BPL’s ‘Some Old Black Man’ is extraordinary

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To the editor:

Two years ago I had seen the Berkshire Playwrights Lab production of, “Some Old Black Man” performed “On Book” at The Mahaiwe. When I heard it was to be given again as a full production at the newly renovated Saint James Place, I bought tickets to opening night.

I was little prepared. BPL has come a long way since those days. It was, well, a breathtaking experience. The first thing to meet your eye is the set, set on multiple levels, decked with the most elegant modern furnishings imaginable. Get there early to take that in, as when the action starts you won’t have time.

Joe Cacaci directed it. It’s a two-character play, involving an 82-year-old dad, and his 40-something son. The old man has a bit of trouble fitting his large person and personality into the upscale life and times of his professorial son. The play is both very hysterically  and unhysterically moving.

Joyce Scheffey

Great Barrington

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  1. Margie Skaggs says:

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