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Berkshire region real estate sales May 3-9, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: May 3-9, 2020



64 Main St: W Donald Waite and Donna J. Leep of Egremont to Benjamin Bloomstein and Pascal Petersson, $140,000 on 05/07/2020

6 Prospect Lake Rd: Phyllis Lowinger of Egremont to Mariano Cruz-Laiz, $192,500 on 05/06/2020

Great Barrington

34 Bridge St Unit 308: Powerhouse Square 1 LLC of Great Barrington to Nira Efrati and Israel Leibovich, $302,800 on 05/07/2020

21 Lake Ave: D W&Susan K Happ IRT and Adrienne L. Arnold of Great Barrington to Sarah Carr, $390,000 on 05/06/2020

11 Monument Valley Rd: Mary S. Blaise of Great Barrington to Thomas P. and Rachel M. Duchesne, $280,000 on 05/08/2020

218 Oak St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Great Barrington to Tracee Augcomfar, $182,750 on 05/12/2020


2155 Cape St: Walter J Whitaker T and Susan J. Baker of Lee to Olivia L. Havill, $252,000 on 05/08/2020

33 Olive St: Cook Craig Est and Shaun Cook of Lee to Brian M. and Angela M. Mclaughlin, $80,000 on 05/08/2020

North Adams

1268 Curran Hwy: Richard J. Bernardi of North Adams to Shake&Bake Holdings LLC, $55,000 on 05/07/2020

798 Mohawk Trl: Wayne G. Arnold of North Adams to Thomas R. Rostock and Erin N. Boyle, $102,000 on 05/08/2020


1277 Reservoir Rd: Doody FT and Capri A. Brighenti of Otis to Richard C. and Dora G. Bleier, $175,000 on 05/08/2020


8 Dan Fox Dr: Ray and Mary Fitzgerald of Pittsfield to Dylan Fitzgerald, $4,000 on 05/06/2020

125 Danforth Ave: Ernest J. Weider of Pittsfield to Javier A. Cotto, $126,000 on 05/08/2020

36 Elizabeth St: Ellen Broderick of Pittsfield to Maeellen Scarpa and Pierre L. Douyon, $165,000 on 05/08/2020

291 Lenox Ave: Lita Ambrus of Pittsfield to Andrew M. Germann, $175,000 on 05/08/2020

4 Plastics Ave: Steven M. Donald of Pittsfield to Nicole E. Vinette-Nichols and Nathan Carter, $140,000 on 05/08/2020

68 Ridge Ave: Stephen M. and Juliette M. Vilot of Pittsfield to Maxamillian A. Vilot, $190,000 on 05/06/2020

225 S Mountain Rd: Paul M. and Renee Dodds of Pittsfield to Michael V. Bushy, $165,000 on 05/08/2020


50 Grist Mill Rd: Barking Bulldog Ent NT and Bernard L. Barriere of Richmond to Ralph F. Fontaine, $70,000 on 05/12/2020


Berkshire Lake Ests Unit 2: Frank and Rhonda Cushwa of Sheffield to Richard N. Wells and Cindy Liston-Wells, $1,000 on 05/07/2020


189 Stratton Rd Unit E3: Jeffrey J. Murray of Williamstown to Nicholas F. Tocci and Kevin Schumacher, $124,000 on 05/06/2020



35 Facchin St: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Canaan to Little Wing Exp LLC, $70,000 on 05/04/2020

New Hartford

82 Behrens Rd: Ashley M. Fillian and Jeffrey S. Olson of New Hartford to Katelynn E. Kohl, $210,000 on 05/05/2020

78 Dorothy Dr: Lawrence A. Terpening of New Hartford to Michael Hiles and Elizabeth Mainville, $54,000 on 05/05/2020

170 Ramstein Rd: Thomas A. Karpeichik of New Hartford to Nicholas Healy and Jacqueline Perron, $207,000 on 05/07/2020

7 Turkey Holw: Dawn Sikorski of New Hartford to Brittany Sulvester, $178,900 on 05/05/2020


111 Main St: Mark K. and Maria F. Schmidt of Salisbury to Alastair and Jeanine Borthwick, $1,575,000 on 05/01/2020


14 Keeler Rd: Isabella Bick and Steven H. Silverstein of Sharon to Broan A. Hoyt and Anna Dembovscaia, $540,000 on 05/04/2020

22 Upper Main St Unit B: Alton E. Golden of Sharon to New Sharon Green LLC, $112,000 on 05/04/2020


99 Gate Post Ln: Y Levent and Susan A. Kolukisa of Torrington to David Waters, $270,000 on 04/28/2020

420 Norfolk Rd: Michael J. and Tina E. Maccalous of Torrington to David and Nicole Maccalous, $125,000 on 05/05/2020

2233 Norfolk Rd: Ryan T. Imondi of Torrington to Jesse Cox and Justin Nadeau, $163,000 on 05/04/2020

87 Rosen Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Joshua D. Barkley, $102,000 on 05/04/2020

421 Torringford St: Jean M. Eichner of Torrington to Daniel J. and Thia Tarrab, $192,000 on 04/30/2020

628 Wimbledon Gate N: Andrea and Scott B. Richardson of Torrington to Jennifer Bushnell, $229,000 on 04/30/2020


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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