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Berkshire region real estate sales June 28 – July 4, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: June 28 - July 4, 2020



98 Alger St: James F StJohn Jr RET and James F. StJohn of Adams to Stolzberg Lewis T and Simeon Stolzberg, $125,000 on 06/30/2020

6 Apremont St: Adams Community Bank of Adams to North Holden NT and Chris Bonnivier, $15,000 on 07/02/2020

91 Fisk Rd: John-Michael W. and Kayla Bradbury of Adams to Melissa L. Pantano, $184,000 on 06/30/2020

22 Glenn St: Wayne&B Lyden-Fortier RET and Wayne E. Fortier of Adams to Bonnie Andrews, $152,000 on 07/02/2020


862 Moberg Rd: Kenneth G. Kaiser of Becket to Alexandr and Larisa Shpitalnik, $320,000 on 07/01/2020

308 Old Pond Rd: Elaine M. Kemp and David N. Marden of Becket to Elton Ogden and Jan Salzer-Ogden, $190,000 on 07/01/2020


99 Dean St: Robert R. Barry of Cheshire to Adam Brown, $162,000 on 06/30/2020

288 Shadowland Cove Rd: Peter J. and Charlene A. Jurgaitis of Cheshire to Gary and Ann M. Beyer, $284,000 on 07/03/2020


418 N Houghton St: Patrick Klammer of Clarksburg to Marissa L. Arigoni, $115,000 on 07/01/2020


46 Claremont Rd: Catherine A. Grunow of Dalton to Emily J. and Mitchell B. Cooper, $322,500 on 06/29/2020

130 Curtis Ave: Christopher M. and Mary A. George of Dalton to Dalton Center Block LLC, $147,000 on 06/30/2020

275 Dalton Division Rd: Chiorgno FT and Donna M. Virgilio of Dalton to Anthony C. and Melissa S. Mazzeo, $575,000 on 07/02/2020

601 Dalton Division Rd: Jeffrey M. Smith and Laura L. Bukkosy-Hooks of Dalton to Aaron and Sue B. Allard, $125,000 on 07/02/2020

6 Elaine Ave: Jared J. and Martha K. Bruso of Dalton to Joseph L. and Jennifer L. Coughlin, $196,000 on 06/30/2020

103 Pleasantview Dr: Edmund B. and Constance Kobus of Dalton to Adam L. and Gretchen M. West, $250,000 on 06/30/2020

44 Westview Rd: Jeffrey A. and Michele D. Ducharme of Dalton to Livernay Vasallo and Denise Marrero-Vasallo, $320,000 on 06/29/2020


7 Mearns Way: Spencer FT and Steven C. Spencer of Egremont to A Jordan Moskowitz and Nicole R. Petricca, $360,000 on 06/29/2020

67 Rowe Rd: Stephen Haynes-Rawlings of Egremont to Eric J. Aulicino, $875,000 on 07/01/2020


42 Tilda Hill Rd: Toryn M. Lane of Florida to Darin R. and Heather S. Lane, $191,992 on 06/30/2020

Great Barrington

13 Burning Tree Rd Unit 13: John D. Hohman and Mary E. Roth of Great Barrington to Tal and Donna Sheynfeld, $740,000 on 07/01/2020

4 Cottage Ct: James P. Marchetti and Mary K. Coyle of Great Barrington to Mary P. Akers, $335,100 on 07/02/2020

969 Main St: Ted Portnoff of Great Barrington to Souie LLC, $100,000 on 07/01/2020

100 W Sheffield Rd: Alex Perchuk and Irina M. Furyaka-Perchuk of Great Barrington to 100 WSR NT and Daniel Dolgin, $685,000 on 06/30/2020


28 Bridge St: Kristie A. Liccardi of Hinsdale to Shaun M. Becker and Dona M. Fresia, $137,000 on 06/29/2020


85 Hobomack Ave: Glenn E. and Linda M. Overbaugh of Lanesborough to Simple Life NT and Thomas W. Rumbolt, $315,000 on 06/29/2020

551 N Main St: Michael P. Mcmanmon of Lanesborough to Dan C. and Mary J. Elliott, $599,000 on 07/02/2020


417 Chapel St: Garth E. and Karen N. Story of Lee to Douglas M. Goudey and Sara Kleiner-Goudey, $362,500 on 06/30/2020

125 George St: Schmidt Edward P Est and Mark E. Schmidt of Lee to Harold R. Dupee, $114,900 on 06/30/2020

41-43 Robert St: Jason L. Barrett of Lee to Catherine C. Coughlin, $185,000 on 07/02/2020

65 Via Maria: Jeremy S. and Ashley K. Griffin of Lee to Gary A Cilley RET and Gary A. Cilley, $342,500 on 07/01/2020


85 Clifden Ct Unit 20: Huaziang and Huaxiang Li of Lenox to Lewis I. Brown, $342,000 on 06/30/2020

30 Golden Hill Rd: Carole A. Carey of Lenox to Daniel L. and Rebecca L. Cuevas, $258,000 on 06/30/2020

23 Lime Kiln Rd: Kyle Chambers and E Peacock-Chambers of Lenox to Jesse G. and Paulina M. Houldsworth, $495,500 on 06/29/2020


19 Buckingham Ln: Rita R Schwartz T and Steven J. Schwartz of Monterey to Jessie M. and Joseph O. Cooney, $857,500 on 06/29/2020

New Marlborough

39 Lakeside Rd: Patricia Gurevich RET and Patricia Gurevich of New Marlborough to Sam and Kristin Gregory, $560,000 on 06/30/2020

25 Pine St: Barbara Minkoff and Barna Rosen of New Marlborough to Serena Desilver, $217,000 on 07/02/2020

North Adams

465 Curran Hwy: Haskins Holdings LLC of North Adams to Taylor N Adams Prop LLC, $30,000 on 07/01/2020

18 Park Ave: Gerald A. and Carol A. Mullen of North Adams to Katherine and Zachary Crochiere, $157,000 on 06/30/2020

36 Richview Ave: Danita M. Boutiette of North Adams to Amanda M. Lavo, $110,000 on 06/30/2020

217 Veazie St: Behzad A. Khajehzadeh of North Adams to Sincerity Builds LLC, $220,000 on 06/30/2020


69 Dewolfe Dr: Reva S Wiseman NT and Reva S. Wiseman of Otis to Carl and Ann-Marie Meacham, $125,000 on 07/03/2020

18 Moody Goodman Rd: Mark J. and Susan Tassinari of Otis to David A. and Joanne E. Russell, $920,000 on 07/02/2020


138 2nd St: Joseph B. and Thomas R. Powers of Pittsfield to Alfred Barrett, $74,000 on 06/30/2020

18 Alpine Trl Unit 18: Curtis J. Brasseur of Pittsfield to Bernard J. and Jennifer R. English, $305,000 on 07/01/2020

18 Appletree Pt: Lauren V. Glazer of Pittsfield to 18 Appletree Point NT and Todd Robins, $1,450,000 on 07/01/2020

61 Bartlett Ave: Robert S. Rapant of Pittsfield to Lighten Real Estate LLC, $200,000 on 06/30/2020

51 Churchill Crst Unit 51: Walker FT and Carol A. Walker of Pittsfield to Marcia F. Arooth, $190,000 on 07/01/2020

745 East St: Yoshi Corp of Pittsfield to Materials Management Co, $550,000 on 07/02/2020

70 Elm St: Paul Wainwright of Pittsfield to Andrew J. Bowman, $156,000 on 06/30/2020

19 Evelyn Park: Joseph M Mogavero T and Joseph M. Mogavero of Pittsfield to Duta Real Estate LLC, $90,000 on 07/01/2020

13 Faucett Ln: Powers Deborah E Est and Sienna N. Powers of Pittsfield to Giuseppe and Mary L. Talora, $258,500 on 07/01/2020

12 Federico Dr: Dale C. Bosworth of Pittsfield to Paul A. Polson, $172,500 on 07/01/2020

15 Fern St: Francese FR LLC of Pittsfield to Joshua D. King, $149,900 on 07/01/2020

178 Harryel St: Donald and Amira Roach of Pittsfield to Anthony M. and Kayla L. Booth, $220,000 on 07/02/2020

43 Joan Dr: Peter J. Hagadorn of Pittsfield to Alexander and Ellen Lamaglio, $182,000 on 06/30/2020

94 Lucia Dr: Marcia A. Kowalczyk and Linda M. Heineman of Pittsfield to Constance Kobus, $180,000 on 07/01/2020

21 Morgan St: Dawn M. Hertzberg of Pittsfield to William R. Gazaw, $164,900 on 07/02/2020

1071 North St: Vicki L. Marsala of Pittsfield to Nicholas Pomeroy, $141,000 on 07/02/2020

97 Northumberland Rd: Denise Schine T and Denise Schine of Pittsfield to Humberto Fernandez and Lonnie Gross, $298,900 on 06/30/2020

242 Onota St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Roland and Thomas Hernandez, $48,000 on 06/30/2020

311 Partridge Rd: Leo F. and Ann M. Miller of Pittsfield to Tyler M. Vu and Ngan Trinh, $206,740 on 06/30/2020

92 W Housatonic St: Mark T. and Nicole J. Coviello of Pittsfield to John Hickam, $128,000 on 06/30/2020


373 Deer Run: Stanford L Weinberg RET and Stanford Weinberg of Sandisfield to Jeffrey Carleton and Yael Amron, $342,000 on 06/29/2020


10 Haskins Rd: Wayne J. Haskins and Catherine L. Twiss of Savoy to John-Michael Bradbury and Kayla M. Pierce, $305,000 on 06/30/2020

491 Main Rd: Jason H. and Jennifer L. Nocher of Savoy to Jared J. and Martha K. Bruso, $324,900 on 06/30/2020


242 Hickey Hill Rd: Christine B. Ludwiszewski and Greig R. Siedor of Sheffield to Brad and Erin Lyons, $935,000 on 06/29/2020

626 Salisbury Rd: Maureen C. Seward and James H. Small of Sheffield to Andres Cortes and Sarrah Khan, $175,000 on 06/30/2020


21 Beachwood Dr: Mark J. Brenner of Stockbridge to Murray A. Klayman and Judith S. Roberts, $321,500 on 07/01/2020

19 Lakeview Dr: Edward F Keon Jr RET and Edward F. Keon of Stockbridge to David L. and Ann-Marie Mintz, $535,000 on 06/29/2020

West Stockbridge

9 Stockbridge Rd: James W. Ballen of West Stockbridge to Gail L. Garrick, $248,500 on 06/30/2020


21 Roaring Brook Rd: Bernard J. and Jennifer R. English of Williamstown to Glen Gerbush, $325,000 on 06/30/2020

51 Stoney Ledge Rd: Barbara M. VanUitert of Williamstown to Daniel B. Bergstresser and Kimberley A. Nicoll, $634,000 on 06/30/2020

159 Water St: Todd Atwater-Ruthven and Mountainone Bank of Williamstown to Moresi Com Inv LLC, $100,000 on 06/30/2020



22 Eddy Rd: Audrey Vicino of Barkhamsted to Keila Garcia and Angel L. Torres, $199,200 on 06/17/2020

29 Fuller Rd: Bonnie L. Gavrillen of Barkhamsted to Juan L. and Mandy E. Jaramillo, $335,000 on 06/24/2020

4 Raymond Dr: Marylee R. and Robert F. Diamond of Barkhamsted to Jackson R. Hurley, $120,000 on 06/22/2020


104 Belden St: J Adam Higgins of Canaan to Timothy K. Wolf and Sybrina Angot, $355,000 on 06/30/2020


124 Pinney St: Wilmington T NA Tr of Colebrook to Theodore and Nancy Wilkinson, $216,000 on 07/02/2020


380 Sharon Goshen Tpke: John R. and Carol H. Waldman of Cornwall to Daniel H. Callahan, $285,000 on 07/01/2020

New Hartford

93 Maillet Ln: Frank P. and Devon Bares of New Hartford to Nathan Mignone, $292,500 on 07/01/2020


21 Salmon Kill Rd: Ethan and Erin Harris of Salisbury to Wayne Riley and Leslie Riely, $360,000 on 07/02/2020

94 Washinee Heights Rd: Bernard R. Morel of Salisbury to Joshua M. and Amanda A. Levy, $675,000 on 06/30/2020


1 Main St: Leon and Beverly Isaac of Sharon to Jacob A. Carliner-Remes and Mari Armstrong-Hough, $645,000 on 07/06/2020

53 Swaller Hill Rd: Edward W. and Diane E. Carling of Sharon to William C. Welter and Christine M. Balatbat, $328,000 on 07/01/2020


70 Adelaide Ter: Charlene Oneil of Torrington to Anton S. and Jeannae E. Quadri, $265,000 on 07/01/2020

71 Arthur St Unit 6: FNMA of Torrington to New Preston Props LLC, $36,751 on 06/30/2020

40 Clark St: Virginia Small of Torrington to Daniil L. Lukyanovich, $108,000 on 07/01/2020

89 Colorado Ave N: Sachem Capital Corp of Torrington to David Henry and Michele Earle, $154,000 on 06/30/2020

283 Colorado Ave S: Marie Beringer of Torrington to E Aleksandrovna-Pavlova and Aaron S. Wilson, $82,500 on 07/01/2020

197 E Albert St: Maria A. Santos of Torrington to Lourdes C. Cid-Garcia and Hector M. Burgos-Hernandez, $164,500 on 07/01/2020

305 Harwinton Ave: Pervez Hai of Torrington to Aki Musa, $54,000 on 07/02/2020

54 Hayes St: Terry and Colleen Eichman of Torrington to Todd Doyle, $96,500 on 07/02/2020

24 Lindberg St: Corey Carpenter of Torrington to Francisco O. Pichardo and Liz M. Ortiz, $234,500 on 07/06/2020

133-a Lindberg St: HSBC Bank USA NA of Torrington to Goamerica LLC, $25,447 on 06/30/2020

37 Linden St: Bekasi Mary Est and Therese Mirsky of Torrington to Tiana R. Cass and Diane Matulis, $132,000 on 07/01/2020

25 Maiden Ln Unit 6: Brian R. Ball of Torrington to Christopher Vargas and Bethzaida Bethzaida, $40,000 on 07/02/2020

338 Mountain Laurel Ln: Gary F. and Jennifer Pecora of Torrington to Frances C. Wootton, $195,000 on 07/06/2020

342 New Harwinton Rd: Jo A. Alvarez and Charles R. Ebersol of Torrington to Kevin T. Steck, $143,740 on 07/06/2020

2308 Norfolk Rd: Milton F. Faivre of Torrington to Jason W. Wesolowski, $211,000 on 07/02/2020

105 Summer St: Railside Industrial Compl of Torrington to Ying Bao LLC, $450,000 on 06/30/2020

117 Village Ctr Unit 117: Barbara Fontana of Torrington to Emily M. and Adam Steinberg, $109,000 on 07/02/2020

223 White Oak Way: Jeremy S. and Rachel L. Decker of Torrington to Ashley Holland and Bryan Eseppi, $169,900 on 07/01/2020

103 Winterberry Way: Rafal Wojtowicz of Torrington to Lucas S. Brancato and Velma Lovato, $185,000 on 06/30/2020

89 Woodside Cir Unit 89: Ronald M Spitz RET and Ronald M. Spitz of Torrington to Dominic A. and Kathleen Marsicovetere, $60,000 on 07/02/2020


548 E Wakefield Blvd: Rick Poulin of Winchester to Gregory and Elizabeth Dobos, $275,000 on 06/24/2020

160 Walnut St: Fecto Mae G Est and James C. Fecto of Winchester to Morgan Mclean and Timothy J. Kramer, $158,900 on 06/24/2020


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