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Berkshire region real estate sales Nov. 10-16, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Nov. 10-16, 2019



12 Crandall St: Ronald Davenport and US Bank NA of Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $101,335 on 11/15/2019

19 N Summer St: Lisa J. Trumble of Adams to Dominic T. Coney and Elizabeth A. Cohen, $119,000 on 11/13/2019

131 Orchard St: Gary A. Case and Stephen D. Brown of Adams to Stephen D. and Jane A. Brown, $130,000 on 11/15/2019

28 Summer St: Casandra M. Deblois of Adams to Robert A. Donahue and Jason Brown, $165,000 on 11/15/2019


63 Devonshire Dr: Corey Bevilacqua of Cheshire to Casandra M. Deblois, $167,000 on 11/15/2019

33 Lake Shore Dr: Arthur J. Filkins of Cheshire to Leila J. Pisano, $70,000 on 11/15/2019

100 Lake Shore Dr: Bonita A. Enos of Cheshire to William G. Kristenson, $160,000 on 11/15/2019


28 Deming St: Janet E. Ellsworth of Dalton to Eric P. Ellsworth, $25,000 on 11/14/2019

25 Norwich Dr: Stephen R. and Shannon Mccarthy of Dalton to Deirdre M. Barry, $166,000 on 11/13/2019


178 Central Shaft Rd: Becky S. Lantz of Florida to William Poirot, $35,000 on 11/15/2019

Great Barrington

132 Christian Hill Rd: John J. Coyle of Great Barrington to Richard M. Sands and Linda Brill-Sands, $402,500 on 11/15/2019

14 Forest Row Unit 14: David P. Hamill and Cynthia L. Garadedian of Great Barrington to Christopher J. and Tara M. Harper, $192,000 on 11/15/2019

783 Main St: Joanne B. and David B. Soules of Great Barrington to Hanna Enterprises LLC, $419,000 on 11/13/2019

400 N Plain Rd: Linda M. Quesnel of Great Barrington to David M. and Sharon L. Smith, $263,500 on 11/15/2019

298 Park St N: Blue House Properties LLC of Great Barrington to Ponyx Properties LLC, $409,000 on 11/14/2019


37 Corey Rd Unit 537: Mara Daniel of Hancock to Lucy H. Hurley, $65,000 on 11/15/2019


880 East St Unit 1a: Philip J. and Ann Barber of Lee to Susan M. Strong, $187,000 on 11/13/2019

371 Washington Mountain Rd: Dragonetti Danielle L Est and Lance G. Dragonetti of Lee to Sara A. Dastoli, $186,000 on 11/15/2019


32 Lawton St: Leon E. Twing of Lenox to Holly L. Heck, $164,500 on 11/15/2019

6 School St: Golden Hill Properties of Lenox to Jennifer A. Scott, $245,000 on 11/15/2019

8 Woods Ln Unit 8: Harry and Stephanie Bruder of Lenox to Constance M. Miner and Gregory B. Lalley, $600,000 on 11/13/2019

New Marlborough

65 Konkapot Rd: Jerome T. and Natalie T. Levy of New Marlborough to Adam J. Nussenbaum and Shari Abramowitz, $575,000 on 11/15/2019

84 Norfolk Rd: Aviva S Gordon RET and Julia R. Kossack of New Marlborough to Charles L. Collins and Laura A. Stanley, $292,000 on 11/13/2019


83 Alpine Trl Unit 83: Anderson Family LLC of Pittsfield to Leonard J. and Alice A. Schiller, $402,950 on 11/13/2019

39 Bartlett Ave: Robert M. and Tatiana Fuster of Pittsfield to Value Venture Properties, $224,500 on 11/15/2019

184 Dawes Ave: Normalyn J. Powers of Pittsfield to Michael D. and Debra S. Hagan, $325,000 on 11/14/2019

11 Elmvale Pl: Jean S. White of Pittsfield to Mathew Green, $129,900 on 11/15/2019

109 Maple Grove Dr: Mcgill Rosalie M Est and Heather Captain of Pittsfield to Julie Mcmahon, $179,900 on 11/15/2019

28 Monroe St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to James R. Stockey, $60,000 on 11/15/2019

84 Plunkett St: Tallage Davis LLC of Pittsfield to Nina M. Sondrini, $40,000 on 11/15/2019

180 Ridgeway Ave: Peter D. Mason of Pittsfield to Dai Ingalls, $156,000 on 11/13/2019

12 Willow Ln: Darrell Louis Harriman LT and Darrell L. Harriman of Pittsfield to Challis A. and Mcqueen J. Adams, $287,000 on 11/15/2019

22 Wilson St: Laelia LLC of Pittsfield to Dana and Chad Paronto, $60,000 on 11/15/2019

68 Winesap Rd: Joseph R. and Michele A. Carusotto of Pittsfield to Rosendo Ramos-Nieves, $289,900 on 11/15/2019


1905 Dublin Rd: Judith S. Miller of Richmond to Robert W. and Catherine S. Malinowski, $630,000 on 11/15/2019

176 Summit Rd: David Roberts of Richmond to Clerivano Cardoso, $236,000 on 11/13/2019


41 S Main St: Lauren D. Ehninger of Sandisfield to Western Mass Climbers, $101,500 on 11/15/2019


412 Berkshire School Rd: Faith H. Phillips of Sheffield to Adam and Annette Rand, $125,000 on 11/15/2019


18 Mahkeenac Heights Rd: Claudine Z Yannoni 1996 T and Claudine Z. Yannoni of Stockbridge to Christian G. Deckert and Danielle Villetto-Deckert, $198,000 on 11/13/2019

16 Mahkeenac Rd: Emily Thomson of Stockbridge to Sharon A. Delaney, $357,500 on 11/15/2019


1411 Main St: Joshua E. Swift and Sonali Weerackody of Williamstown to Stephen L. and Tara J. Porcelli, $820,000 on 11/15/2019

189 Stratton Rd Unit G6: MLCC Properties LLC of Williamstown to Bryan Peters, $152,000 on 11/15/2019



110 Ratlum Rd: Marilyn E. Ehrhardt of Barkhamsted to E A. Kathryn-Harwood, $240,000 on 11/14/2019

New Hartford

363 Bruning Rd: Jack David of New Hartford to Neal S. and Roseana J. Winn, $289,000 on 11/15/2019

505 E Cotton Hill Rd: USA HUD of New Hartford to Christopher Fuller, $220,000 on 11/15/2019

97 Maillet Ln: Charles J. and Margaret O. Winans of New Hartford to Santi J. and Allie DellAgli, $270,000 on 11/12/2019

9 Ridge View Ter: Earl H. and Tammy May of New Hartford to Travis V. Martin, $218,000 on 11/14/2019

North Canaan

72 N Elm St Unit 2b: FNMA of North Canaan to Kiera A. Bisenius, $105,000 on 11/14/2019


54 Rocky Ln: Virginia Knittel of Salisbury to Richard Vermillion, $850,000 on 11/12/2019


79 Adelaide Ter: Sieller John F Jr Est and Jason J. Sieller of Torrington to William T. and Fay Omeara, $220,000 on 11/08/2019

185 Albert St: 185 Albert Street LLC of Torrington to Winterfell Hldg LLC, $153,450 on 11/08/2019

23 Alvord St: Matthew and Audrey B. Blondin of Torrington to Ilana Hawley, $115,000 on 11/07/2019

67 Birden St: Cameron Hasell of Torrington to David Jensen, $140,000 on 11/13/2019

188 Darling St: Quiet Lake Properties LLC of Torrington to Eric Cabiya, $149,900 on 11/07/2019

182 Doman Dr: Lewis N. Chapel of Torrington to Charles M. Sommerfeldt and Jacqueline M. Cunningham, $137,000 on 11/12/2019

96 Grant St: Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Andrew Dilaurenzio, $80,850 on 11/08/2019

235 Laurel Hill Rd: Richard Lay and Champion Mortgage Co of Torrington to Champion Mortgage Co, $100,000 on 11/07/2019

167 Moore Dr: David N. and Cynthia D. Phillips of Torrington to Lawrence R. and Marilyn J. Yother, $99,900 on 11/13/2019

1210 Torringford West St: Bryan Lenihan of Torrington to Lori Corbett, $143,500 on 11/12/2019

79 Wall St: Robert G. and Evelyn J. Cote of Torrington to Eckert Fine Art CT Inc, $75,000 on 11/08/2019

119 White Pine Rd: FNMA of Torrington to Christopher Roche, $227,000 on 11/07/2019

73 Windtree E: John D. and Cathy L. Neller of Torrington to Williams Geronimo, $340,000 on 11/12/2019


68 Elm St: Brian J. Soucy of Winchester to 68 Elm St Winsted CT LLC, $245,000 on 11/12/2019

76 Hinsdale Ave: Donald Morrison of Winchester to Rosa M. Tormo, $39,500 on 11/14/2019

9 Loomis St: Michael Williams of Winchester to Obaid A. and Magid A. Ali, $30,000 on 11/13/2019

787 Main St: Mad River LLC of Winchester to Ahmed Ali 1 LLC, $310,000 on 11/12/2019

54 Riveredge Dr Unit 54: Dwayne A. Paige of Winchester to David M. Emond and Mary E. Girardin, $110,000 on 11/14/2019

228 Spencer Hill Rd: Danielle Goulet of Winchester to Aaron S. Quach and Ahn N. Nguyen, $272,000 on 11/12/2019

155 Spencer St: W L Gilbert T Corp Inc of Winchester to Brightwoodhaus LLC, $172,000 on 11/08/2019


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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