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Bring back bus stop signs, shelters to Great Barrington

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By Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017 Letters 3

To the editor:

I am reaching out to you as a frequent BRTA bus rider regarding the absence of BRTA bus stop signs in Berkshire County. I understand the BRTA has been reporting relatively low ridership, and I think it is partially due to the lack of bus stop signs/shelters at the stops in certain towns/at certain stops [Great Barrington, Housatonic (Northbound), Glendale, Stockbridge, Pittsfield (esp. Tyler St.), Cheshire, Lanesborough, Adams, North Adams (Big Y), and Williamstown]. I know there used to be a Bus Shelter at Rite Aid in Great Barrington; however, after the redoing of Main Street in GB there are no longer any signs or shelters in the entire town. I think that if there were bus stop signs at the stops/towns indicated, there would probably be more ridership. I know people who thought all the small buses were for elderly/disabled paratransit, because they never saw a bus stop sign anywhere in town. I just want to bring this issue to your attention. I am wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking into it? Thank you.

Tate Coleman

Great Barrington

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  1. Michelle Loubert says:

    Hi Tate: I, too, utilize the bus services of the BRTA, a wonderful service (great drivers!). I agree with you that signage and bus shelters should be available. There are two bus shelters in Housatonic which are welcome on bad weather days. However, from time to time, these shelters are not cared for and can be dirty and littered (graffiti, beer cans). As a resident of Housatonic, this really bothers me. This being said, I hope the BRTA maintains the shelters and people respect them (not only bus riders use these shelters). This being said, I’ve baked in the sun waiting for the bus in front of Rite Aid so, yes, please return a shelter to that area and hopefully, it will be kept clean. On another matter, Tate, you mention that the BRTA noted low ridership. I found the opposite to be true down here in South County. Many times when I’ve ridden the bus there have been many riders. If anything, I wish the BRTA would expand service, possibly to Sheffield. Thank you for bringing attention to this matter.

    1. Ellen Russo says:

      Hi, Michelle: I, too, am concerned, and involved in talking with Gt. Barrington’s Town Manager as well as the BRTA about these issues. I would suggest speaking with Jennifer Tabakin, Town Manager, and letting her know of your concerns in Gt. Barrington.

  2. Joseph Method says:

    Great point about the bus shelters. I wonder how they were left out from the new street design.

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