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Berkshire Region real estate sales Oct. 1-7, 2017

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut.


29 2nd St: Wade R. and Amber L. Will of Adams to Stephen H. Hakes, $124,000 on 09/26/2017

8 Beecher St: David A. Rynkowski and Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co of Adams to Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co, $61,000 on 09/27/2017

4 Edmunds St Unit M201: Thomas J. and Esther M. Turner of Adams to Donna M. Loveman, $162,500 on 09/29/2017

200 Orchard St: Kimberly A. Morin of Adams to Sara R. Oneil, $155,000 on 09/27/2017

53-55 Quality St: FNMA of Adams to Shane and Aimy Levesque, $36,000 on 09/29/2017


152 Greenwater Dr: Edmund J. and Susan A. Hayes of Becket to Amy M. Hayes, $325,000 on 09/25/2017

45 Lakeshore Dr: Lillian H. Friberg of Becket to Joseph and Denise Keaney, $140,000 on 09/29/2017


185 School St: Benedict J. Beiso of Cheshire to Joshua F. Biggart, $156,500 on 09/27/2017


72 Gleason St: Dennis F. Bernardi of Clarksburg to Chali Nondo and Helen Mbewe, $225,000 on 09/29/2017


550 South St: Glen R. Reinhold of Dalton to Nicole M. Diehl, $174,000 on 09/29/2017


25 Boice Rd: Sheldon A. Gross of Egremont to Richard J. Rosensweig and Stephanie Zelman, $505,000 on 09/29/2017

4 Ridge Rd: Naomi Katz NT and Naomi Katz of Egremont to Mercedes E. Santana and Melissa Howard, $525,000 on 09/26/2017


29 N County Rd: Gary F. Rivers of Florida to James E. Spofford and Janet Zappula, $133,000 on 09/29/2017

Great Barrington

141 Front St Unit 3: Debra Pisani of Great Barrington to Claire E. Astore, $129,500 on 09/29/2017

28 Manville St: William F. and Janet A. Boyer of Great Barrington to 26 Manville LLC, $375,000 on 09/29/2017

405 Monterey Rd: US Bank NA Tr of Great Barrington to Hannah F. White and Kyle G. Schwendeman, $175,000 on 09/29/2017

949 S Main St Unit 212: Berkshire Chalet Resort of Great Barrington to Rolfe A. Goff and Susan M. Smith, $8,135 on 09/29/2017


100 Shore Dr: Marc Levine of Hinsdale to Louis J. and Susan L. Allegrone, $620,000 on 09/26/2017


34 Bridge St: Melissa A. Kamp of Lanesboro to David and Suzanne Hayes, $268,000 on 09/29/2017


85 Birch St: Diane M. Maynes of Lee to Leslee M. Durfee and Gregory S. Sedelow, $198,000 on 09/25/2017

560 East St: Robert P. Zerbato of Lee to Courtney M. Scapin, $195,000 on 09/28/2017

39 Robert St: Christine R. Decker of Lee to Devin J. Perreault and Brianna M. Formel, $143,000 on 09/25/2017


205 Housatonic St: Lee S. Laugenour and Mark D. Woodward of Lenox to Pamela E Koshmerl IRT and Pamela E. Koshmerl, $224,700 on 09/27/2017

15 Lime Kiln Rd: Timothy Yanka and Polly Nessa of Lenox to Fiduciary T Co Tr and Lime Kiln Road NT, $485,000 on 09/29/2017

5 Morgan Mnr Unit 9: Nestel RT and Beverly R. Bader of Lenox to Carolyn R. and Carolyn R. Vandervort, $219,000 on 09/28/2017

215 Pittsfield Rd: Wehner Virginia R Est and Jennifer Tyne of Lenox to Robert S. Wehner, $20,000 on 09/29/2017

Mt. Washington

121 East St: Gerald B. and Jolaine M. Allan of Mt Washington to Cold Brook Collaborative, $867,500 on 09/29/2017

North Adams

38-40 Brooklyn St: Morgan Tate&Brewer LLC of North Adams to Justin Price, $8,000 on 09/29/2017

49 Brooklyn St: Candy L. Tripodes and Bayview Loan Servicing of North Adams to Christopher S. Durley, $24,000 on 09/29/2017

426 Eagle St: Kacey E. Caprari and Greylock FCU of North Adams to Cynthia J. Gross, $26,000 on 09/27/2017

37-39 Edgewood Ave: Robert J. Foley of North Adams to Centerville Sticks LLC, $12,500 on 09/26/2017

25 Jackson St: Freda Mackay of North Adams to Amanda Delevan-Tobin, $104,000 on 09/29/2017

83 Walker St: Rotolo Home Improvement of North Adams to Michael A. Tessier and Renee C. Lapier, $220,000 on 09/29/2017


100 Loop Dr: Paul L. Jaffe of Otis to David and Richard Jaffe, $151,667 on 09/29/2017

1892 N Main Rd: Lori L. Mahoney of Otis to Gregory and Lynn Wheaton, $109,900 on 09/25/2017

109 Stebbins Rd: Nannene W. Gowdy of Otis to Charles Towers, $255,000 on 09/29/2017


145 Allengate Ave: Matthew D. Pedrotti of Pittsfield to Sherman and Lily Somerville, $159,400 on 09/29/2017

40 Alpine Trl Unit 40: Buckmaster NT and John C. George of Pittsfield to Hall Real Estate LLC, $375,000 on 09/29/2017

37 Arch St: Emerald City Rentals LLC of Pittsfield to Blythewood Property Mgmt, $48,750 on 09/29/2017

148 Bartlett Ave: RSB Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Randall S. and Margaret D. Hudson, $132,000 on 09/27/2017

187 Bartlett Ave: Pothier FT and Robert W. Pothier of Pittsfield to Sandra Fong-Ging and Ricky J. Derby, $425,000 on 09/27/2017

75 Boylston St: Danielle Bordeau and Santander Bank NA of Pittsfield to Santander Bank NA, $101,010 on 09/27/2017

142 Cheshire Rd: Christopher J. and Christina M. Mchugh of Pittsfield to Allison B. and Dylan M. Mechek, $100,000 on 09/28/2017

125 Crane Ave: Alisha J. Zink-Kavey and Katherine L. Davis of Pittsfield to Samuel D. and Hannah E. Cobb, $138,900 on 09/29/2017

16 Delaware Ave: Tami S. Larimore of Pittsfield to Debra A. Pisani, $131,700 on 09/29/2017

29 Elberon Ave: Andre A. Ahoussi and PNC Bank NA of Pittsfield to PNC Bank NA, $139,900 on 09/25/2017

9 Erie St: Deborah A. Schilling of Pittsfield to Steven and Dana Shampang, $172,900 on 09/29/2017

137 Hancock Rd: S E Fennell-Ivas 2007 RET and Karen Moulthrop-Carson of Pittsfield to Jeffery Shank, $148,900 on 09/29/2017

580 Holmes Rd: Janice L. Robinson and Elaine M. Gentile of Pittsfield to Taylor Carlino, $141,000 on 09/29/2017

156 Jason St: Shannon Devries of Pittsfield to Rebecca M. Lilley, $169,500 on 09/25/2017

171 Mcintosh Dr: Mark J. Mancari and B J. Goodrich-Mancari of Pittsfield to Priscilla Derocco and Tracy Holcomb, $264,000 on 09/25/2017

51 Mckinley Ter: Derek and Blake Strzepa of Pittsfield to Carly J. Daniels, $132,000 on 09/29/2017

27 Morgan St: Emerald City Rentals LLC of Pittsfield to Blythewood Property Mgmt, $48,750 on 09/29/2017

28 Murphy Pl: Shaun P. and Nicole A. Oneil of Pittsfield to Michaela J. Ellis, $195,000 on 09/28/2017

1450 North St Unit 106: Ravi K. Ayyalasomayazula of Pittsfield to James R Wachob T and James Wachob, $157,500 on 09/29/2017

60 Pine St: Shirley Colon and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $73,824 on 09/25/2017

50 Richmond Ave: Wanda Boeke of Pittsfield to Jonathan C. Blauvelt and Meghan C. Guerra, $157,000 on 09/29/2017

32 S Carolina Ave: Tallage Lincoln LLC of Pittsfield to Mark A. and Evan J. Simonelli, $51,000 on 09/25/2017

173 S Mountain Rd: Mohamed Zabian of Pittsfield to Cynthia Richards, $550,000 on 09/29/2017

13 Silver St: Furey Margaret Est and Thomas E. Furey of Pittsfield to Paula Schultheis, $89,000 on 09/26/2017

335 South St: Bank Of America NA of Pittsfield to Santiago M. Salas, $39,770 on 09/28/2017

199 Springside Ave: Carol Lew Blue Spring LLC of Pittsfield to Heidi A. Baldwin, $117,000 on 09/28/2017

95 Stearns Ave: Robert B. Knowlton and Reverse Mortgage Solutns of Pittsfield to Reverse Mortgage Solutns, $75,000 on 09/27/2017

426 Williams St: Vincent Morabito of Pittsfield to Catherine P. Couig, $219,000 on 09/29/2017

84 Windsor Ave: John E. and Kristin E. Pedrotti of Pittsfield to Amanda Corcoran, $197,000 on 09/29/2017


605 Shunpike Rd: Randolph B. Rowe of Sheffield to Arthur Jackson, $130,000 on 09/29/2017


1254 N Hoosac Rd: FNMA of Williamstown to Garrett A. Politis, $115,000 on 09/27/2017

132 S Hemlock Ln Unit 132: Allen W&Marilyn G Rork LT and Allen W. Rork of Williamstown to Peter J. and Janet D. Ticconi, $180,000 on 09/27/2017

240 South St: Suzanne P Wilkins RET and Suzanne P. Wilkins of Williamstown to Joey S. Horn, $1,300,000 on 09/29/2017

300 Syndicate Rd: Philippe Besnard of Williamstown to Kenda B. Mutongi and Alan DeGooyer, $477,000 on 09/29/2017


New Hartford

382 Cotton Hill Rd: USA HUD of New Hartford to James E. Kloczko, $90,000 on 09/28/2017

28 Highview Ter: Annette C. Sherian and Daniel W. Rhoads of New Hartford to Andrew J. Sprague, $269,900 on 09/26/2017


32 Robert St: Mcdonald Martha A Est and Charles A. Mcdonald of Sharon to Joseph Dusvitch, $130,000 on 09/26/2017


2177 Winsted Rd: Felice L. Drabkin of Torrington to NJY Auto LLC, $110,000 on 09/22/2017

173 Barton St: Melanie L. Boucino of Torrington to Robert F. Berglewicz, $105,000 on 09/27/2017

76 Carroll Dr: David R. and Kimberly R. Potter of Torrington to Qi L. Kuang, $150,000 on 09/22/2017

302 County Rd: Marlene Madigan of Torrington to Michael and Nancy L. Maston, $92,000 on 09/26/2017

89 Falcon Ridge Rd: Leslie Sheldon of Torrington to Kenneth D. and Jennifer A. Hendrickson, $380,000 on 09/27/2017

195 Ginger Ln: Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Jeremy Mercado, $179,000 on 09/22/2017

118 Horace St: Rhoda C. Rouleau of Torrington to Trevor A. Saucier, $180,000 on 09/22/2017

63 King St: Lightning Properties LLC of Torrington to Roberto D. Juarez, $130,000 on 09/27/2017

268 Litchfield St: Tad J. Adams and Nationwide Advantage Mtg of Torrington to Purificacion G. Castillo, $42,901 on 09/25/2017

187 Lovers Ln Unit 69: Thomas E. and Linda M. Sterling of Torrington to Justin Oneill and Jennifer Hart, $80,000 on 09/26/2017

263 Lyman Dr: Leo Namiot of Torrington to Michael J. Zordan, $145,000 on 09/25/2017

30 Marion Ave: Albert Bottass of Torrington to Rcam Properties LLC, $55,000 on 09/25/2017

34 Millard St: USA HUD of Torrington to Laura M. Wilson, $50,000 on 09/22/2017

1044 Mountain Rd: Henry J. Palach of Torrington to Kellsey L. Schaffer, $167,500 on 09/25/2017

731 New Harwinton Rd: Maureen S. Marino of Torrington to Ryan Oliver, $140,500 on 09/25/2017

147 Nutmeg Dr: Brandon Morse of Torrington to James Pescatore, $70,000 on 09/21/2017

124 Old Farms Rd Unit 124: Paul S. Honig and Diane Goldberg-Honig of Torrington to Michael J. and Sophie Roberts, $130,000 on 09/25/2017

58 Patterson St: FNMA of Torrington to Jonathan C. Villamar, $135,000 on 09/21/2017

94 Patterson St: Rainy Chareunsri of Torrington to Jared Plourde, $120,000 on 09/21/2017

79 Ridge Rd: Stephanie Lauretano of Torrington to Nelson L. and Jesenia Santiago, $165,000 on 09/26/2017

91 Wheeler Ln: Jay and Yoon Wissler of Torrington to Aleksandar and Suzana Ilkov, $120,000 on 09/27/2017


6 Central Ave: Paul and Deborah A. Jeannette of Winchester to Frank Mataska, $122,500 on 09/27/2017

195 Danbury Quarter Rd: Benbow William E Est and Victoria A. Olivieri of Winchester to Melvin Muniz, $145,000 on 09/25/2017

Source: Warren Group


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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