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Berkshire region real estate sales March 22-28, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: March 22-28, 2020



7 Woods Dr: Stanley A Jr&M T Gajda NT and Stanley A. Gajda of Adams to John F. Duval, $149,900 on 03/31/2020


39 Long Bow Lane Cir: Leslie and Phyllis Asher of Becket to Derek C. Brine and Kevin F. Williams, $340,000 on 03/30/2020


100 Depot St: Tracy Leah C Est and Stanley E. Tracy of Cheshire to Isaac Abishour and Matthew J. Hauck, $18,000 on 03/31/2020


11 Terra Ferma Dr Unit 6: Terra Ferma NT and Thomas A. Race of Egremont to Anthony Gasperini and Aimee Boyer, $55,000 on 03/25/2020

Great Barrington

6 Ramsdell Rd: Jose F. Huertas and Gloria Y. Escobar of Great Barrington to Hillcrest Educational Ctr, $330,000 on 03/31/2020


190 Summer St: Washburn Mary J Est and Susan M. Smith of Lee to Jacob G. and Theresa L. Ojala, $281,000 on 03/31/2020


5 Cliffwood St: Kelley R. Vickery of Lenox to Michael K. and Cynthia R. Palmer, $1,160,000 on 03/30/2020

2 Rolling Hls Unit 11: Rose Trigoboff IRT and Nathaniel Trigoboff of Lenox to H L&R Slater Sherman RET and Howard L. Sherman, $174,500 on 03/25/2020

New Marlborough

627 Hayes Hill Rd: James R. Platt and Deborah Snyder-Platt of New Marlborough to Richard Eldon-Grimm, $590,000 on 03/27/2020

North Adams

93-95 Brooklyn St: Nationwide Comnty Revital of North Adams to 14 South St NT and Michael Badorini, $52,700 on 03/25/2020

710 Church St: Ralph A. Morgan and Greylock FCU of North Adams to Ellies Holdings LLC, $101,000 on 03/26/2020

13-15 Eagle St: Whitney L. and Monique L. Suters of North Adams to Modestino Conte and Dexter Eames, $114,500 on 03/31/2020

68 Gallup St: Sean G. Connor of North Adams to Jenna M. StPierre and Geeg Wiles, $91,000 on 03/26/2020

34 Royal Ave: Hannah Bushway of North Adams to John M. Mccarthy and C Mitchell-Mccarthy, $149,484 on 03/26/2020

1130 State Rd: Donna J. Giangrande and Mountainone Bank of North Adams to James P. Dalton, $51,000 on 03/27/2020

76 Tyler St: Schmidt Arthur W Est and Michael A. Schmidt of North Adams to Brittney L. Flynn, $125,000 on 03/31/2020

483 Walnut St: Steven M. Stojda and Adams Community Bank of North Adams to Cady Street LLC, $25,000 on 03/31/2020

131 Woodlawn Ave: Linda C. Trottier and US Bank NA of North Adams to US Bank NA Tr, $128,350 on 03/25/2020


29 Bay Pt: Lisa M. and Robert J. Marchitto of Otis to Marc E. and Nicole J. Maddalena, $165,000 on 03/31/2020

201 Judd Rd: Joseph Costa and Janine Stanley-Dunham of Otis to Eric R. and Lindsay E. Oneill, $260,000 on 03/30/2020


149 2nd St: Gadson RT and Wesaline Gadson of Pittsfield to JEKL Buildings LLC, $8,000 on 03/25/2020

12 Alpine Trl Unit 12: Sherry L Roberts NT and Sherry L. Roberts of Pittsfield to Thomas and Rosanna Koelle, $362,500 on 03/31/2020

276 Barker Rd: Marc A. Levasseur of Pittsfield to Samuel T. Canfield, $224,500 on 03/26/2020

112 Brighton Ave: Robert D. and Jennifer J. Hagmaier of Pittsfield to Joey A. Mathes, $218,400 on 03/27/2020

189 Churchill St: Gregory M. Sheehan of Pittsfield to Emily Wojtkowski, $200,200 on 03/31/2020

195 Churchill St: Gelaznik Mary E Est and Linda Flynn of Pittsfield to Nora Considine and Cody Leydet, $215,000 on 03/31/2020

115 Crane Ave: Jose F. Goncalves of Pittsfield to Tury S. Cruz and Ivan A. Ospina, $174,000 on 03/30/2020

81 Dartmouth St Unit 105: A&A RET and Alan Kulchinsky of Pittsfield to Olivia M. Williams, $128,000 on 03/27/2020

102 Dewey Ave: Albert Turner and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Pittsfield to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $59,040 on 03/25/2020

164 Gale Ave: Clifford Hover of Pittsfield to Angela D. Dean, $55,000 on 03/30/2020

26 Holmes Rd: Keith G. and Jonathan J. Ferry of Pittsfield to Daniel W. Obrien, $217,900 on 03/31/2020

38 Mcarthur St: Anthony J. Martini of Pittsfield to Jeremy P. and Rebecca L. Tenneson, $77,000 on 03/27/2020

16 Meleca Ave: Thomas W. and Stephanie R. Church of Pittsfield to Ryan M. Hicks, $200,000 on 03/27/2020

199 Onota St: Lomaglio NT and Alexander A. Lomaglio of Pittsfield to Georges T. Ghomsi, $77,500 on 03/31/2020

76 Ridgeway Ave: William M. Jamross of Pittsfield to J Kevin Berry and Jean E. Doyle, $185,900 on 03/31/2020


2650 Swamp Rd: Boulder Farm LLC of Richmond to Barry A. and Rose A. Rose, $1,850,000 on 03/26/2020


135 Fiddlehead Trl: ABCDS Dream LLC of Sheffield to Alfred and Gloria M. Giardina, $1,825,000 on 03/31/2020


1448 Cold Spring Rd: Guy R. Sheperd and Suzanne Almeida-Shepherd of Williamstown to Daniel J. and Lauren M. Barenski, $220,000 on 03/31/2020



19 Fancher Rd: John E. Ferris and Jennifer Frankel of Barkhamsted to Eric and Gwenne Donath, $367,900 on 03/27/2020


39 Stein Ln: Frances Kehrer of Canaan to Andrew A. and Taryn T. Whitford, $257,500 on 03/24/2020


92 Eno Hill Rd: David D. Damore of Colebrook to Christina Saccoccio, $250,000 on 03/24/2020


269 Beach St: Timothy Wright of Goshen to Patricia and Earl Cole, $385,000 on 03/20/2020

32 Bentley Cir: Robert and Pamela Tichy of Goshen to Lawrence Hurwitz, $550,000 on 03/06/2020

415 Old Middle St: Edward Dublois RET and Edward Dublois of Goshen to Edward Dublois, $250,000 on 03/10/2020


256 Bruey Rd: Paul F. Adamson and Reverse Mortgage Solution of Norfolk to Reverse Mortgage Solution, $228,000 on 03/24/2020


15 Chatfield Dr: Linda J. Mcgarrity of Salisbury to Kevin J. and Hilary R. Gay, $279,500 on 03/20/2020

471 Lime Rock Rd: Marsden and Anthony Epworth of Salisbury to Theresa Digiacomo, $134,691 on 03/20/2020


101 Berkshire Oval Unit 101: USA HUD of Torrington to Julianne Baerny, $80,000 on 03/26/2020

26 Chestnut Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Festim Ajro, $101,830 on 03/17/2020

251 Hillside Ave: Groskritz Beverly M Est and Matthew Grosk of Torrington to Angel and Angel Espinoza, $25,000 on 03/17/2020

17 King St: Hubert Maureen C Est and John L. Celadon of Torrington to Tania M. and Angel R. Borja, $120,000 on 03/27/2020

177 Lisle St Unit 9: Tillie Rossi and FNMA of Torrington to Roxanne Ugbinada, $41,100 on 03/26/2020

248 Mckinley St: Griffin Bruno of Torrington to Mario Cocozza, $138,500 on 03/19/2020

556 Park Ave: Abe Properties LLC of Torrington to Carrie Batista, $139,900 on 03/18/2020

309 Patterson St: Equity T Co of Torrington to Liam Rea, $150,000 on 03/17/2020

53 Roosevelt Ave: Twin Oaks&Sons LLC of Torrington to Herber Cremel, $200,000 on 03/18/2020

54 Torrington Heights Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Catherine Pruss, $107,000 on 03/19/2020

74 Trotters Way: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Torrington to Sait Haliti, $131,000 on 03/23/2020

74 White Pine Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to CT Houses LLC, $67,500 on 03/24/2020


50 Manchester Hts: Webster Bank NA of Winchester to Eleni Bletsas, $90,000 on 03/27/2020


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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