema’s ‘Endure’ in the Green River: A unique recreation of a 10,000-year-old Indian art form

"Endure" portrays the story of a man and a woman falling in love, and then out of love. In the piece are the extreme archetypes of the masculine and the feminine.

Berkshire Playwrights Lab: Seven Successful Years Celebrated with a Gala

"This is one of my favorite events in the Berkshires. It’s a true honor to be a part of this -- they are celebrating new playwrights, new work, rich language and stories that resonate within all of us." -- Shakespeare and Company actress and Communications Director Elizabeth Aspenlieder

A Bohemian idyll at Ozawa Hall: Close Encounters with Music presents ‘The Many Faces of Antonin Dvorak’

"The Close Encounters' mission here, as always, is to present a comprehensive picture of the a musical world that we can encapsulate and share." -- Yehuda Hanani, founder and artistic director of Close Encounters with Music

A Review: ‘The Other Place’ at Barrington Stage

The intimacy of Barrington Stage's St. Germain Stage enthralls the audience who cannot move out of the grasp of the actors. This is not the easiest play to be at, or in, as the lead character grapples with dementia.

No Barns. No Trucks. No Chickens: An interview with the Southfield painter, Joby Baker

"I do love schmutz on the canvas,” Joby told me, straight off the bat. “It can’t make the painting any worse.”

Music as a journey through life: A conversation with Max Weiner

"Working to get better at my music means I can achieve more. That’s the beauty of it. It’s exponential growth as the better you get, the more you realize you have so much more distance to climb." -- Monument Mountain senior Max Weiner who will be attending Oberlin College and Conservatory in the fall.

The ninth BIFF cinema celebration: 75 films from 18 countries

Kate Geis, director/producer of "Paul Taylor/Creative Domain," says her dream came true making and recording the most extensive documentation of one of the world's greatest artists. Her film is screening on the stage of the Mahaiwe Theatre where the dance that is the focus of the film had its premiere a few years ago.

Living Room Theatre to pop up in Rotary Way: Taboo is the topic

We’re collecting performances about those things we don’t want to talk about, varying from the serious to the funny, like sex, death and politics." -- Pooja Ru Prema