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Caccaviello’s experience makes him more qualified for DA

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By Friday, Oct 12, 2018 Letters 10

To the editor:

There are many times when I believe the best man for the job is a woman—not so with the position of district attorney of Berkshire County. The best man for this job is the man who is currently doing it, the same man who served as assistant to District Attorney David Capeless for 14 years and who has been an assistant district attorney in Berkshire County for the last 28 years. His name is Paul Caccaviello.

Caccaviello has kept a low profile, so you may not know a lot about him. He is unassuming, sensible and very focused. Like Capeless, Caccaviello takes his job very seriously. He is committed to prosecuting criminals and restoring Berkshire County to the safe place it once was.

Capeless and Caccaviello share some similar attributes such as their tenacity, attention to detail, ability to tolerate stress and their disinterest in personal ambition. They have run this office smoothly and without drama or politics. When Capeless announced his retirement, he trusted only Caccaviello to follow through with the projects he had in motion. Gov. Baker could have satisfied his party and chosen a Republican, but he felt Caccaviello, an Independent, was the most qualified. Caccaviello has his own ideas of changes he would like to make and I hope he is afforded that opportunity. He deserves it.

In a Berkshire Eagle article, Andrea Harrington said something to the effect that it was after hearing Maura Healey speak she said to herself, “I think I could do that.” I know that feeling. There are days I listen to the radio and think I can sing like Beyoncé but, in fact, I cannot. Simply put, it is a lot more difficult than it looks. Perhaps with much more training, practice and 28 or so years of experience, we could both achieve our aspirations.

Berkshire County cannot afford this learning curve. This job is too important! The job of head prosecutor deserves someone who is trained, seasoned and has prosecuted over 5,000 cases over 30 years. Would you choose a surgeon who had never performed surgery but said, “I think I can?” Write in Paul Caccaviello’s name on your ballot. He is the only logical choice for district attorney of Berkshire County.

Virginia Petkus

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  1. Jon Piasecki says:

    His “experience” is exactly why he was beaten. We voted for change in the primary because our experience as voters with Capeless as District Attorney and the never ending candidate as his underling was bad. Heroin use has soared. Kids were prosecuted for petty marijuana drug crimes while opiates move in from Springfield and beyond. Let’s not forget the triple murder, the domestic violence and the gun violence. Capeless and the man who lost the Democratic primary had their operatives threaten business who dared criticize them. His “experience” has led to entrenchment. We need something new. Please vote for Andrea Harrington.

    1. Sara says:

      You might brush up on your civics, Mr. Piasecki because the DA does not prevent crime. That is the job of the city councilors, mayor and police. The DA prosecutes people the police arrest. Are you saying they are arresting people they shouldn’t?

      1. Richard Allen says:

        Well stated, Sara. Harrington’s experience is primarily as a defense attorney. I want a prosecutor, not someone who will be soft on crime.

      2. Jon Piasecki says:

        Hi Anonymous Sara

        The position of anonymity is a great place to offer civics lessons. I wonder what your real name is. Could be Lindsey or Jasmine, maybe Betsy or even David??? Maybe you are a professor or a former District Attorney. Who knows.

        This endless race has raised some civics questions you may be very well situated to answer.
        For instance what is the civics lesson of having family members of elected officials threaten business owners who criticize their candidates? Does not seem very civic to use proximity to an elected public servant to bully others? Oops chalk that one up to experience.

        What are the civic ramification when a candidate abuses his power to pose for campaign adds with the police where they appear to be his own personal army? Oops chalk that one up to experience.

        What happens when witnesses in a case beg for protection and end up chopped up in little pieces in a hole? Who would have guessed that guy with the horns and the 666 tattooed on his head was up to no good. Oops chalk that one up to experience.

        What happens when you lose a primary election, where more that 5000 people vote for other candidates? Obviously the civic thing to do is change political party and know you can count on the support of the party who gave us the Groper in Chief and Beer Sloppy Brett as your winning strategy. Oops chalk that one up to experience.

        What happens when you devote resources for prosecution-tax money- to convicting teens for marijuana use and ruining their lives, while denying those valuable resources from heroin interdiction or domestic violence? Oh and then marijuana gets legalized. Quite a civics lesson there. Oops chalk that one up to experience.

        I look forward to your anonymous civics lesson “Sara”.

  2. Joseph Method says:

    Caccaviello lost when he ran as as Democrat. After he lost we find out that he’s always thought of himself as an independent. Great, did he talk about that fact when he was courting the votes of Democrats? I think I’ll take the actual Democrat that I already voted for.

  3. Carl Stewart says:

    A few thoughts—

    1. Mr. Caccaviello did not “prosecute” 5,000 cases in 30 years. That would be in excess of 3 cases each week of those 30 years and if he did actually prosecute that many cases, that alone would be reason enough for him not to be District Attorney. No prosecutor can competently handle even 1/5 that many cases. He clearly has much more experience than does Ms. Harrington, but can that hyperbole, please.

    2. Is there any proof that Mr. Caccaviello’s “operatives” threatened business owners who did not support him? That is a very serious charge of criminal conduct for which there should be positive proof, not supposition and speculation. If Mr. Piasecki has any evidence that this happened, he should produce that evidence.

    1. Jon Piasecki says:

      Hi Carl I provided a link to evidence in the public record.

      1. Liza says:

        There is no threat at all, just two women stating they don’t like their husband’s being called names. Melissa Mazzeo reported that Andrea Harrington threatened her with political backlash if she didn’t get behind her. That was the turning point Judy Knight said caused her to back Caccaviello. Politics have no place in the DA’s office, she said. That has far greater impact on the election and ought to be reported about so voters have useful information to form an opinion rather than just the titillating information you share because you clearly have some kind of personal grudge.

  4. Jon Piasecki says:

    Hi Liza

    It is not so much a grudge as open eyes.

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