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Berkshire region real estate sales Aug. 19-25, 2018

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: Aug. 19-25, 2018



70 Center St: Nicholas R. Raschdorf of Adams to Brian S. Warner, $176,500 on 08/23/2018

4 Harmony St: Alfred J. Bourassa and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Adams to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $74,178 on 08/21/2018


134 Bancroft Rd: Dianne L. Blake and Allan R. Underhill of Becket to Randy L. Strickland, $164,000 on 08/22/2018

243 Leonhardt Rd: Maronde FT and Dan Riedinger of Becket to 243 Leonhardt Road RT and Vanessa Collins, $120,000 on 08/20/2018

730 Seneca Dr: Jayne Conway of Becket to Frank J. and Rhonda B. Gelbwasser, $590,000 on 08/23/2018


573 Stafford Hill Rd: Frederick L. and Janet M. Huntington of Cheshire to Kyle J. Delmolino and Sara M. Malloy, $298,500 on 08/20/2018

101 Wilshire Dr: Glen M. Taylor of Cheshire to John P. and Alice D. Laczak, $185,700 on 08/24/2018


22 Gleason St: FNMA of Clarksburg to Barbara A. Labonte, $130,000 on 08/24/2018


28 Ashuelot St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr of Dalton to Roytay LLC, $48,500 on 08/24/2018

5 Judith Dr: Rita M. Tassinari of Dalton to Richard A. Nicholas and Rebecca L. Cornwell, $157,375 on 08/23/2018

60 North St Unit 11: Farrington Joseph H Est and Michael J. Shepard of Dalton to Barbara A. Gable, $117,500 on 08/20/2018

99 Warren Ave: West William T Est and William R. West of Dalton to Michael J. Wasuk, $140,000 on 08/24/2018

Great Barrington

21 Brainard Ave: William C. and Pamela M. Drumm of Great Barrington to David Pott and Alix Vonauenmueller, $372,000 on 08/23/2018

133 Cottage St: Richard I. Michaels and Tracy Roach of Great Barrington to David H. Carter, $385,000 on 08/24/2018

20 Gilmore Ave: Erika Maassen and Kendra E. Stjohn of Great Barrington to Craig R. Zolan and Deborah Brener-Zolan, $372,000 on 08/24/2018

226 Pleasant St: PHB LLC and Salisbury B&T Co of Great Barrington to Housy Whatsit NT and Susan M. Smith, $132,300 on 08/21/2018

28 Stanley Dr Unit 28: Maciej W. Linde and Dorota B. Kaminska of Great Barrington to Richard A. and Deborah B. Swiatek, $254,000 on 08/22/2018


48 Canterbury Ln: J T&C Victor Dipiro LT and Joseph T. Dipiro of Hinsdale to John A. Sorensen, $240,000 on 08/20/2018


125 S Main St: Jacgar NT and John I. Casey of Lanesborough to Joel J. Natario, $152,300 on 08/23/2018


220 Antelope Dr: Robert V. Simmons and Berkshire Bank of Lee to FNMA, $129,000 on 08/23/2018

13 Chanterwood Rd: Charles F. Auster of Lee to Timothy Cresswell and Carol Jennings, $475,000 on 08/24/2018

35 David Ave: Allen T. Meyer of Lee to Nancy J. Crandall, $195,000 on 08/20/2018

295 Mandalay Rd: Victoria A. Tear of Lee to Michele C. and M Lelandais, $240,000 on 08/24/2018

55 Marble St Unit 55: Keefe Kevin Est and Maura Keefe of Lee to Maura Keefe, $176,900 on 08/22/2018


14 Highcrest Rd Unit 14: Edward J. and Betty S. Weisberger of Lenox to Bruno C. and Jennifer A. Ceccarelli, $680,000 on 08/21/2018

New Marlborough

16 County Rd: Kathleen A. Bailer of New Marlborough to Nicholas G. and Olivia Greene, $400,000 on 08/24/2018

968 Mill River Great Barringt: Bank New York Mellon Tr of New Marlborough to Sarah G. Formel, $71,400 on 08/20/2018

North Adams

139 Franklin St: Eric R. and Jaime L. Hamilton of North Adams to Ashley M. Bryant and Rebecca A. Crowley, $134,000 on 08/22/2018

30 Marietta St: Joan M. Tatro and Wilfred N. Tessier of North Adams to Zachary T. Hillard, $95,000 on 08/23/2018

96 Veazie St: PNC Bank NA of North Adams to David P. Morin, $28,500 on 08/23/2018

83 Williams St: Gregory D. and Jacqueline M. Betti of North Adams to Trusted Results LLC, $181,400 on 08/24/2018


759 N Main Rd Unit 2-28: Kenneth&P A Ormerod T and Kenneth Ormerod of Otis to David and Carol J. Hoebel, $41,000 on 08/20/2018

759 N Main Rd Unit 2-35: Anthony D. and Anne F. Sperlonga of Otis to Alexander and Danielle T. Lucini, $58,000 on 08/24/2018

1008 Reservoir Rd: Watson Mosher and Bayview Loan Servicing of Otis to FNMA, $264,800 on 08/24/2018


89 Bay State Rd: Erik A. Hawley of Pittsfield to Armando Chaires, $131,500 on 08/24/2018

74 Briggs Ave: Carol E. Lawrence of Pittsfield to Michael L. Newell, $50,000 on 08/23/2018

32 Brunswick St: Thomas D. and Laurie A. Stumpek of Pittsfield to Anthony W. and Kimberly A. Ringie, $420,000 on 08/21/2018

8 Delaware Ave: Edward D. and Merlene B. Martin of Pittsfield to Kayla S. Klein, $143,895 on 08/23/2018

106 Euclid Ave: Matthew B. Francoeur of Pittsfield to Richard J. Gaviorno, $97,000 on 08/24/2018

174 Fort Hill Ave: Shufelt David W Est and Cameo Wood of Pittsfield to Dion Robbins, $50,000 on 08/23/2018

39 Gale Ave: Emerson R. Gardner of Pittsfield to Clifton Patrick, $140,000 on 08/20/2018

47 Gale Ave: June K. Fields of Pittsfield to Elise A. Jones and Brian J. Mandeville, $175,000 on 08/20/2018

102 Lenox Ave: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Suzanne Rockett, $1 on 08/22/2018

47 Mcallister St: Jessica E. Lynam and Corie J. Salvi of Pittsfield to Christen M. Shea, $175,000 on 08/21/2018

1450 North St Unit 401: Jean M. and Paul M. Barbas of Pittsfield to Margaret A. Barbati and Mary-Theresa Frostati, $158,000 on 08/20/2018

730 Tyler St: KSH LLC of Pittsfield to Dojo Property LLC, $290,000 on 08/20/2018

748 Tyler St: Rujoy RT and John Kastrinakis of Pittsfield to Radio Place LLC, $55,000 on 08/22/2018

18 Waubeek Rd: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Bonnie B. Lynch and Cassey L. Santos-China, $1 on 08/22/2018


57 Sandisfield Rd: TD Bank NA of Sandisfield to Frederick George, $44,500 on 08/20/2018


316 Chapel Rd: Brian P. Harp and Piyawadee Sukaviriya of Savoy to Sean D. Stever, $150,000 on 08/22/2018


1345 County Rd: Jaks NT and Kathleen Bachetti of Sheffield to Brian L. Bachetti, $130,000 on 08/21/2018


34 East St: Douglas E. Gebhard and Susan Mcmillin-Gebhard of Stockbridge to Elizabeth A. Petty, $325,000 on 08/24/2018

86 Interlaken Rd: Press Stuart C Est and Robert A. Levine of Stockbridge to Matthew E. Winter and Jane E. Lehman, $2,050,000 on 08/21/2018

84 Main St: Frank E. Hood of Stockbridge to James E. and Christina L. Mccarthy, $740,000 on 08/20/2018

22 Prospect Hill Rd: Church Street Holdings of Stockbridge to Sling LLC, $750,000 on 08/22/2018

6 W Stockbridge Rd: Stockbridge Town Of of Stockbridge to Douglas and Jacqueline Rysewyk, $1 on 08/23/2018

West Stockbridge

55 Maple Hill Rd: Maple Hill Road LLC of West Stockbridge to Philip Aldrich, $1,240,000 on 08/24/2018

3 Samantha Ln: Bruce and Susan Berger of West Stockbridge to Edmund Fay, $520,000 on 08/24/2018


289 Gale Rd: Seth R. Friedman and Elizabeth L. Block of Williamstown to Diana Lee-Randall, $325,000 on 08/22/2018

992 Green River Rd: Robert and Susan Scherr of Williamstown to Virginia Ororke, $580,000 on 08/21/2018

115 Luce Rd: Loretta M. Smith of Williamstown to Kevin J. Stant, $168,000 on 08/21/2018

51 Mountain View St: Card Gloria M Est and Kathleen M. Risatti of Williamstown to Michael A. and Katherine L. Evans, $215,000 on 08/20/2018

1155 N Hoosac Rd: Anping Han and Wanting Zhao of Williamstown to Namkoong LLC, $356,000 on 08/23/2018



87 Canaan Rd Unit 3l: Catherine A. Bauer of Salisbury to Gloria Gramaglia, $415,000 on 08/17/2018

12 Meadow Ln: FHLM of Salisbury to William J. and Jane C. Callahan, $216,000 on 08/16/2018


141 Ascot Ln: Albert J. and Marion Royer of Torrington to Melissa G. Davison, $190,000 on 08/16/2018

11 Cedar Knl: Brent M. Waall of Torrington to Sandra Moore, $135,000 on 08/16/2018

83 Central Ave:  of Torrington to CHFA, $45,240 on 08/17/2018

457 County Rd: Richard J. Pond of Torrington to John Murphy, $169,000 on 08/15/2018

7 Deercrest Dr: TK Boom Boom LLC of Torrington to Clinton Eichman, $163,500 on 08/13/2018

30 Dorothy Dr: Dowd Raymond G Est and David Dowd of Torrington to Karen M. and Joseph Colucci, $140,000 on 08/14/2018

1171 E Main St: Verderame Margaret M Est and Paulette Bronzi of Torrington to East Main Hillside LLC, $290,000 on 08/15/2018

53 Frederick St: Peter Narducci and Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Bank Of America NA, $1 on 08/13/2018

669 Goshen Rd: Thomas Provenzano and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Concetto J. Marino, $125,000 on 08/13/2018

669 Goshen Rd: Concetto J. Marino of Torrington to Goshen Road Holdings LLC, $154,727 on 08/13/2018

76 James St: Nepaug Properties LLC of Torrington to Matthew J. Hill and Jen N. Koh, $108,000 on 08/15/2018

38 Mapleridge Dr: R&S LT and Suzanne A. Rach of Torrington to Mark and Dorothy Cernero, $172,000 on 08/15/2018

119 Meadowview Dr: Julie A. Schlapfer and Lauren Brignolo of Torrington to Jeffrey Marquard and Jessica Maher, $165,000 on 08/15/2018

115 Mill Ln Unit 115: Karen A. Huber of Torrington to Jill H. Dedman, $142,000 on 08/15/2018

246 Notting Hill Gate: Jefferson D. Heiland of Torrington to Yaima Rivera, $185,900 on 08/13/2018

330 Notting Hill Gate: Williamson C. Egwu of Torrington to Rasheena M. Ford-Bey, $197,000 on 08/15/2018

47 Pfeffer Ln: Karen L. Yanok of Torrington to Diego V. Chimbo-Barrera, $126,000 on 08/15/2018

67 Rockledge Loop Unit 67: Karen L. Marchetti of Torrington to Ellen C. Oneglia, $79,000 on 08/17/2018

118 Settlers Ln: Loretta J. Garrison and Bank New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank New York Mellon, $80,500 on 08/15/2018

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 53: Rebecca Mcphee of Torrington to Tyler J. Ruby, $103,150 on 08/16/2018


50 E Lake St: Corrodo J. Consiglio of Winchester to Shane M. and Maria A. Bordonaro, $181,000 on 08/24/2018

100 Forest Ave: Richard and Geraldine Hanel of Winchester to Kenneth W. Dutil, $330,000 on 08/20/2018

13 Greenwoods Ave: Cornerstone Investing LLC of Winchester to Chien Y. Tseng, $175,500 on 08/16/2018

63 Holmes Rd: Beth E. Nyerick of Winchester to Stacey D. and Robert J. Mileti, $120,000 on 08/24/2018

145 Newfield Rd: Mark E. Caldwell of Winchester to Patrick J. Obrien, $132,500 on 08/23/2018

442 Platt Hill Rd: Sherri Fairchild and Rodney K. Leblanc of Winchester to Bradley T. and Mary Burcroff, $272,000 on 08/21/2018

111 Torringford St Unit 16: MLP Real Estatee LLC of Winchester to William and Surin Deregibus, $205,000 on 08/23/2018


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