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Berkshire region real estate sales June 4–10, 2017

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19 Apremont St.: Michele Purcell of Adams to Amy M. Kaczowski, $144,900 on 06/07/2017


167 Bonny Rigg Hill Rd.: Arnold H. Modell and Lora H. Tessman of Becket to Patrick T. and Angela S. Grumley, $275,000 on 06/06/2017


32 Old State Rd.: Raymond J. and Robin L. Kellermann of Cheshire to Whitney E. and Martin J. Farrell, $183,400 on 06/08/2017


52 Glennon Ave.: William M. Breymann and Bailey A. Sheran of Dalton to Pierre C. Goyette, $205,000 on 06/05/2017

57 Jennings Ave.: James Keifer of Dalton to Marina M. and Michael C. Burris, $127,500 on 06/05/2017

8 Myrtle St.: Edwin E. and Lois J. Steele of Dalton to Douglas Hand, $123,000 on 06/05/2017


8 Boice Rd.: Sandra B. and Daniel W. Martin of Egremont to Tighe LT 2017 and Douglas R. Tighe, $1,100,000 on 06/05/2017

Great Barrington

21 Burning Tree Rd., Unit 21: Cottages At Barrington NT and David A. Ward of Great Barrington to William S. and Cheryl P. Casper, $499,000 on 06/08/2017


1063 Beaver Pond Mdws, Unit 1063: John Hatgis of Hancock to Joseph M. and Gail Mahoney, $115,000 on 06/07/2017

4 Cranberry Cir.: Linda R. Walsh of Hancock to Benjamin D. Pearce, $545,000 on 06/05/2017


13 Main St.: Dawn L Frissell NT and Dawn L. Frissell of Hinsdale to Virginia L. Fairbank, $140,000 on 06/09/2017


14 Glassworks Rd.: Mary L. and James Boschetti of Lanesboro to Robert M. and Kathy A. Hart, $125,000 on 06/09/2017


485 Devon Rd.: Joseph and Jane Kavanau of Lee to Elizabeth R. Strickler, $276,000 on 06/09/2017

322 Lander Rd.: Richard J. Cleaver of Lee to Sharon and David Dekadt, $415,000 on 06/09/2017

345 Spring St.: No Place Like Home Props of Lee to James W. Lees and Anne Pinhas-Lees, $80,000 on 06/08/2017


3 Delafield Dr.: Duane Ross and Duane Ross RET of Lenox to Citizens Bank NA, $311,982 on 06/06/2017

4 Evergreen Trl, Unit 4: Mark S. Buddle of Lenox to Sophie V. Breton, $362,500 on 06/09/2017

52 High St.: Connelly Marie F Est and Margaret C. Rzeznikiewicz of Lenox to Stephanie Kelly, $275,500 on 06/06/2017

114 Holmes Rd.: Jason C. Labelle of Lenox to Susan M. White, $239,000 on 06/06/2017

351 Housatonic St.: Ellen Brodbar RET and Ellen Brodbar of Lenox to Thomas J. Cornwell and B L. Fowler-Cornwell, $315,000 on 06/09/2017

New Marlborough

373 Aberdeen Rd.: Raymond J. and Lisa B. Dunn of New Marlboro to Kevin and Carrie Liba, $392,500 on 06/09/2017

North Adams

86 Meadow St.: Katherine J. Quirk of North Adams to Jared W. and Alicia M. Sprague, $75,000 on 06/09/2017

89 Wells Ave.: Susan A. and Matthew A. Fisher of North Adams to Denis M. Hurley and Barbara J. Alexander, $125,000 on 06/09/2017


27 Kibbe Point Rd.: Lee F. Tavernia and Tammy Saloomey-Tavernia of Otis to Kevin P. and Juanita Orourke, $480,900 on 06/09/2017


261 E. Windsor Rd.: Donald E. Wood and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Peru to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $180,400 on 06/07/2017


31 Albermarle Rd.: Craig F. Depson and US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to US Bank NA Tr, $115,200 on 06/09/2017

107 Allengate Ave.: FNMA of Pittsfield to Paul Saldana, $75,000 on 06/09/2017

152 Bartlett Ave.: Nancy W. Ringer and Jennifer L. Travis of Pittsfield to Josh A. Bennett, $198,250 on 06/09/2017

85 Cheshire Rd.: Marie E. Condry of Pittsfield to Dalton Center Block LLC, $90,000 on 06/05/2017

65 Circular Ave.: Elizabeth W. Zaccari of Pittsfield to Rita M. Goodno-Nicola and Theresa M. Nicola, $48,000 on 06/05/2017

192 Dalton Ave.: Duda Carmella T Est and Andrew J. Duda of Pittsfield to James Muschett, $168,000 on 06/05/2017

215 Dalton Ave.: David P. and Cheryl P. Reilly of Pittsfield to Lindsi Hanson, $169,500 on 06/09/2017

111 Dewey Ave.: Bank New York Mellon Tr of Pittsfield to Core Capital Properties, $10,000 on 06/05/2017

185 Elberon Ave.: Lisa J. StJohn and Lisa J. Stjohn of Pittsfield to M StJohn, $150,000 on 06/09/2017

41 Emerson Ave.: Bonnie E. Heisler of Pittsfield to Christopher L. Lynch, $137,125 on 06/07/2017

20 Howard St.: Theodore D. and C L. Handerek of Pittsfield to Michael E. and Cynthia L. Baxter, $159,000 on 06/05/2017

68 Howe Rd.: Victoria V. and Paula J. King of Pittsfield to Dennis P. Astore and Madison Mcnulty, $192,500 on 06/05/2017

87 Kittredge Rd.: FNMA of Pittsfield to Michael Mcneil, $111,600 on 06/09/2017

33 Maplewood Ave., Unit 304: Burton Elliott T and Jason A. Rosenberg of Pittsfield to Cynthia A. Ross and Linda Hessel, $99,000 on 06/08/2017

1450 North St., Unit 302: Mae A. Heyer and Scott C. Tilton of Pittsfield to Nanik Ram, $151,000 on 06/05/2017

96 W Housatonic St.: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Nubia E. Ospina, $85,400 on 06/09/2017

39 Wellesley St.: Edward J. and Linda G. Lapointe of Pittsfield to Carl K. Zartman and Deanna L. Ruffer, $272,000 on 06/09/2017


350 Stevens Glen Rd.: Daniel T. Katzen and Carol A. Stewart of Richmond to Michael J. and Lauren E. Winter, $247,000 on 06/05/2017


38 Bridgeview Ln.: Jean Chapin of Sheffield to Catherine S. Chapin, $120,000 on 06/05/2017

245 E. Main St.: Peter and Nancy Ghitman of Sheffield to Roger Cohn and Patricia L. Brown, $355,000 on 06/08/2017


2 Brace Rd.: Parker Quillen of Tyringham to 2 Brace Road NT, $2,100,000 on 06/09/2017


505 North St.: John M. and Kellie A. Ciepiela of Windsor to Joseph M Keefe RET and Joseph M. Keefe, $8,000 on 06/09/2017

733 North St.: Jonathan C. Schaefer and Maria L. Chaloux-Schaefer of Windsor to Joseph F. and Emily Boucher, $324,000 on 06/09/2017



35 Briarwood Rd.: Jihan Savage-Spriggs and Annum Spriggs of Barkhamsted to Frank and Stacey Marsh, $255,000 on 05/02/2017

7 Chiswick Ln.: Jeffrey G. and Sabrina Mcdonald of Barkhamsted to Jill Kidik and Tyler Charette, $225,000 on 05/23/2017

124 Gavitt Rd.: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Barkhamsted to Storm Nelson-Connors and Dariel B. Connors, $152,250 on 05/31/2017

20 Hayes Rd.: Jacquelynne S. White and Jo A. Litterello of Barkhamsted to Curtis and Heather Machir, $285,000 on 05/02/2017

24 Old County Rd.: Gail A. Emmerson of Barkhamsted to Robert B. Crean, $195,000 on 05/04/2017

65 Old North Rd.: Wells Fargo Bank NA of Barkhamsted to Patrick S. Humphrey, $107,000 on 05/17/2017


71 Beech Hill Rd.: Rachel E. Nolan and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Colebrook to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 05/17/2017

340 Colebrook River Rd.: BD Asset Co 1 LLC of Colebrook to Todd Michaud and Brianna Patton, $227,000 on 05/02/2017

19-a Eno Hill Rd.: Stanley and Priscilla Slater of Colebrook to Matthew and Kelli Morales, $244,900 on 05/22/2017

48 Old Colebrook Rd.: Barbara Dileo of Colebrook to Richard D. Normandeau, $249,000 on 05/16/2017

197 Stillman Hill Rd.: William J. and Renee B. Walsh of Colebrook to Kim C. Scharnberg and Gwynn A. Griffin, $328,000 on 05/25/2017


12 Clark Hill Rd.: Donald T. Kenniston of Cornwall to Sara Varghese, $390,000 on 05/08/2017

19 Clark Hill Rd.: Donald T. Kenniston of Cornwall to Sara Varghese, $390,000 on 05/08/2017

173 Cornwall Hollow Rd.: Rosalie R. Fruniss of Cornwall to Richard H. and Stacey L. Dolan, $110,000 on 05/01/2017

4 Hickory Ln.: Cindy Clarke of Cornwall to Russell A. and Cornelia L. Fortier, $189,000 on 05/30/2017

86 Popple Swamp Rd.: John and Joanne Scully of Cornwall to Matthew and Rana Strazza, $300,000 on 05/22/2017

5 Twixt Rd.: Jeanne R. Jones of Cornwall to Robert V. and Nell Nicholas, $187,500 on 05/09/2017


10 Bartholomew Hill Rd.: Carol A. Hanny of Goshen to Laureta Rakiposka, $200,000 on 05/08/2017

48 Brynmoor Ct.: Marshall Blake of Goshen to Marilyn Wellencamp, $257,000 on 05/12/2017

263 W. Hyerdale Dr.: Scott R. and Andrea W. Chambers of Goshen to Stuart Kaye and Valerie Malter, $1,410,000 on 05/12/2017

20 Wellsford Dr.: Mark Zielke of Goshen to Sophie Bartsich and Alexander Bozic, $510,000 on 05/26/2017

37 Wellsford Dr.: Carl F. Samerau and Elaine M. Swanson of Goshen to Kent J. Mancini, $305,000 on 05/01/2017

New Hartford

296 Ramstein Rd.: David C. and Janice A. Cole of New Hartford to Gary Everett, $569,900 on 06/07/2017


20 Ashpohtag Rd.: Holly M. Leibrock of Norfolk to Philip M. Carr-Harris, $250,000 on 06/07/2017

North Canaan

7 Beau Rdg.: Whitney B. and Bradley J. Perkins of North Canaan to Roalo Muir-Schopp and Beverly W. Schopp, $225,000 on 05/22/2017

168 Granite Avenue Ext.: Beverly P. Feder of North Canaan to Laurel A. Caliendo and Mark F. Calendo, $167,000 on 05/18/2017

8 Highland Ln.: Thomas E. Mcgivern and Village Mortgage Co of North Canaan to Village Mortgage Co, $1 on 05/15/2017

183 N. Elm St.: Melissa Gandolfo of North Canaan to Sensible Properties LLC, $1 on 05/16/2017


5 Guinea Rd.: Daniel R. and Julia M. Kerr of Sharon to Chelsi Flood, $220,000 on 06/07/2017

21 Upper Ridge Rd.: Steven J. Pressley of Sharon to John and Diane Deak, $355,000 on 06/06/2017


345 Charles St.: Ronald Dove of Torrington to Robert Kowalewski and Erin Mcburney, $95,000 on 06/05/2017

947 E. Main St.: Albert Tartaglino of Torrington to Michael Duprey, $115,000 on 06/05/2017

72 Edgewood Dr.: Michael T. Benedict of Torrington to Kenneth L. and Linda I. Saucier, $144,900 on 06/07/2017

489 Greenwoods Rd.: William G. Fabbri and US Bank NA of Torrington to US Bank NA, $1 on 06/07/2017

187 Lovers Ln., Unit 23: Ruth B. Vigeant of Torrington to Christina Doane, $75,250 on 06/05/2017

79 Maple St.: USA HUD of Torrington to Kenneth W. Jones, $60,000 on 06/05/2017

448 Oxbow Dr.: Thomas F. Amoroso of Torrington to Brigitte J. Sperle and Carmine Grillo, $125,500 on 06/09/2017

75 Perkins St.: Sarah B. Marchetti of Torrington to Ashley A. Upton, $100,000 on 06/05/2017

603 S. Main St.: Sean Jugler and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Torrington to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1 on 06/07/2017

1275 Winsted Rd., Unit 642: Aimee B. Schapp of Torrington to Sara L. Nardi, $103,000 on 06/05/2017

60 Wolcott Ave.: FV 1 Inc of Torrington to Alvaro Aviles-Gavilanes, $36,500 on 06/05/2017


158-1/2 Boyd St.: Roberts Joyce H Est and Ellen C. Marino of Winchester to William Simonik, $89,900 on 06/07/2017

19 Hill St.: Carrington Mortgage Svcs of Winchester to Honradez Investment Group, $25,000 on 06/05/2017

174 Wallens St., Unit C5: Richard H. and Carol A. Trauth of Winchester to Leroy J. Chessic and Gail A. Garland, $180,000 on 06/02/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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