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Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 25 – Oct. 1, 2016

The latest weekly report from the Warren Group of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts and Connecticut.


18 Dubis St: Darlene A. Williamson and Francis S. Martin of Adams to Dylan N. Alibozek, $146,000 on 09/30/2016

117 Grove St: Helene L. Sommer of Adams to Francis N. and Elizabeth A. Alibozek, $160,000 on 09/29/2016

21 Thompson St: William K. and Celia R. Norcross of Adams to Shawn M. Wright, $142,500 on 09/26/2016

397 West Rd: Michael D. and Linda S. Bassi of Adams to William K. and Celia R. Norcross, $307,500 on 09/26/2016

8 West St: Gazaille Barry A Est and Wendy Zieba of Adams to Shawn A. and Holly D. Tetreault, $72,500 on 09/30/2016


353 Gentian Holw: Derek J. and Kristine P. Boomsma of Becket to Richard J. Webb and Elizabeth R. Cashin, $188,500 on 09/26/2016


31 Crest Dr: Keith E. and Bruce E. Lagess of Cheshire to Mark R. and Charmaine F. Paquette, $132,500 on 09/26/2016


742 East Rd: Spofford Phyllis M Est and John M. Spofford of Clarksburg to Curtis D. and Catherine E. Boucher, $180,000 on 09/28/2016


83 Elmore Dr: David C. and Jennifer L. Showalter of Dalton to Michael P. and Amy M. Tedesco, $395,000 on 09/26/2016

26 Judith Dr: Nathan Bush of Dalton to Mark E. Mccormick, $205,000 on 09/26/2016

54 Mountain View Ter: Thomas and Margo Mazzeo of Dalton to Frank J. Oliva, $220,000 on 09/26/2016

115 North St: James W. and Amy K. Callahan of Dalton to Kelly Furlong and Kevin Flynn, $222,500 on 09/28/2016

631 North St: Alfred T. Timpane and PNC Bank NA of Dalton to PNC Bank NA, $123,840 on 09/27/2016

326 Old Windsor Rd: David and Mary B. Ditello of Dalton to Kathleen A. Oneil, $105,000 on 09/30/2016


43 Creamery Rd: William and Karen Rosner of Egremont to James Emden and Barbara Cutler-Emden, $1,125,000 on 09/26/2016

263 Egremont Plain Rd: 263 Egremont Plain Rd RT and William K. Garton of Egremont to Joseph and Ivy Podolski, $970,000 on 09/27/2016

Great Barrington

48 Kalliste Hl: Marian Bolotin RET and Marian Bolotin of Great Barrington to Nellda M. and Jeffrey K. Clark, $1,000,000 on 09/30/2016

57 Pine St: Andrea M. Black of Great Barrington to Thomas Kiley and Caitlin Helfrich, $310,000 on 09/30/2016

59 Taconic Ave: JSDI LLC of Great Barrington to Berkshire Peregrine LLC, $485,000 on 09/30/2016


13 Imperial St: FNMA of Lanesboro to Jonathan Bent, $39,900 on 09/30/2016


880 East St Unit 5c: Daniel and Cynthia Bernstein of Lee to Noah W. and Heather L. Stone, $192,000 on 09/26/2016

115 High St: Patricia L. Jongkind of Lee to Lauren E. Pellegrino, $209,000 on 09/27/2016

1530 Pleasant St: Julie R. Burke of Lee to Marian Missionaries, $450,000 on 09/26/2016


9 Beecher Ln: Deborah C. Winslow and Vicki A. Sanders of Lenox to Adrienne and Thomas Bortell, $200,000 on 09/29/2016

1 Coldbrooke S Unit B: Clara Chu RET and Joseph Chu of Lenox to Carol S Green 2005 T and Carol S. Green, $600,000 on 09/30/2016

164 Plunkett St: Norma M. Flynn of Lenox to Christopher J. and Deborah A. Hodgkins, $210,000 on 09/30/2016

4 Rolling Hls Unit 10: Greenstein FT and Lenore S. Greenstein of Lenox to Michael F. and Edith B. Allen, $199,000 on 09/30/2016


255 Hupi Rd: Jason S. Brown of Monterey to Kathleen and John R. Potoski, $472,114 on 09/30/2016

165 Pixley Rd: Diana Ostrander-Lim and Michael T. Ostrander of Monterey to Ian K. and Elizabeth V. Evans, $315,000 on 09/27/2016

North Adams

40 College Ave: Theresa A. Brooks of North Adams to Stanley A. and Cynthia J. Dubis, $120,000 on 09/30/2016

86 Lyman St: Peter J. Solari of North Adams to Heather A. Tooley, $79,000 on 09/26/2016

9-11 Montana St: Pauline T Cantone RET and Pauline T. Cantone of North Adams to William M. and Katherine A. Montgomery, $119,900 on 09/30/2016


117 Middlefield Rd: Albert P. Eurbin of Peru to Eric S. Fitzgerald and Kristen W. Parker, $155,000 on 09/30/2016


24 Alba Ave: Woodger William K Est and Marshall S. Woodger of Pittsfield to Melanie M. Meunier, $207,000 on 09/30/2016

27 Ashley St: Craig A. and Dorothy G. Walton of Pittsfield to Mark A. Tatro, $125,000 on 09/30/2016

148 Bartlett Ave: Richard B. Johansen and Mountainone Bank of Pittsfield to RSB Properties LLC, $140,000 on 09/29/2016

30 Belvidere Ave: Nicole B. Meehan and Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $58,803 on 09/30/2016

23 Brookside Dr: Patrick B. and Stephanie I. Ricchi of Pittsfield to Michael G. and Allison F. Rosenthal, $385,000 on 09/30/2016

17 Brown St: Richard M. Shove and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $100,652 on 09/29/2016

124 Bryan St: Richard B. Johansen and Mountainone Bank of Pittsfield to RSB Properties LLC, $72,300 on 09/29/2016

124 Bryan St: RSB Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Joseph P. Burke, $85,000 on 09/29/2016

158 Doreen St: D Katherine Lavigne of Pittsfield to Jamie M. and Lance A. Northwood, $197,500 on 09/28/2016

34 Elmview Ter: Citimortgage Inc of Pittsfield to Paul Saldana, $121,100 on 09/30/2016

5 Fasce Pl: Charles and Joanne Hessler of Pittsfield to Kyle P. Laundry, $140,000 on 09/26/2016

40 Jayne Ave: Gary W. and Doris Shampang of Pittsfield to Brett C. Hall and Amy N. Breimaier, $189,000 on 09/30/2016

69 Lyman St: Michael and Rene H. Batho of Pittsfield to Patrick E. and Kari A. Mclain, $129,900 on 09/23/2016

42 Merriam St: Sales&Service Inc of Pittsfield to Erika T. Casas, $123,000 on 09/28/2016

93 Mohegan St: Belli FT and Americo Belli of Pittsfield to Timothy C. Wager, $112,000 on 09/30/2016

183 Montgomery Avenue Ext: Michele B. Raty of Pittsfield to John W. Martin, $113,000 on 09/27/2016

24 Mystic St: Aisling P. Buckley of Pittsfield to Michael Griffin, $65,000 on 09/26/2016

106 Nancy Ave: Todd J. Terpak of Pittsfield to Farouk Abdul-Wahid, $314,500 on 09/27/2016

177 Pine Grove Dr: Richard B. Johansen and Mountainone Bank of Pittsfield to RSB Properties LLC, $74,000 on 09/29/2016

24 Pleasure Ave: Richard B. Johansen and Mountainone Bank of Pittsfield to RSB Properties LLC, $79,500 on 09/29/2016

28 Pleasure Ave: Richard B. Johansen and Mountainone Bank of Pittsfield to RSB Properties LLC, $45,000 on 09/29/2016

12 Vivian Ave: Sean C. Boyle and HSBC Bank USA NA of Pittsfield to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $143,000 on 09/30/2016

16 Waubeek Rd: Michelle M. Hennessey of Pittsfield to Mark and Susan Quigley, $530,000 on 09/27/2016

3 Whittier Ave: Melinda M. Payson of Pittsfield to William P. Davis, $174,700 on 09/27/2016

26 Wilson St: Norma R. Mcdermott of Pittsfield to Bartola I. Orellana, $80,500 on 09/29/2016


176 Sandisfield Rd: Dana K. Yee of Sandisfield to Kathryn Brenny, $595,000 on 09/29/2016

308 Sequena Dr: Burton and Kathy Larit of Sandisfield to Jeffrey S. and Jill P. Lewis, $327,500 on 09/30/2016


152 Berkshire School Rd: Philip F. and Leslie A. Gura of Sheffield to Howard Sherman and Donna Bullock-Sherman, $352,500 on 09/29/2016

132 Bull Hill Rd: Hugh G. and Tiziana Hardy of Sheffield to 328 Peacon Lane LLC, $850,000 on 09/27/2016

49 Root Ln: Alma NT and Donna Landers of Sheffield to Stephen and Alexandra Teele, $210,000 on 09/28/2016


1 Christian Hill Rd: Wesley A. Triplett of Stockbridge to Jennifer F. Trench, $217,500 on 09/29/2016

West Stockbridge

295 Great Barrington Rd: Norma M. Comstock of West Stockbridge to Brian Zucker and Tamara Marz, $325,000 on 09/30/2016

41 High St: John J. and Christine N. Kruszyna of West Stockbridge to Nathan R. and Darcy K. Turner, $325,000 on 09/30/2016


191 Berlin Rd: Patricia A. Franz and James H. Haskins of Williamstown to 191 Berlin Road NT and Gary Moynihan, $450,000 on 09/30/2016

31 Sabin Dr: Gillian Adams RT and Alison Bidlack-Smith of Williamstown to Mark T. Reinhardt and Margaret L. Magavern, $190,000 on 09/26/2016

4 Thornliebank Rd: Philip A. and Richard M. Endres of Williamstown to Jason A. and Regina L. Velazquez, $199,000 on 09/28/2016


1384 Old Route 9: USA HUD of Windsor to Steven M. Lord, $37,000 on 09/30/2016


New Hartford

71 Burwell Rd: Gordon J. Brookes of New Hartford to Benjamin D. Marcus, $260,000 on 09/29/2016

15 Cottage St: Valley Girls Properties of New Hartford to 2 Ffish Cottage LLC, $223,420 on 09/29/2016

251 Gillette Rd: Steven Rozanski of New Hartford to Jennifer M. Johnson, $159,000 on 09/30/2016


10 Ashpohtag Rd: Helen Ashner of Norfolk to Stop Sign Realty LLC, $42,000 on 09/29/2016


33 Fowler St: Rodrigo A. Manjarrez of Salisbury to Linda A. Stefanisko, $110,000 on 09/26/2016


47 Culvert St: James R. and Joann C. Davis of Torrington to Lauren S. Jackson, $112,000 on 09/27/2016

71 E Pearl St: HSBC Bank USA NA of Torrington to Rafael A. Bonilla, $14,000 on 09/29/2016

241 Edgewood Dr: Anna M. and Joel D. Perlotto of Torrington to James F. and Kathleen A. Lawson, $149,500 on 09/29/2016

41 Evergreen Rd Unit 41: Sam T. Ewen of Torrington to J R. Beers-Rittershausen and Pearl C. Sun, $57,500 on 09/26/2016

444 Evergreen Rd Unit 444: Carol S. Clapp of Torrington to Edward A. and Debra J. Perkes, $145,000 on 09/26/2016

99 Fairlawn Dr: Shannon L. Boccio of Torrington to Thomas J. Barbieri, $158,000 on 09/27/2016

238 Garden St: Donald Benedetto of Torrington to Wanda Paiva, $160,000 on 09/26/2016

53 Homestead Rd: Lynn Fiedorowicz of Torrington to Karen Fiedorowicz, $68,000 on 09/26/2016

178 Marshall St: Elizabeth C. Miller of Torrington to Joseph A. Chicano, $156,000 on 09/26/2016

219 Notting Hill Gate: Michael J. and Laureann H. Price of Torrington to National Res Nominee Svcs, $186,000 on 09/27/2016

136 Queens Rd Unit 136: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Torrington to Frances Chappell, $40,599 on 09/23/2016

3406 Torringford St: Rusty A. Boscarino of Torrington to Terry and Linda Thorp, $121,000 on 09/27/2016

164 Torringford West St: Wellington Collins Props of Torrington to Justin A. Walton and Morgan E. Kilmartin, $97,500 on 09/26/2016

27 Washington Ave: Chester Klimanoski and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 09/26/2016

28 Winthrop St: Brad J. Musselman and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $78,991 on 09/27/2016


128 Ridge St: Nicole M. Dileo of Winchester to Jerrod P. Wortman, $134,000 on 09/27/2016

225 Torringford St: Curtis K. Temple of Winchester to Great Salt Pond Invests, $65,000 on 09/27/2016

Source: The Warren Group



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