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Berkshire region real estate sales October 30 – Nov. 5, 2016

The latest weekly report of real estate transactions in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts and northwest Connecticut: October 30 - November 5, 2016


9 Grant St: Celia B. Wilk of Adams to Thomas A&B E Robinson NT and Thomas A. Robinson, $182,000 on 11/02/2016

99 Howland Ave: Princeton Commercial NE of Adams to Mount Royal 2 Inc, $70,000 on 11/02/2016

8 Melrose St: Mara F. Woolley of Adams to Jennifer A. Kanouse, $147,500 on 11/01/2016


2305 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Wayne M. and Teresa L. Spence of Becket to Robert L. Campagna, $216,000 on 11/03/2016

26 Paw Ln: Linda B. Batten and Christine A. Russell of Becket to Wendy and Roger Duryea, $42,000 on 11/03/2016

141 Trail Cir: David A Wood T and David A. Wood of Becket to Dewayne S. Florian and Edwina M. Cesario-Florian, $92,500 on 11/04/2016

305 Wells Rd: Cynthia M. Cantwell of Becket to Tabitha A. Vandeusen, $194,500 on 11/04/2016

59 Williams Rd: Jeannine P. Disario of Becket to Glen and Linda Aloisi, $319,000 on 11/01/2016


94 Gravel Bank Rd: Trevor L. and Kayli R. Manning of Clarksburg to Mark A. Klein, $161,000 on 11/04/2016

418 N Houghton St: Jacqueline M. Pecor and Citibank NA of Clarksburg to Pennymac Loan Services, $80,000 on 11/02/2016


150 North St Unit E: Marjorie E. Okeefe of Dalton to Walter H. and Donna L. Stacy, $116,000 on 11/04/2016

Great Barrington

1 Crosby St: Pamela J. Lasky of Great Barrington to Colleen Fernbacher, $190,000 on 11/04/2016

134 Hurlburt Rd: Carol Emerson of Great Barrington to Guenther and Laura Stockfisch, $315,000 on 11/01/2016


120 Old Pleasant St: MTR Properties Mass LLC of Lee to Alan B. Wilcox and Lynn M. Bertelli, $435,000 on 11/01/2016


85 Clifden Ct Unit 4-4: William L. Rothenberg of Lenox to Frederic and Stephanie Rothenberg, $155,000 on 11/04/2016

1 Morgan Mnr Unit 15: M Blake-Degen of Lenox to J Cooperstein-Lisanti and Joseph Lisanti, $115,000 on 11/04/2016

1 Morgan Mnr Unit 7: Adler FT and Ira R. Adler of Lenox to Peter and Susan Rogol, $159,000 on 11/04/2016


79 Hupi Woods Cir: Robert Rausch of Monterey to Christopher and Kelly Tryon, $240,000 on 11/01/2016

519 Main Rd: Eric J. and Debra E. Pedersen of Monterey to Frank R. and Margaret F. Abbott, $380,000 on 11/03/2016

North Adams

10-14 Meadow St: Carol Borer and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of North Adams to Royal Property Group LLC, $38,100 on 11/04/2016


138 Curtin Rd: William and Julie Westervelt of Peru to James R. and Evelyne A. Craig, $690,000 on 11/01/2016

9 Greylock Cir: Stephen G. and Eileen M. Weiss of Peru to Lucy M. Spaulding, $134,000 on 11/01/2016


29 Adell St: James J. and Edward C. Ethier of Pittsfield to Donna M. Giardina, $77,000 on 11/04/2016

189 Burbank St: Berkshire Nbhd Dev of Pittsfield to Nipun Saluja, $60,000 on 11/03/2016

156 Cheshire Rd: USA VA of Pittsfield to Joseph Dilego, $63,000 on 11/04/2016

3 Claire Pl: Craig A. and Karen L. Rand of Pittsfield to Jugpal Singh, $129,900 on 11/04/2016

7 County Ct: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Joseph C. Curtis, $385,000 on 11/03/2016

81 Dartmouth St Unit 208: Blythewood Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Anthony J. Rossi, $82,500 on 11/02/2016

81 Dartmouth St Unit 203: Blythewood Realty LLC of Pittsfield to Michael J. Rossi, $91,000 on 11/02/2016

664 Elm St: Ralph Stroffolino of Pittsfield to Laura J. and Robert L. Garrity, $141,000 on 11/04/2016

38 Emerson Ave: Kaylin M. and Megan Choquette of Pittsfield to Michael J. and Dawn E. Maddalena, $190,000 on 11/04/2016

15 Kensington Ave: Marjorie Hubbard of Pittsfield to Mary E. Casella, $140,000 on 11/03/2016

84 Leona Dr: Michael J. and Dawn E. Maddalena of Pittsfield to Kaylin M. and Megan Choquette, $299,900 on 11/04/2016

36 Melrose Ave: David H. and Joyce E. Slater of Pittsfield to Jeffrey C. and J Collin Slater, $147,000 on 11/03/2016

78 Norman Ave: USA HUD of Pittsfield to Donald J. and Lamar L. Smith, $62,000 on 11/04/2016

963 North St: Robert L. and Laura J. Garrity of Pittsfield to Anoh Kouanzan, $164,700 on 11/04/2016

1080 North St: Charles G. Bassett of Pittsfield to Karen J. Flynn, $154,000 on 11/03/2016

746 Pecks Rd: David A. Decarlo of Pittsfield to Joel S. and David Rawson, $197,000 on 11/01/2016

4 Walden Ln: Deborah A. Whiffen of Pittsfield to Four Walden Lane NT and Jeffrey E. Grant, $235,000 on 11/04/2016

71 Weller Ave: Melissa A. Keefner and PHH Mortgage Corp of Pittsfield to FNMA, $91,000 on 11/04/2016


2034 Dublin Rd: Eugene M. and Laurel S. Smith of Richmond to Jonathan Ballan, $830,000 on 11/04/2016


46 Hawley Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Savoy to Justyn J. Tworig, $51,100 on 11/01/2016


320 Giberson Rd: Fred W. and Jane G. Knapp of Sheffield to Ralph G. Lombardi, $330,000 on 11/04/2016

Salisbury Rd: Nancy Perry of Sheffield to Salisbury Barnum LLC, $150,000 on 11/01/2016


66 Interlaken Rd: Clarita Kaufman RET and Clarita Kaufman of Stockbridge to Kenneth and Francine Fabricant, $325,000 on 11/04/2016

67 Main St: Mikka Barkman of Stockbridge to Julie A. Shanahan, $220,500 on 11/03/2016


34 Elm St: Edmund P. Silver of Williamstown to ENL LLC, $20,000 on 11/01/2016

885 Hancock Rd: Herbert O. Bote of Williamstown to William M. Hodash and Lisa Argento, $1,200,000 on 11/04/2016

1166 N Hoosac Rd: GK NT and Sherwood Guernsey of Williamstown to Barbara J. Gill, $201,000 on 11/04/2016

11 Windflower Way Unit 11: Caron Claire L Est and Mary L. Caron of Williamstown to Dorothy W. Hopton, $190,000 on 11/04/2016



27 Horseshoe Cir: Lisa Deroode of Barkhamsted to Corey J. Mackles, $242,000 on 10/11/2016

25 Partridge Ln: James J. and Laurie J. Bianchi of Barkhamsted to Erik J. and Allyson Wicander, $265,000 on 10/17/2016

35 South Rd: Brian P. Child of Barkhamsted to Justin and Anook Harris, $175,500 on 10/05/2016


72 Bunnell St: Jeffrey T. and Jennifer Hodgkin of Colebrook to Jeffrey T. and Michele J. Negron, $241,000 on 10/11/2016

139 Bunnell St: Thomas P. Rush and Timothy Mccollum of Colebrook to 139 Bunnell LLC, $268,100 on 10/25/2016

139 Bunnell St: Thomas P. Rush of Colebrook to 139 Bunnell LLC, $166,900 on 10/25/2016

7 Old North Rd: Nathaniel B. and Jennifer M. Rich of Colebrook to Lauren Lyga, $196,500 on 10/17/2016

New Hartford

34 Behrens Rd: Robert J. Lewton of New Hartford to Kathryn M. and Dustin Parente, $355,000 on 11/01/2016

82 Turnbull Rd: John G. and Patricia C. Morrissey of New Hartford to Sarah A. Pelosi and Timothy R. Pritchard, $295,500 on 11/01/2016

40 Woodland Ln: John G. and Jennifer L. Roller of New Hartford to George M. Acker, $649,900 on 11/03/2016

North Canaan

25 Bragg St: Cnafield Group LLC of North Canaan to Richard A. and Kathryn L. Macdowell, $180,000 on 10/26/2016

77 Clayton Rd: Donna Ross of North Canaan to FNMA, $180,465 on 10/03/2016

15 Lower Rd: Ernest and Maria E. Macniel of North Canaan to Jason B. and Rhianna Gee, $139,900 on 10/26/2016

379 Norfolk Rd: FHLM of North Canaan to Otmane Hattani, $30,000 on 10/17/2016

22 Quinn St: FNMA of North Canaan to Robin Berthet, $52,000 on 10/18/2016


9 Prospect St: James L. Hendrick of Salisbury to Suzanne A. Froundjian, $260,000 on 10/28/2016


90 Calkinstown Rd: Susan L. Vavroch of Sharon to Alan G. and Pamela A. Miller, $900,000 on 10/31/2016

7 Mudgetown Rd: Nina Griffiths and Laurie Hart of Sharon to Christophe Armero and Jennifer Baird, $310,000 on 10/31/2016


1565 E Main St: Alfa Group LLC of Torrington to Dibble Street Assoc LLC, $75,000 on 11/01/2016

1188 New Litchfield St: Union SB of Torrington to Kitty Quarters Inc, $37,615 on 11/01/2016

247 Albrecht Rd: Christopher J. Morrison and Ditech Financial LLC of Torrington to Ditech Financial LLC, $1 on 11/02/2016

112 Birden St: Robert Graham of Torrington to Kimberly Gelada, $92,000 on 11/01/2016

528 County Rd: Lonnie Macneil and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 10/27/2016

188 Darling St: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Torrington to Quiet Lake Properties LLC, $29,000 on 10/31/2016

228 Greenwoods Rd: Peter A. and Erin L. Rogala of Torrington to Barbara A. Peloquin, $117,500 on 11/01/2016

Guerdat Rd Unit 5: Janice L. Pace of Torrington to David Bouchard, $10,000 on 10/31/2016

319 Heights Dr: Ronald C. and Linda A. Bradshaw of Torrington to Cheryle J. and Edmund E. Sears, $125,000 on 11/01/2016

254 Highland Ave: John and Alison Oleary of Torrington to Laura L. Beeman, $105,000 on 11/02/2016

44 Hornfischer Ter: Annemarie Henny and Peter E. Ricciardi of Torrington to Jay Rusgrove, $65,000 on 11/01/2016

88 Hunter Ct Unit 88: Jennifer Rayno of Torrington to Kevin Jones, $79,000 on 11/01/2016

117 Marshall Lake Rd: Daniel P. and Patricia G. Maloney of Torrington to Randall W. and Erin J. Stelma, $275,000 on 11/02/2016

480 New Harwinton Rd: Laura Samolis of Torrington to Nicholas Bushka and Amanda Dileo, $165,500 on 11/02/2016

314 Newfield Rd: Bank New York Mellon of Torrington to Armin Hausler, $55,700 on 11/01/2016

295 Patterson St: Michelle T. Mancuso and PNC Bank NA of Torrington to PNC Bank NA, $1 on 11/02/2016

708 Prospect St: Citimortgage Inc of Torrington to 4 Towers LLC, $49,875 on 10/31/2016

131 Roberts St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Torrington to Jennifer Osterman and Derek Ladyga, $45,000 on 11/01/2016

801 S Main St: Thomas J. Flinn and Quicken Loans Inc of Torrington to Quicken Loans Inc, $1 on 11/03/2016

21 Saint Andrews Close Unit 21: Amy L. Mackiewicz of Torrington to Sandra Ostrander, $118,000 on 10/27/2016

71 Settlers Ln: Phillip E. Johnson of Torrington to Brian C. Berube, $115,500 on 11/01/2016

15 Smith St: Lorraine B. Kawiecki and Lucyna Mateja of Torrington to Luis E. Borja and Elvia E. Jadan, $48,000 on 11/01/2016

66 Stonehouse Way: Christopher and Dorothy Coyne of Torrington to Samet A. and Molilin Dy, $179,000 on 10/27/2016

8 Travis St: Nadine M. Goff and Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Bank Of America NA, $1 on 11/03/2016

505 Westledge Dr: Steven M. and Gretchen A. Silverman of Torrington to Antonio F. and Darlene M. Persechino, $279,500 on 10/31/2016

67 Winesap Run: Scott R. and Melanie C. Felladore of Torrington to Kevin Beaulieu, $149,775 on 11/01/2016


22 Coe St: Gail M. Oneil of Winchester to Aaron J. Lapinski, $183,500 on 10/31/2016

553 E Wakefield Blvd: Arthur Orr and Citimortgage Inc of Winchester to Citimortgage Inc, $1 on 11/01/2016

112 Glendale Ave: Nicole M. Sul of Winchester to Daniel C. Sanzone and Heather K. Knapp, $195,750 on 11/01/2016

306 W Wakefield Blvd: Daniel S Hersh T and Daniel S. Hersh of Winchester to Samuel and Diane Heelan, $540,000 on 11/01/2016

720 Main St: Lee J. Thomsen of Winchester to Henry J. Marchell, $45,000 on 11/01/2016

Source: The Warren Group


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