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Berkshire region real estate sales Sept. 1-7, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Sept. 1-7, 2019



27 Burt St: Shaun P. and Hope L. Bussiere of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $100,000 on 09/06/2019


21 Crooked Hill Rd: Peter R. Bailly of Alford to Tricia R. Storti, $360,000 on 09/06/2019


411 Mcnerney Rd: John J. Les of Becket to 219 WMR LLC, $190,000 on 09/10/2019


44 Daniels Ter: Beverly M. Naughton of Cheshire to James J. and Brenda L. Dermody, $259,000 on 09/06/2019

49 Daniels Ter: James J. and Brenda L. Dermody of Cheshire to Lucas P. Alibozek, $203,000 on 09/06/2019


46-48 Curtis Ave: Max Ehrlich and Tabitha S. Rasmussen of Dalton to Robert and Coleen Allessio, $247,500 on 09/06/2019

60 John St: Heather C. Biernacki of Dalton to Amy Turnbull, $125,000 on 09/10/2019

525 Main St: Wellington Inc of Dalton to Dwyer Family Realty LLC, $464,000 on 09/05/2019

170 Pleasant St: Percy F. Kuhn of Dalton to Tracie D. Bennett, $200,000 on 09/09/2019


72 Creamery Rd: Lori B. Haims of Egremont to Betsy Sharkey, $450,000 on 09/09/2019

5 Tyrell Rd: Meyer Harry G Est and Anne Meyer-Jacobs of Egremont to Alana S. Lopez and Sandra Abbenan-Lopez, $140,000 on 09/04/2019

Great Barrington

15 Kirk St: Shea M. Potoski of Great Barrington to April Chambers, $280,000 on 09/06/2019

4 Maplewood Ave: County Enterprises RT and Guenther G. Stockfisch of Great Barrington to George Houghtlin, $195,000 on 09/06/2019

12 Prospect St: Diana B Richter LT and Diana B. Richter of Great Barrington to David Forrest-Phillips and Carla M. Levy, $575,000 on 09/05/2019


85 Pine St: Sally J. Gangell and Norma J. Comalli of Lee to Drew R. Larkin and Courtney L. Buratto, $320,000 on 09/10/2019


15 Bracelan Ct: Michael M. and Kathleen A. Cleary of Lenox to Candace S. Winkler and Matthew J. Kropke, $689,000 on 09/10/2019

29 Brunell Ave: Raftery Frederick A Est and Brenda M. Hall of Lenox to Linda M. Shafiroff, $237,500 on 09/06/2019

4 Housatonic St: Edward C. and Diane C. Darrin of Lenox to 4 Housatonic LLC, $525,000 on 09/04/2019

24 Morgan St: James R. and Erika M. Mills of Lenox to Sumiran and Rebecca R. Basnet, $387,500 on 09/06/2019

260 Pittsfield Rd Unit F17: F17 Lennox Heights Inc of Lenox to Valerie F. Toomey, $127,000 on 09/10/2019

New Ashford

110 Mallery Rd: Wayne A. Shepherd of New Ashford to Andrew and Elizabeth Nasman, $239,000 on 09/06/2019

North Adams

24 Bryant St: John and Roberta Sullivan of North Adams to Candace Lee, $79,900 on 09/09/2019

1 Hermon Ave: Frances M. Naramore and Maria D. Magnifico of North Adams to Kristen M. Eckert, $104,000 on 09/09/2019

707 Massachusetts Ave: Evan F. Giroux and Courtney Bator of North Adams to Matthew B. and Rachel C. Reynolds, $280,000 on 09/06/2019

80-82 Prospect St: Greylock FCU of North Adams to Tyler Champagne, $28,000 on 09/10/2019

27 Taft St Unit 27: Charles E. and Katherine W. Swabey of North Adams to Tara E. Johnson and Marissa E. Carlson, $168,750 on 09/09/2019

243 Union St Unit 304: Wayne Hopkins and Cathy Wysocki of North Adams to Catherine Dunning, $265,000 on 09/04/2019


408 Pine Rd: Jeffrey E. and Teresa A. Daignault of Otis to Kevin M. and Heather F. Fusick, $1,050,000 on 09/05/2019

1555 W Center Rd: Beverly Wheeler of Otis to Daniel J. Giusti and Katherine L. Meierdiercks, $215,000 on 09/10/2019


115 Alpine Trl Unit 115: Scott Hurley of Pittsfield to Robert C. and Martha A. Pike, $507,000 on 09/10/2019

104 Bossidy Dr: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Brandon Todd, $119,480 on 09/06/2019

108 E Housatonic St Unit 9: Thomas R. Lynch and Angela J. Borden of Pittsfield to Hilary K. Smith, $92,500 on 09/06/2019

220 East St: Wellington Inc of Pittsfield to Dwyer Family Realty LLC, $464,000 on 09/05/2019

23 Elberon Ave: Paul Saldana of Pittsfield to Scott Baker, $227,500 on 09/06/2019

25 Grand Ave: Smegal Holdings LLC of Pittsfield to Kenneth A. Murray, $40,000 on 09/10/2019

1064-1/2 Holmes Rd: Kevin A. Kump of Pittsfield to Amber and Stephanie Lighten, $335,000 on 09/06/2019

16 Hope St: Shawna K. Gilbert of Pittsfield to Morgan J. Russell, $151,000 on 09/04/2019

50 Hungerford St: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Berkshire Gateway Invest, $110,000 on 09/05/2019

230 Lenox Ave: Willard A. Curtis and Francese Family Realty of Pittsfield to Francese Family Realty, $45,000 on 09/06/2019

152 Linden St: Timothy F. and Lenore Horrigan of Pittsfield to Leydet Properties LLC, $40,000 on 09/05/2019

38 Meadow Ridge Dr: Kenneth G. and Margaret M. Wiles of Pittsfield to Christopher E. and Lori A. Moon, $460,000 on 09/05/2019

31 Michigan Ave: Alyssa E. Brodeur of Pittsfield to Travis W. and Holly A. Padgett, $180,000 on 09/06/2019

1055 North St: Ruby Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Berkshire Gateway Invest, $110,000 on 09/05/2019

60 Oswald Ave: Frank V. and Samantha C. Maher of Pittsfield to Todd W. Derby and Moria J. Chiusano, $186,000 on 09/06/2019

50 Pinto Dr: John J. and Cristine Byrne of Pittsfield to Daleep Kumar, $285,000 on 09/06/2019

15 Pomeroy Ave: Wellington Inc of Pittsfield to Dwyer Family Realty LLC, $464,000 on 09/05/2019

21 Pomeroy Ave: Wellington Inc of Pittsfield to Dwyer Family Realty LLC, $464,000 on 09/05/2019

11 Rhode Island Ave: Richard A. Kurek and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $148,647 on 09/04/2019

8 Stratford Ave: Madeleine M. Muraca of Pittsfield to T&E Real Est Transactns, $83,000 on 09/10/2019

225 Williams St: Sharon A. Weller of Pittsfield to John J. and Cristine Byrne, $268,000 on 09/06/2019

95 Winesap Rd: Mark J. and Amy K. Cote of Pittsfield to Malila Siv, $266,000 on 09/06/2019

109 Winesap Rd: Joseph F. and Teresa M. Palmieri of Pittsfield to M Dale and Mehujael D. Eason, $342,000 on 09/10/2019


355 Rossiter Rd: Patricia A. Walsh of Richmond to Frank V. and Samantha C. Maher, $350,000 on 09/06/2019


351 Lakeshore Dr: Aj and Suzanne Hepworth of Sandisfield to Enis FT and Oren Lieber, $385,000 on 09/09/2019


413 Clayton Rd: Francine Groener and Sara Tenenbaum of Sheffield to Fnu J. Jose, $261,000 on 09/06/2019


10 Birch Ln: Francine S Stein QPRT and Willard Kasoff of Stockbridge to Edward F Keon Jr RET and Edward F. Keon, $1,375,000 on 09/04/2019

8 Emerson Ln: Roberta Greenberg of Stockbridge to David H. and Ellen F. Gibbs, $649,000 on 09/10/2019

21 Lakeview Dr: Edward F Keon Jr RET and Edward F. Keon of Stockbridge to Albert Rodriguez and Layne C. Reznick, $637,500 on 09/10/2019

8 Lukeman Ln: Donna Barasch of Stockbridge to Lawrence E. Zeidner and Kirsten J. Fuchs, $289,000 on 09/06/2019


206 Sand Springs Rd: Michael A. and Denise C. Richardello of Williamstown to Daniel Hong and Sulgi Lim, $369,000 on 09/09/2019

67 Woodlawn Dr: Robert G. Ouellette of Williamstown to Marjorie M. Wylde, $207,000 on 09/04/2019


885 North St: Cynthia A White LT and Cynthia A. White of Windsor to C Darryll and Sally N. Wing, $450,000 on 09/09/2019



5 Mountain Rd: Kathleen Gavin and Webster Bank NA of Barkhamsted to Webster Bank NA, $150,502 on 09/05/2019

16 Robin Dr: Rachel Festa of Barkhamsted to Tre Shifflett, $267,900 on 09/04/2019

66 Taylor Rd: Ronald J. Dionne of Barkhamsted to Kaitlin Palance, $285,000 on 09/03/2019


404 Sharon Goshen Tpke: Carl R. DAlvia and Jacqueline M. Saccoccio of Cornwall to Irene S. Mardal, $236,600 on 08/20/2019

New Hartford

19 Bakerville Ter: Webster Bank NA of New Hartford to Lynn Atkin, $134,000 on 08/29/2019

83 Hayward Rd: Priscilla T. Marshall of New Hartford to L A. Bidwell-Whitehead, $185,000 on 09/05/2019


77 Loon Meadow Dr: Theodore H. and Kathleen D. Veling of Norfolk to Martyn N. and Micheline E. Banks, $320,000 on 09/03/2019

23 Valley View Rd: Christina J. Hanley of Norfolk to Scott and Michelle Padua, $110,000 on 08/30/2019

23 Valley View Rd: Richard A. Johnston of Norfolk to Scott and Michelle Padua, $110,000 on 08/30/2019

North Canaan

41 E Main St: FNMA of North Canaan to Ronald Whitlock, $49,900 on 09/04/2019

22 Foote Ave: Hirst Barbara Est and Edward Bixler of North Canaan to Katherine Keane-Longly, $35,000 on 09/03/2019

21 Park Ave: US Bank NA Tr of North Canaan to Tobi Wolfe, $131,000 on 09/05/2019


7 Academy St: Ronald S. and Rose J. Novak of Salisbury to Margaret A. Rice, $300,000 on 09/04/2019

16 Pettee St: Rodie Polly Wilmer Est and Jean H. Rodie of Salisbury to Katherine H. White, $350,000 on 09/03/2019

328 Wells Hill Rd: Rubik 1 LLC of Salisbury to Laura Fendrich and Peter Plagens, $595,000 on 08/28/2019


9 Millerton Rd: Christian A. and Jennifer M. Tompkins of Sharon to Harold Kuplesky and Sok N. Park, $350,000 on 09/03/2019

22 Upper Main St Unit A: Jolene M. Scott of Sharon to New Sharon Green LLC, $70,000 on 09/04/2019


325 Allison Dr: Arnold Gilbert Group LLC of Torrington to Lisa A. and Bradley R. Roche, $205,000 on 09/04/2019

20 Chatam Ln: Jeffrey Gilbert and PNC Bank NA of Torrington to PNC Bank NA, $1 on 08/29/2019

304 Church St: USA HUD of Torrington to Roger Wagner, $48,000 on 08/29/2019

111 Cider Mill Xing: Joseph C. Guarnieri of Torrington to Hilary Shaw, $228,500 on 08/30/2019

58 E Pearl St: Torrington Tax Collector of Torrington to Seedless Confabulating, $21,000 on 08/29/2019

839 Main St Unit 45: Howard W. and Barbara L. Enns of Torrington to Carolle Jenkins, $73,500 on 09/03/2019

32 Munson Ave: Ramses Melo and Ronen LLC of Torrington to Ronen LLC, $120,600 on 09/03/2019

175 Oakbrook Ln: James R. and Jean R. Weingart of Torrington to Rosemarie Forzano, $230,500 on 08/28/2019

337 Oxbow Dr: Maria C. Cresham of Torrington to Michael R. Morrison and Megan E. Reardon, $165,000 on 08/29/2019

132 Pearl St: Kwong H. Lee and Bik W. Cheng-Lee of Torrington to Robert F Capuano LT and Robert F. Capuano, $89,900 on 08/28/2019

44 Smith St: Adon Burrell of Torrington to Michael L. Hall, $125,000 on 08/29/2019

1 Stonegate Dr Unit 1: John Turchiano of Torrington to John F. and Joanne P. Ferraro, $79,900 on 08/30/2019

111 Suncrest Ct: Calhoun Richard D Est and Miles C. Borzilleri of Torrington to Robert and Sharon Henry, $237,600 on 09/03/2019

850 Torringford West St: Mccarthy Sewell B I Est and D Ciriello-Grohowski of Torrington to Mary Piccirillo, $205,000 on 09/04/2019

82 Wadhams Ave: Gary P. and Kathleen Bush of Torrington to Adam J. Seidl and Justine M. Caissie, $169,900 on 08/30/2019

68 Wilson Ave Unit 423: Richard C. Cable of Torrington to Joshua W. Hailstones, $65,500 on 09/03/2019

1275 Winsted Rd Unit 209: Teresa L. Valentine of Torrington to Frank N. Sollito, $80,000 on 08/30/2019


12 Chestnut St: John Koutroumanis of Winchester to Richard M. Ricci, $122,000 on 09/03/2019

11 Gibbs St Unit 10: Torrington SB Mtg Svc of Winchester to Milton F. Faivre, $40,500 on 08/30/2019

113 Newfield Rd: Dee E. Bohman-Sidoti of Winchester to Joanathan and Jillian Pignatello, $315,000 on 09/04/2019

157 Pratt St: Brett Wilson of Winchester to Justin Burgess, $108,000 on 08/30/2019

211 Torringford St: Andrew W. Shamansky of Winchester to Nicholas Hall and Sandra J. Hamilla, $223,000 on 08/29/2019

341 W Wakefield Blvd: David L. Maloy of Winchester to James F. Davies, $250,000 on 09/03/2019


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