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Berkshire region real estate sales Oct. 13-19, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Oct. 13-19, 2019



65 E Mountain Rd: Robert J. and Melanie G. StPierre of Adams to Amy E. Krutiak, $195,000 on 10/18/2019

28 E Orchard Ter: Todd F. Oneil of Adams to Ryan J. Joppich and Elizabeth T. Crosier, $176,000 on 10/17/2019

30-32 Temple St: David Irland of Adams to Elizabeth D. Irwin, $115,000 on 10/16/2019


43 North St: Harrison R. King of Cheshire to Melanie J. King and Jacqueline A. Pekosz, $110,000 on 10/22/2019


488 E Housatonic St Unit 1: Paul G. and Deborah J. Mcmahon of Dalton to Priscilla L. Morine, $87,500 on 10/21/2019

147 Patricia Ave: Bruce P. and Margaret J. Lederman of Dalton to Patrick R. and Allison S. Mead, $450,000 on 10/22/2019

7 Ruby Ter: Steven R. Hunt of Dalton to Heather M. Boino, $130,000 on 10/16/2019

101 Washington Mountain Rd: Orsola D. Ballato and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Dalton to FNMA, $140,000 on 10/18/2019


38 Tilda Hill Rd: Deborah L. Peirce of Florida to Deborah L. Bliss, $24,000 on 10/17/2019

Great Barrington

6 Beacon Hl: Ricky and Deborah A. Turczak of Great Barrington to Celeste M. and Sarah E. Martin, $325,000 on 10/16/2019

155 Front St: Albert J. and Marie Dupont of Great Barrington to Angel Espinoza-Jiminez, $180,400 on 10/16/2019

281 Main St Unit 3: Christy A. Smith of Great Barrington to Douglas A. Freundlich and Margo D. Stark, $220,000 on 10/18/2019

119 Railroad Ave: Ronald A&T M Chapman RET and Ronald A. Chapman of Great Barrington to Olivia C. Vilord, $156,000 on 10/16/2019


129 Hemlock Ln: Michael L. and Martha S. Gervasi of Hinsdale to Beth B Raffeld T and Beth B. Raffeld, $900,000 on 10/17/2019

245 Pine Cone Ln Unit 245: Effrain FT and Jack Effrain of Hinsdale to Thomas Barker, $325,000 on 10/18/2019


20 Westview Rd: Ursula King-Allen and Paul M. Maloy of Lanesborough to Susan E. Fahey, $199,000 on 10/18/2019


13 Chanterwood Rd: Timothy Cresswell and Carol Jennings of Lee to Teresa Bitetti LT and Teresa Bitetti, $495,000 on 10/18/2019

880 East St Unit 400b: Lynda Pratt of Lee to Kathleen A. Prince, $142,500 on 10/18/2019

165 Stockbridge Rd: Michael P. Mcmanmon of Lee to Abigail Noble, $550,000 on 10/21/2019


33 Cliffwood St: Nathan B. Winstanley of Lenox to Richard A. Fogel, $447,000 on 10/18/2019

123 Cliffwood St: Ellen Cohen RET and Ellen Cohen of Lenox to Brian T. and Judith M. Gladden, $830,000 on 10/18/2019

9 Coldbrooke S Unit B: Myra Friedman RET and Myra Friedman of Lenox to Ellen Cohen RET and Ellen Cohen, $545,000 on 10/18/2019


207 Beartown Mountain Rd: Charles C. and Nancy Sutton of Monterey to Gerard and Michael Casserly, $390,500 on 10/18/2019

143 Sandisfield Rd: John F. Eidmann of Monterey to George H. and Linda R. Neilson, $125,000 on 10/16/2019

North Adams

22 Burnham St: Aaron T. Crandall of North Adams to Robert J. and Melanie G. StPierre, $162,000 on 10/18/2019

39 Burnham St: Peter J. Greenbush of North Adams to Elizabeth Marr and Mitchell Masterson, $200,000 on 10/22/2019

40 Cady St: Jennifer E. Mattern of North Adams to Patrick W. and Dawn J. Schoorlemmer, $78,000 on 10/21/2019

738 Curran Hwy: David J. and John F. Horan of North Adams to Local Salad T and Kellie D. Laskin, $33,000 on 10/18/2019

752 Curran Hwy: Kathryn M Bowes NT and John F. Horan of North Adams to Local Salad T and Kellie D. Laskin, $52,000 on 10/18/2019

21-23 High St Unit 4: High Street Condominiums of North Adams to Joe Parks-Beasley and Stephanie M. Beasley, $167,500 on 10/16/2019

42 Maple St: Nancy P. Bullett of North Adams to Norman J. Mcleod, $225,000 on 10/21/2019

206 Wells Ave: Susannah H. Warren and Lee Bank of North Adams to FHLM, $96,000 on 10/22/2019


760 Dimmock Rd: Norman Spiegel and Nancy J. Haber of Otis to Robert Markinson and Haritini Kanthou, $385,000 on 10/22/2019


167 2nd St: Valerie Maston of Pittsfield to James Wheeler, $73,000 on 10/22/2019

65 Backman Ave: Harold Dupee of Pittsfield to Patrick A. and Allison K. Leclair, $188,000 on 10/18/2019

11 Briggs Ave: Valerie J. Ireland of Pittsfield to Candelaria C. DeCarillo, $116,500 on 10/22/2019

141 Bushey Rd: Joshua M. Mcfarlin of Pittsfield to Luke F. Godfrey and Samantha J. Rydell, $235,000 on 10/17/2019

234 Cheshire Rd: Harris Wayne E Est and Rebecca Harris of Pittsfield to Gregory S. and Jo A. Hoffman, $219,000 on 10/16/2019

16 Fairfield St: Stephen F. Cimini and Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Pittsfield to Shaun Oneil, $80,000 on 10/22/2019

111 Garland Ave: Donna M. Gilmore of Pittsfield to Daniel J. Rogacki and Alison M. Dixon, $210,000 on 10/18/2019

31 Hopewell Dr: Angela M. Larese of Pittsfield to Kyle A. Delsoldato, $176,000 on 10/18/2019

20 Hurley Dr: Angel L. and Nicole J. Martinez of Pittsfield to Jacqueline Ferry, $127,000 on 10/16/2019

46 Longfellow Ave: Louis V. Failla of Pittsfield to Jamual Warren, $168,000 on 10/21/2019

91 Montvue St: Jeanne E. Morin of Pittsfield to Melissa M. Mcgurn, $135,900 on 10/18/2019

126 Strong Ave: Sling LLC of Pittsfield to Tyler A. Gregory and Julia A. Padilla, $157,500 on 10/16/2019


105 Yokun Rd: Kimberly A. Rawson of Richmond to Richard Lichte and Shannon Mcmahon-Lichte, $199,900 on 10/21/2019


159 Alum Hl: Caitlin Hotaling of Sheffield to Troy K. and Jessica R. Murtagh, $300,000 on 10/22/2019

140 Bunce Rd: Jean M Farmer LT and Michael S. Farmer of Sheffield to Julie C. Adams, $250,000 on 10/18/2019


East St Unit Dha: Alberni Holdings Inc of Stockbridge to Eugene and Noreen L. Luca, $282,000 on 10/16/2019

Wallace Rd Unit Dha: Alberni Holdings Inc of Stockbridge to Eugene and Noreen L. Luca, $282,000 on 10/16/2019


40 Ryan Rd: Peter J. and Mary D. Blake of Washington to Christopher J. Mcguire, $313,500 on 10/18/2019


35 Thistle Path Unit 35: David J. Brown of Williamstown to Roger I. and Rosemary Samson, $350,000 on 10/21/2019


3931 Route 9: Ronald S Mauk LT and Ronald S. Mauk of Windsor to William E. Tatro, $250,000 on 10/21/2019


North Canaan

11 Greene Ave: Adam J. and Victoria C. Naehrig of North Canaan to Ronald E. Selbe and Mary P. Parker, $235,000 on 10/15/2019


290 Amenia Union Rd: Darren and Lucinda Winston of Sharon to Steven J. and Maria E. Rosenthal, $505,000 on 10/15/2019


28 Arbor Ridge Rd: Kim L. Nguyen of Torrington to Kiara and Michael Lowe, $162,900 on 10/15/2019

118 Bradford Rd: L&J Renovations LLC of Torrington to Zachary J. Vitali, $167,800 on 10/15/2019

154 Central Ave: Judith Clark and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1 on 10/09/2019

89 Colorado Ave N: Ja Irie Construction LLC and Sachem Capital Corp of Torrington to Sachem Capital Corp, $1 on 10/09/2019

138 Harwinton Ave: James Pescatore of Torrington to Corey A. Miles, $169,000 on 10/10/2019

61 Ridge Rd: Carrie Lachance of Torrington to Noorden Estates LLC, $11,000 on 10/11/2019

34 Roberts St Unit 12: USA HUD of Torrington to Arshard Ejaz, $75,000 on 10/10/2019

34 Roberts St Unit 14: USA HUD of Torrington to Arshard Ejaz, $75,000 on 10/10/2019

34 Roberts St Unit 13: USA HUD of Torrington to Arshard Ejaz, $75,000 on 10/10/2019

45 Sunset Ln: Richard and Cheryl Strahan of Torrington to Scott A. and Diane M. Porter, $230,000 on 10/10/2019


101 South Rd: Nancy Dunn of Winchester to Brian and Christine Bailey, $135,000 on 10/16/2019

618 Wynne Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Winchester to Steven Marcus, $65,000 on 10/15/2019


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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