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Berkshire region real estate sales Nov. 8-14, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Nov. 8-14, 2020



246 E Mountain Rd: Daniel G. and Jayne A. Bills of Adams to Kathryne Read and Brian Kelly, $456,500 on 11/12/2020

10 E Orchard Ter: Kowalski FT and Sandra E. Diaferio of Adams to Russell F. and Pamela S. Duval, $235,000 on 11/12/2020

13 Edward Ave: Lawrence E. and Jane E. Demarco of Adams to Steinmetz Souksavat T and Olivier A. Steinmetz, $208,150 on 11/10/2020

13 Highland Ave: Kimberly A. Krause of Adams to Francis A. and Della M. Gallagher, $125,000 on 11/13/2020

30 Park St: Berkshire County Prop LLC of Adams to FP Lend Fund 1 LLC, $150,000 on 11/13/2020

52 Richmond Ln: Santino J. Messer of Adams to Joy A. Marino, $185,000 on 11/09/2020


464 Beech Tree Ln: Frederick S. Mandler of Becket to Lee and Corrine Peretz, $379,000 on 11/13/2020

707 Benton Hill Rd: Christopher N. Anciello of Becket to Richard Ramirez and Norma Tineo, $420,000 on 11/09/2020

71 Pill Dr: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Becket to Berkshire Pill LLC, $159,000 on 11/13/2020

66 Ridge Rd: David and Susan Fenton of Becket to Ralph B. Rosen and Terry Winters, $430,000 on 11/12/2020

98 Werden Rd: Pamela M. Dutton of Becket to John J. Kattler, $270,000 on 11/09/2020


104-118 South St: Shree Lalgi Krupa Corp of Cheshire to Cheshire Pramukh Rlty LLC, $1,500,000 on 11/12/2020


251 West Rd: Sonja L. Dwyer of Clarksburg to Caleb B. Miner, $439,000 on 11/09/2020


43 Creamery Rd: Barb Number 1 LLC of Egremont to Roger F. and Miriam A. Widmann, $1,450,000 on 11/13/2020

28 Greenwood Cir: George A. and Susan J. Ryan of Egremont to James R. Miller and John S. Leclair, $450,000 on 11/09/2020


333 S County Rd: Dwight F Brown INT and Dwight F. Brown of Florida to BPF Drury Conservatn Lnds, $795,000 on 11/10/2020

Great Barrington

113 Brush Hill Rd: Lawrence and Ronnie Cohen of Great Barrington to Last Resort NT and Shari A. Levitan, $3,710,000 on 11/13/2020

321 N Plain Rd: Kathleen M. Mccormick of Great Barrington to Kathy Y. Chi and Philip J. Smith, $750,000 on 11/13/2020

168 Taconic Ave: Edward H. and Anne E. Rippey of Great Barrington to Mark A. Pruhenski and Melissa A. Vansant, $375,000 on 11/13/2020


479 Peru Rd: Rositocle LLC of Hinsdale to William D. Dufour, $1,300,000 on 11/10/2020


291 N Main St: Lamp Post Properties LLC of Lanesborough to Joseph and Lisa Trybus, $92,500 on 11/13/2020

39 Potter Mountain Rd: Bryan S. Gashlin of Lanesboro to Patrice A. Dermody, $166,500 on 11/10/2020

99 Summer St: William P. Prendergast and Mary L. Trzcinka of Lanesboro to Old Williamstown Rlty LLC, $110,000 on 11/12/2020


60 Columbia St: Shamus R. Daley of Lee to Dewayne Florian and Edwina M. Cesario-Florian, $140,000 on 11/10/2020

880 East St Unit 8a: Nelson Hershman T and Nelson Hershman of Lee to Chad C Sterrett RET and Chad C. Sterrett, $292,000 on 11/09/2020

150 Mallard Ln Unit 150: Lenox Lndgs Brk Hldg LLC of Lee to Jay and Susan Weintraub, $876,525 on 11/10/2020

75 Old Pleasant St: Salice FT and Ronald D. Salice of Lee to Usman Sharif, $180,000 on 11/09/2020


89 Holmes Rd: Stephen E. Obrien of Lenox to Christopher P. Obrien, $139,000 on 11/10/2020

8 Hynes St Unit 5: Blackwater RT and Linda M. Shafiroff of Lenox to Lenox Affordable Hsng T and Marybeth Mitts, $275,000 on 11/10/2020

1 Martha Ln: Michele D Gazit RET and Michele D. Gazit of Lenox to Leona and Sherry B. Levin, $500,000 on 11/13/2020

4 Patterson Rd: Richard J. and Glodia J. Obrien of Lenox to Joseph and Chelsea Haugh, $500,000 on 11/10/2020


30 Bidwell Rd: David K. and Jennifer O. Quisenberry of Monterey to Ronald Rubin and Leiko J. Coyle, $2,000,000 on 11/09/2020

Mount Washington

56 Cross Rd: Furcht NT and Thomas Furcht of Mountt Washington to Roger A. Coleman and Rosalind S. Barbour, $500,000 on 11/09/2020

New Marlborough

1660 Clayton Mill River Rd: Saskia Ball of New Marlborough to Walter D. and Daskam Agar, $2,500 on 11/09/2020

North Adams

290-292 Beaver St: Nichols Robert B Est and Gary M. Nichols of North Adams to Thomas A. Karis, $126,500 on 11/09/2020

116 Pleasant St: Katalin Takacs-Haynes and E Mark Schrader of North Adams to Craig Feuerzeig and Anne Burt, $75,000 on 11/13/2020

28 Rich St: Angela M. Ryan of North Adams to Vicki J. Dunn, $144,900 on 11/13/2020

966 State Rd: Philip N. and Andrew H. Whitlingum of North Adams to Michelle J. Powers and Jeremy R. Brisiel, $180,000 on 11/09/2020

1130 State Rd: James P. Dalton of North Adams to Jason D. Murphy and Kathryn Ridley-Murphy, $185,000 on 11/12/2020


35 Bellmore Dr: Roger D. and Ellen W. Whitmer of Pittsfield to Cheryl Bode, $300,500 on 11/09/2020

75 Briggs Ave: Julie L. Zdon of Pittsfield to Berkshire Hm Rentals LLC, $182,500 on 11/13/2020

61 Churchill Crst Unit 61: Robert E. Reardon and N A. Pieluszczak-Reardon of Pittsfield to Charles C. Walker, $219,000 on 11/12/2020

22 Cove St: Smith Mary Ann Est and Lynn A. Carmon of Pittsfield to Richard Sands, $114,000 on 11/10/2020

192 Dalton Ave: James Muschett of Pittsfield to Deborah Bloom, $219,900 on 11/12/2020

101 Dan Fox Dr: Tamarack Ski NT and Sherry L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Blue Chair Properties LLC, $1,071,000 on 11/13/2020

102 Dan Fox Dr: Tamarack Ski NT and Sherry L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Blue Chair Properties LLC, $1,071,000 on 11/13/2020

1755 East St: David J. and Alicia M. Pravia of Pittsfield to Justin E. Trimble, $200,000 on 11/10/2020

60 Elizabeth St: Woodwinds Prop MGT LLC of Pittsfield to Logan J. Thompson, $400,000 on 11/13/2020

80 Elizabeth St: Thelma M. Hood of Pittsfield to Guillermo H. Trujillo and Mario A. Hurtado, $166,000 on 11/13/2020

46 Euclid Ave: Michael A. and Lynne M. Soldato of Pittsfield to Shane Rose, $234,000 on 11/12/2020

34 Franklin St: Christopher E. Giardina of Pittsfield to Paul T. Giardina, $65,000 on 11/09/2020

532 Gale Ave: Brian F. and Lisa M. Hoag of Pittsfield to David and Ilene Jaroslaw, $573,000 on 11/10/2020

101 Imperial Ave: Shane M. Ortega of Pittsfield to Richard J. and Gloria J. Obrien, $223,000 on 11/13/2020

192 Lakeway Dr: FNMA of Pittsfield to Churchill St Realty LLC, $88,000 on 11/09/2020

108 Mcarthur St: Ellies Holdings LLC of Pittsfield to Eleanor I. Ambrose, $149,900 on 11/13/2020

115 Mountain Dr: VanDenHonert NT and Ann Kathryn of Pittsfield to Annett P. and Eugene H. Elliot, $295,000 on 11/10/2020

390 Newell St: Del Gallo Remo Est and Karen Ingegni of Pittsfield to Lakewood Creamery LLC, $40,000 on 11/13/2020

14 Richard Dr: Renee M. Stracuzzi and Katherine M. Sonsini of Pittsfield to Jamie A. and Laura A. Delmolino, $295,000 on 11/12/2020

52 Richard Dr: Bryan C. Sinclair and C A. Halvorsen-Sinclair of Pittsfield to Justin and Shenna Brady, $329,000 on 11/13/2020

38 Saratoga Dr: Kelly R. Klose of Pittsfield to Kathleen Tully, $224,900 on 11/13/2020

22 Scalise Dr: Richard J. and Aimee C. Gregory of Pittsfield to David J. and Alicia Pravia, $317,500 on 11/13/2020

1 Tamie Way: Stephen B. Pelhan and Katherine A. Markelz of Pittsfield to Bryan S. Gashlin, $417,500 on 11/09/2020


482 Canaan Rd: Mark W. Fowler and Erena M. Langley of Richmond to Jamie L. Roth, $519,000 on 11/13/2020

21 Lake Road Ext: Jay M. and Karen J. Dean of Richmond to 21 Lake Road Extension NT and Christopher J. May, $249,000 on 11/09/2020

154 Osceola Rd: John A. Cantarella of Richmond to Jacob E. Davenport, $600,000 on 11/10/2020

291 Stevens Glen Rd: Edward I. and Carole J. Rudman of Richmond to Robin W. and John J. Devereux, $2,200,000 on 11/13/2020


74 Main St: Michael and Deborah Reitenour of Sheffield to Robert R. and Kara L. Smith, $350,000 on 11/13/2020

29 Richard Dr: Elizabeth Maldonado of Sheffield to Jody King-Camarra and Michael Camarra, $377,500 on 11/13/2020

60 Shunpike Rd: Janet G. Stanton of Sheffield to Donna L. Wichman, $300,000 on 11/09/2020

West Stockbridge

26 Iron Mine Rd: Jeffrey A. Mason and Danielle P. Hammell of West Stockbridge to Cara A. Vermeulen, $399,000 on 11/13/2020


99 Longview Ter: Angela Baldracchi of Williamstown to Jonathon L. Russell and Melissa A. Paige, $354,000 on 11/09/2020

1127 N Hoosac Rd: David R. and Jacqueline D. Lemieux of Williamstown to Angela M. and Caitlin Ryan, $238,500 on 11/13/2020

1249 N Hoosac Rd: Brotzman Harold G Est and Kristin A. Elliott of Williamstown to David C. and Mary E. Casey, $175,000 on 11/13/2020

1135 New Ashford Rd: Donna T. and Philip C. Craft of Williamstown to James F. Laprade and R Thomas Lutzy, $449,900 on 10/29/2020



15 Aquatic Rd: Kevin A. Viering of Barkhamsted to Keith Eaton-Viering, $1 on 11/09/2020

76 Ratlum Rd: Charles and Timothy Calder of Barkhamsted to Katherine A. Hancock, $180,500 on 11/09/2020


5 Route 7 N: Michael D. Trapp of Canaan to 5 Route 7 North LLC, $420,000 on 11/12/2020


145 Cornwall Hollow Rd: Charles W. and Barbara S. Yohe of Cornwall to Thomas D. Spain, $530,000 on 11/10/2020


486 E Hyerdale Dr: Barbara S. Stone of Goshen to Thomas M. Lent and Brooke A. Love, $390,000 on 11/09/2020

New Hartford

98 Burwell Rd: Brian J. and Jessica Hajdasz of New Hartford to Samuel R. Morgan and Sabrina Stout, $251,500 on 11/09/2020

557 Main St: Jacob H. Singer of New Hartford to Mark S. and Nancy E. Devoe, $199,900 on 11/12/2020

183 South Rd: Judith A Labrecque T and Judith A. Labrecque of New Hartford to Zbigniew Zywno, $410,000 on 11/12/2020


319 Old Goshen Rd: Jessie W. Harlin of Norfolk to Sloane Klevin, $678,000 on 11/09/2020


25 Fowler St: E Stephens Ohlinger of Salisbury to Kenneth Edholm, $185,000 on 11/09/2020

110 Millerton Rd: Robert and Louann Paladino of Salisbury to J Breckenridge-Ryan and Michael P. Ryan, $1,100,000 on 11/13/2020

336 Millerton Rd: Richard E. and Ellen L. Horton of Salisbury to Jacquier Properties LLC, $55,000 on 11/12/2020


68 Calkinstown Rd: Charles S. Mirabile and Susan Parker-Boal of Sharon to Amy and Christian Arpino, $867,500 on 11/10/2020

18 Upper Main St: Stephen Wesson of Sharon to Anne Cameron and George Holden, $595,000 on 11/12/2020


76 Benham St: Dawn M. Florio of Torrington to Samuel E. Vargas, $143,400 on 11/09/2020

57 Cardinal Cir: Giannattasio Robert L Est and Robert E. Downs of Torrington to Nima Nurbu-Sherpa and Yang Sherpa, $279,900 on 11/09/2020

38 Chestnut Ave: Edward Benecchi of Torrington to Festim Ajro, $137,000 on 11/13/2020

124 Chestnut Ave: William Mcnerney of Torrington to David H. and Nicole M. Tribble, $138,000 on 11/10/2020

800 Highland Ave: Robert H. Higgins of Torrington to Alexandra Bodnar, $195,000 on 11/09/2020

87 Hillcrest St: Adam Dickinson of Torrington to Walter Dickinson, $100,000 on 11/09/2020

16 Horace St: Ramis Zulali and Adivije Marke of Torrington to Charles K. Brown and Donna F. Mccabe, $160,000 on 11/13/2020

61 Knollwood Dr: Julie M. Rusiecki of Torrington to Kenny Nguyen and Chan Pham, $225,000 on 11/10/2020

127 Lexington Ave: Sandra B. and Stewart N. Smith of Torrington to Marguertite Labella, $250,000 on 11/12/2020

231 Lyman Dr: USA HUD of Torrington to Erica Klemonsky, $111,000 on 11/09/2020

310 Migeon Ave: David Giramonti of Torrington to Bradley and Mona Florian, $239,000 on 11/12/2020

59 Nelson St: Jeremy D. Martin of Torrington to Jeffrey S. Knight, $103,000 on 11/09/2020

45 Pierce St: Dong A. and Mi S. Shin of Torrington to William Fanforth, $159,313 on 11/10/2020

1435 Torringford St: Ceferino Carrion of Torrington to Jennifer R. and Charles R. Donovan, $265,000 on 11/12/2020

172 Torringford West St: Fanol Ramadani of Torrington to Betty Matos, $190,000 on 11/10/2020

400 Westside Ln: Jennifer R. and Cahrles R. Donovan of Torrington to Jesse Miller, $350,000 on 11/10/2020

4 Willow St: Mackenzie L. Dimichele of Torrington to Gregory J. and Terry A. Emerson, $147,000 on 11/09/2020

68 Wilson Ave Unit 313: Dawn M. Mcgowan of Torrington to Jessica L. Fallis, $102,500 on 11/12/2020


159 E Lake St: William and Melody Guillette of Winchester to Peter A. and Susan K. Angelini, $170,000 on 11/09/2020

144 Meadow St: USA HUD of Winchester to Ines Acosta, $75,000 on 11/06/2020

325 Norcross St: Michael A. Gonvalves and Desiree A. Goncalves of Winchester to Jason M. Girodano and Whitney Giordano, $230,000 on 11/09/2020

161 Wilcox Ave: Laura A. Holman of Winchester to Bryan and Joyce Serra, $155,500 on 11/12/2020


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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