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Berkshire region real estate sales March 8-14, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: March 8-14, 2020



27 Willow St: Delorey Sandra B Est and Robin L. Potter of Adams to Marlene E. and Brian Walsh, $65,000 on 03/11/2020


651 King Richard Dr: Karen Lysik of Becket to Anthony Wesolowski, $130,000 on 03/17/2020


74 Prospect St: Earl R. Cahill and Keith Taliaferro of Cheshire to Jonathan J. Cahill, $187,000 on 03/13/2020


870 Daniels Rd: Jeffrey Zocchi of Clarksburg to John M. and Amber N. Brack, $244,000 on 03/12/2020

695 Middle Rd: Beverly J. Daniels and Virginia E. Maxymillian of Clarksburg to George R. Beckwith, $125,000 on 03/17/2020


5 Bott Hill Rd: Karen C. Brounstein and Jacob Kadosh of Egremont to Steven P. and Laura M. Stein, $450,000 on 03/13/2020

Great Barrington

9 Hart St: Karen B. Woolis of Great Barrington to Marc N. Pollack, $154,500 on 03/16/2020

49 Pearl St: Merz Ann E Est and Miriam M. Mears of Great Barrington to Steven H. Bankert and Jill M. Fleming, $300,000 on 03/13/2020


125 Bailey Rd: Joseph F. Sinopoli of Lanesborough to Douglas N. Smith, $290,000 on 03/13/2020

35 N Main St: Nancy A. Gomes and Michael L. Zaccaria of Lanesborough to Liberty Market Properties, $475,000 on 03/11/2020

12 Park Dr: US Bank NA Tr of Lanesborough to John and Brittany Willey, $210,000 on 03/13/2020


845 Pleasant St: Old Crow Realty Corp of Lee to Green Theory Cultivation, $150,000 on 03/11/2020

925 Pleasant St: Thomas E. Touponce and Jeffrey S. Braim of Lee to Justin C. and Ashley M. Soules, $385,000 on 03/13/2020


165 Kemble St Unit 5: Wendy Ellen Scripps RET and Richard E. Feldman of Lenox to Donna A. Bernstein, $2,195,000 on 03/17/2020

6 Rolling Hls Unit 12: Amy L. Sternlieb of Lenox to Elizabeth J. Weibrecht, $156,900 on 03/16/2020


22 Dowd Rd: Stephen and Amanda Nesis of Monterey to Dominique J. Lapin, $295,000 on 03/16/2020

New Marlborough

120 Hillside Ave: Amy and Joshua Hoffman of New Marlborough to David M. and Carla Hoffman, $192,500 on 03/16/2020

218 Knight Rd: Joel and Barna Rosen of New Marlborough to Roundtails NT and Pamela R. Green, $550,000 on 03/13/2020

North Adams

22 A St: Town Crest Property Group of North Adams to Charles R. and Stacie B. Chandler, $203,000 on 03/16/2020

86 Barth St: Eric J. Denette of North Adams to Thomas J. Warren and Dolores E. Denette, $151,250 on 03/13/2020

3 Gregory Ave: Robert H. Morgan and Wells Fargo Bank NA of North Adams to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $85,016 on 03/16/2020

36 Porter St: Marc Newton of North Adams to Christophe Brunski, $225,400 on 03/16/2020


726 N Main Rd: James P. and Catherine Murtha of Otis to Ronald Isaacs and Helene Rieu-Isaacs, $365,000 on 03/13/2020


247 E Windsor Rd: Adam J. Larson and Caitlin E. White of Peru to Michael P. Penrod and Elizabeth A. Gregg, $240,000 on 03/13/2020


287 2nd St: Richard A. Vickery and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Pittsfield to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $50,430 on 03/16/2020

97 3rd St: Jason S. Ames and Berkshire Bank of Pittsfield to CSB Service Corp, $40,000 on 03/13/2020

69 Alpine Trl Unit 69: Peter A. and Amy E. White of Pittsfield to Burney and Harriet Croll, $360,000 on 03/16/2020

10 Kirkwood Dr: Teri L. StHilaire and Helen Kenyon of Pittsfield to TMR Realty LLC, $55,000 on 03/17/2020

33 Michael Dr: Lynn E. Wesley of Pittsfield to Carol Caird and Michelle Zaccaria, $205,000 on 03/11/2020

20 Michigan Ave: Raymond C. Noyes of Pittsfield to Dimitri A. Regalmann, $116,000 on 03/12/2020

20 Oxford St: Webster Thomas R Est and Matthew Webster of Pittsfield to David D. Rittenhouse and Shaun T. Mahoney, $110,500 on 03/13/2020

222 Springside Ave: David F. Casey of Pittsfield to Jason M. Casey, $108,750 on 03/13/2020

41 Yarmouth St: Joseph M. Quagliano and US Bank NA of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $100,368 on 03/13/2020


590 Canaan Rd: Edward L. Hoe and Lisa A. Bouchard-Hoe of Richmond to Keith and Lucy Goldberg, $490,000 on 03/13/2020

1679 Swamp Rd: Jay F. and Ellen F. Rawson of Richmond to Regina Touhey-Serkin, $251,000 on 03/17/2020


548 Loop Rd: Sarah L. Young and Brahim Ainabi of Savoy to Philip J. Turgeon, $141,500 on 03/13/2020


290 Bow Wow Rd: Bernard Schneider of Sheffield to Lisa A. Fried, $600,000 on 03/11/2020


12 Quiet Knoll Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Stockbridge to Rodney F. and Christine Clark, $262,000 on 03/11/2020


404 North St: Allison Pacelli of Williamstown to Zakary R. Mervine and Georgia G. Borner, $330,000 on 03/16/2020



13 Pine Mountain Cir: Michael E. and Mitashi G. Robotham of Barkhamsted to Bryan M. Gero, $275,000 on 03/09/2020

71 Taylor Rd: Heidi Ford and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Barkhamsted to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $183,300 on 03/06/2020


51 Herrick Rd: Dagny N. Woodcock of Sharon to Randall P. Ment, $800,000 on 03/09/2020


94 Central Ave: Neopolitan Properties LLC of Torrington to Nicole Cuozzo, $152,600 on 03/05/2020

218 Colorado Ave S: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Torrington to Scott Tromba, $136,500 on 03/05/2020

119 Doman Dr: Lori Tolman and Citimortgage Inc of Torrington to Citimortgage Inc, $1 on 03/09/2020

505 Harwinton Ave Unit 26: Angela M. Scarfo of Torrington to FNMA, $98,935 on 03/05/2020

60 Ridgebrook Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Innovative Property Sys, $110,000 on 03/05/2020

110 Suncrest Ct: John W. and Tresa K. Zimmerman of Torrington to Justin W. Palatsky and Coryse Villarouel, $272,500 on 03/10/2020

2729 Torringford West St: Constance J. Briggeman of Torrington to Paden C. Teddick, $132,500 on 03/11/2020

153 White Pine Rd: Kurt and Kelli A. Schaller of Torrington to Jason Davis, $220,000 on 03/10/2020

71 Wildwood Rd: Drake L. and Colton S. Waldron of Torrington to Dustin L. Waldron and Lan T. Le, $115,000 on 03/11/2020


26 Elm St: Winsted Super Saver Prop of Winchester to George M. Noujaim and Luisa Cheijnoujaim, $90,000 on 03/09/2020

28 Herman Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Winchester to Goamerica LLC, $22,700 on 03/12/2020

136 Meadow St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Winchester to Ariel German, $54,500 on 03/11/2020

111 Riverton Rd Unit 55: Brian M. Berg and Lydia P. Woodard of Winchester to Samiullah Butt, $84,000 on 03/11/2020


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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