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Berkshire region real estate sales January 1-7, 2017

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47 N Summer St: Paul A. and Debra A. Trzcinski of Adams to Stephanie M. Williams and Geoffrey D. Gamache, $140,000 on 01/06/2017


236 Wells Rd: Allan T. Herzig of Becket to Sean Cahill, $45,000 on 01/06/2017


63 Lindsay Dr: Timothy F. and Heather L. Grace of Dalton to Donald S. and Jacoba Senus, $297,100 on 01/06/2017

Great Barrington

31 Dresser Ave Unit 4: Janice L. Shields of Great Barrington to Michelle E. Bachetti, $145,000 on 01/05/2017


95 Old State Rd: Duane D. and Shelley D. Sargent of Lanesboro to Francis C. Wilson, $170,000 on 01/03/2017


21 Schermerhorn Park: Mark and Deborah Nulman of Lenox to Christian G. Deckert and Danielle Villetto, $350,000 on 01/04/2017

14 Spruce Trl Unit 14: Madeline Johnston of Lenox to Julie E. and David B. Korostoff, $449,500 on 01/06/2017

New Marlborough

89 Clayton Mill River Rd: Noel A. Wicke of New Marlboro to Charles Woglom, $135,000 on 01/05/2017


282 Brookman Dr: Ploner Odo J Est and Linda L. Ploner of Otis to Sharon Adams and Lucien Hyland, $135,000 on 01/04/2017


107 Allengate Ave: Suyin Qin and Qiu X. Qiang of Pittsfield to FNMA, $118,382 on 01/06/2017

81 Ann Dr: Thomas J. Cornwell and B L. Fowler-Cornwell of Pittsfield to Berkshire Omega Corp, $310,000 on 01/04/2017

80 Dickinson Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Daca LLC, $60,000 on 01/03/2017

244 Holmes Rd: Michael J. and Annie T. Schmidtke of Pittsfield to Lexicon Government Svcs, $183,000 on 01/05/2017

208 Karen Dr: Amy L. Kroboth of Pittsfield to Adam Kroboth, $200,000 on 01/03/2017

157 Leona Dr: Yong K. and Jung J. Shin of Pittsfield to Austin R. Alibozek and Kelsey M. Ryan, $210,000 on 01/06/2017

26 Patricia Ave: Karen Moisuk of Pittsfield to Joyce A. Valliere, $115,000 on 01/06/2017

24 Pleasure Ave: RSB Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Kathleen Riley, $70,000 on 01/06/2017

44 Scalise Dr: Andrei and Alesia Churyla of Pittsfield to Sadia Fofana and Namasaran Samassi-Fofana, $235,000 on 01/05/2017

251 Springside Ave: Casey M. Trumbull and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $45,000 on 01/03/2017

12 Vivian Ave: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr of Pittsfield to Michael P. Wendling, $111,069 on 01/03/2017

7 Woodland Dr: Mark A. and Polina A. Mazzeo of Pittsfield to Yong and Jung J. Shin, $383,000 on 01/06/2017


730 Swamp Rd: Mark L. Lively of Richmond to Yevgeniy and Sigita Yefremov, $350,000 on 01/04/2017


187 Berkshire School Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Sheffield to Thomas and Robin Race, $70,000 on 01/06/2017

651 Boardman St: William B. Harris of Sheffield to Jonathan Stein and Pamela Frankel-Stein, $2,017,500 on 01/06/2017

265 Miller Ave: Kevin J. and Dawn L. Naylor of Sheffield to Robert and Patricia Fire, $340,000 on 01/06/2017



7 Kellogg Rd: William S. and Mary E. Blass of Canaan to William G. Blass and Katherine A. Ross, $148,000 on 01/03/2017


252 Furnace Brook Rd: Jeffrey T. and Andrea Macaluso of Cornwall to Thomas P. Torrisi, $385,000 on 12/05/2016


395 Beach St: Melissa and Christina Amicone of Goshen to Richard Gallini and Melissa Amicone, $345,000 on 12/14/2016

151 Bentley Cir: Bentley LLC of Goshen to David G. and Theresa Nichols, $550,000 on 12/27/2016

116 Brynmoor Ct: Ann A. Mcdonnell of Goshen to Alan H. and Ann L. Ives, $235,000 on 12/30/2016

247 Torrington Rd: Aita Hunt of Goshen to Cody J. Arnold and Amy L. Cooper, $225,500 on 12/19/2016

208 Wellsford Dr: Jeffrey A. and Susan Lalonde of Goshen to Brian C. and Joanna Kasack, $502,450 on 12/01/2016


32 Pettee St: Richard L. and Robin F. Oconnor of Salisbury to Alexis L. Brooks and Michael D. Oconnor, $170,000 on 12/30/2016


345 Gay St: Jeffrey S. Riley and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co of Sharon to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $252,000 on 01/03/2017


36 Arbor Ridge Rd: Kevin J. and Alison N. Dolan of Torrington to Michael and Jaime R. Weinzimmer, $170,000 on 12/30/2016

191 Barton St: David B. Lewis and Quicken Loan of Torrington to Quicken Loan, $87,500 on 12/29/2016

67 Brass Mill Dam Rd: Olive R. Schultz and Todd Dyer of Torrington to John J. and Susan E. Deangelis, $145,000 on 12/30/2016

41 Canterbury Ct: Lawrence R. and Donna M. Perillo of Torrington to Charles J. and Cheri E. Miller, $154,000 on 12/29/2016

38 Linden St: FNMA of Torrington to David Smart, $78,000 on 12/30/2016

162 Marshall St: Charles E. Loya of Torrington to Shane N. Ouellette, $135,000 on 01/03/2017

616 Migeon Ave Unit 1: Thomas Dombi of Torrington to Ann M. Chipelo and Zoran Mitrovski, $30,000 on 01/03/2017

34 Millard St: Jamie A. Mankoski and CHFA of Torrington to CHFA, $97,010 on 01/03/2017

1061 New Harwinton Rd: Francis J. Fazio of Torrington to Beth A. Videtto, $120,000 on 12/30/2016

1178 New Litchfield St: Jacquelyn and Larry L. Frandsen of Torrington to Nanette Bergin, $127,000 on 12/29/2016

141 Oak Ave: Jeremy C. Beyer of Torrington to Ajro Properties LLC, $35,000 on 12/29/2016

660 Prospect St: Bayview Loan Servicing of Torrington to Family Reit LLC, $35,900 on 12/30/2016

282 Roosevelt Ave: USA HUD of Torrington to Dennis G. Bruey, $109,000 on 12/29/2016

35 Sherman St: Dian D. Adams of Torrington to Robert Fortunato, $95,000 on 12/29/2016

135 Stoneridge Dr: Timothy K. and Terry P. Oconnor of Torrington to Travis White, $166,000 on 01/03/2017

1347 Torringford West St: Yevgen Voronin of Torrington to Angel R. and Enit M. Guaraca, $115,000 on 12/29/2016

82 Woodbine St: Babara G. Reis and Nancy Thrall of Torrington to Kelly Deal Inc, $109,000 on 01/03/2017


34 Birdsall St: Carl D. and Kimberly J. Zils of Winchester to Barbara J. Loya, $110,000 on 01/04/2017

49 E Lake St: Susan Ratkevich of Winchester to Francis and Patricia A. Fazio, $180,000 on 01/03/2017

553 E Wakefield Blvd: FHLM of Winchester to Richard B. Reynolds, $61,000 on 01/05/2017

108 Lake St: Knitto LLC and Endeavor High Yield Mtg of Winchester to Endeavor High Yield Mtg, $1 on 01/05/2017

Source: The Warren Group

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