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Berkshire region real estate sales April 26 – May 2, 2020

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: April 26 - May 2, 2020



2 North St: Donald J. Gamache of Adams to John P. and Shelly L. Crockwell, $105,000 on 05/05/2020


115 Hopkins Ln: Thomas E. and Donna H. Pluta of Becket to Stephen and Dolores Wallin, $230,000 on 04/30/2020


9 Crane Ave: Peggi-Jeanne Roberts of Dalton to Jacquelyn R. Schneider and William W. Reed, $154,000 on 04/29/2020

110 Elmore Dr: Sean D. and Melissa J. Mullally of Dalton to Brian A. and Paula J. Curti, $435,000 on 04/30/2020

70 Lake St Unit 1: Mary A. Marcella of Dalton to Emily M. Marcella, $100,000 on 05/01/2020

90 Otis Ave: Jeffrey W. Henault and Deanna M. Mayotte of Dalton to Rebecca and Daniel Mullady, $223,000 on 05/05/2020

580 Red Barn Rd Unit 580: Richard L. and Barbara Stover of Dalton to Douglas E. and Susan B. Edwards, $522,500 on 05/01/2020

180 Yvonne Dr: Kristen E. Currie of Dalton to James A. Currie, $56,000 on 05/05/2020


32 Main St: Poor Janet M Est and Vashti Poor of Egremont to Samantha Cooper, $389,000 on 04/29/2020


1063 Beaver Pond Mdws Unit 1063: Gail Mahoney of Hancock to Melissa J. Mullally, $99,900 on 04/30/2020


1218 Washington Rd: John H. and Nancy B. Goddard of Hinsdale to John and Jessica Wilkinson, $355,000 on 04/30/2020


6 Bangor St: Cynthia J. Langley and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co of Lanesborough to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $27,556 on 05/05/2020


70 Summer St: Travis A. Toole and Heather A. Southard-Toole of Lee to Elijah D. Southard, $181,500 on 04/30/2020


54 Church St: Schulze Lenox Properties of Lenox to Basset Gordon&Macallan, $1,300,000 on 04/29/2020

56 Church St: Schulze Lenox Properties of Lenox to Basset Gordon&Macallan, $1,300,000 on 04/29/2020

106 Cliffwood St: Charles T. Schulze of Lenox to Berkshire Underledge LLC, $3,600,000 on 05/01/2020

114 Cliffwood St: Charles T. Schulze of Lenox to Berkshire Underledge LLC, $3,600,000 on 05/01/2020

12 Evergreen Trl Unit 12: Stella Schecter LT and Reba Schecter of Lenox to Daniel A. and Lori King, $325,000 on 04/29/2020

North Adams

54 Kemp Ave: John G. and Roberta M. Sullivan of North Adams to Charlene M. Cheesbro, $172,500 on 05/01/2020

75 Main St Unit 207: Daniel and Susan Q. Jacobs of North Adams to Kathy J. Laplante and Sharon L. Head, $230,000 on 04/30/2020

287 Notch Rd: Charlene M. Cheesbro of North Adams to David M. Webb, $195,000 on 05/01/2020

77 Phelps Ave: Lori Tracy and Glen Chouinard of North Adams to Ronald T. Denault, $175,000 on 05/05/2020


10 S Lake Ave: Brenda S. and Peter F. Allan of Otis to Watkins FT and James J. Watkins, $440,000 on 04/30/2020


1136 Barker Rd Unit 67: Judith A. Powers of Pittsfield to Lisa Milberg, $425,000 on 04/29/2020

380 Churchill St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Cottage Farm Berkshires, $400,000 on 04/29/2020

585 Elm St: Sullivan Judith A Est and John D. Cazavelan of Pittsfield to Dylan F. Mccullough, $151,500 on 05/05/2020

6 Greenings Ave: Dennis J. and Theresa L. Leydet of Pittsfield to Bryan P. Jones, $277,000 on 05/01/2020

167 Holmes Rd: Nancy L. Shulman of Pittsfield to Robert Weisberger and Anna Warren-Hirschbiel, $228,500 on 05/05/2020

4 Industrial Dr: 4 Industrial Drive Realty of Pittsfield to 4 Industrial Drive LLC, $317,114 on 04/30/2020

99 John St: Jacob Trudeau of Pittsfield to Theresa M. Nicola, $60,000 on 04/30/2020

118 Leona Dr: James R. Johnson and Jacqueline K. Browner of Pittsfield to Matthew Begrowicz, $298,500 on 05/01/2020

153 Meadowview Dr: Vito J. Ronco of Pittsfield to Bryan T. Filiault and Mary S. Keenan, $144,000 on 04/30/2020

1175 North St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Roccos N End Barbershop, $80,000 on 05/05/2020

26 Overlook Rd: Amy Chapman of Pittsfield to Benjamin D. Girard, $191,000 on 05/05/2020

49 Revilla Ter: John D. and Scott Furciniti of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $60,000 on 04/30/2020

239 Robbins Ave: Carol L. Killian and Reverse Mortgage Solutns of Pittsfield to HB 1 Alternative Holdings, $35,000 on 05/01/2020

4 Sampson Pkwy: Downing Margaret E Est and Mary A. Matthers of Pittsfield to Karen L. Tatro, $175,900 on 04/29/2020

16 Spencer St: Wengang Fei of Pittsfield to Kristin N. and Jorge S. Gomez, $120,000 on 05/01/2020

47 Waubeek Rd: Michael E. Martin of Pittsfield to Joshua T. Wells, $205,000 on 04/30/2020


750 West Rd: Harris M. and Randee Horowitz of Richmond to John Teehan and Patricia Romano, $565,000 on 05/05/2020


790 Shaw Rd: Therese M. Michaud of Windsor to Richard L. and Babette J. Martin, $300,000 on 05/01/2020



192 Center Hill Rd: Barbara J. and Jeffrey Fitting of Barkhamsted to Donald R. Demarchi, $284,000 on 04/22/2020

14 Stirrup Ln: Frederik Reeder of Barkhamsted to Faith M. and Michael D. Fusco, $359,000 on 04/23/2020


72 Flat Rocks Rd: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA of Cornwall to Hugh Cheney, $315,000 on 04/27/2020

New Hartford

42 Stub Hollow Rd: Sarah Wilkinson of New Hartford to Thomas R. and Sheila K. Chairvolotti, $225,000 on 04/28/2020

155 Town Hill Rd: Matthew F. Seyer of New Hartford to Ryan and Meghan Dolan, $469,000 on 04/28/2020


26 Lincoln City Rd: Margaret H. Chapman of Salisbury to Matthew and Sara Woloszyn, $330,000 on 04/27/2020

36 Rocky Ln: Douglas M. and Suzanne J. Tween of Salisbury to Boyce A. Billingsley, $659,000 on 04/23/2020


59 Barber St: Santander Bank NA of Torrington to Charles J. Devito, $51,000 on 04/21/2020

219 Benham St: Samantha Jacob of Torrington to Eric L. Rodriguez, $115,000 on 04/21/2020

321 Cliffside Dr Unit 321: Charles E. and Amy A. Berger of Torrington to Malgorzata Pianka, $90,000 on 04/27/2020

27 Guilford St: Cory W. Layton of Torrington to Angela Martello, $175,000 on 04/27/2020

32 Hickory Rd: Joseph J. and Jonathan D. Gryniuk of Torrington to Francine L. Gryniuk, $105,000 on 04/27/2020

839 Main St Unit 51: John R. Nicholson of Torrington to Megan L. Winn, $77,000 on 04/27/2020

144 Morningside Dr: Neal S. and Roseana J. Winn of Torrington to Joseph Walker, $145,000 on 04/23/2020

67 Nelson St: Angela F. Sherman of Torrington to Sean Heller, $138,000 on 04/27/2020

80 Shirley Rd: Michael A. and Linda J. Alfano of Torrington to Brittany and Daniel Cocchiola, $136,000 on 04/27/2020

390 W Pearl Rd: USA HUD of Torrington to Justin Philibert, $105,000 on 04/27/2020


114 Highview Dr: Yolanda Yrizarris of Winchester to William and Megan Bentley, $206,000 on 04/30/2020

151 Losaw Rd: Kenneth J. Defloria of Winchester to Frank J. and Denise K. Fulco, $390,000 on 05/01/2020

158 Newfield Rd: Neil Paczkowski of Winchester to Bethany Carpenter, $195,000 on 05/01/2020

4 Stadler Hts: John F. Newkirk of Winchester to Vincent F. and Crystal L. Wiggins, $325,000 on 05/01/2020

32 Strong Ter: Lacasse Linda Lee Est and Carole L. Stadler of Winchester to Gloria J. Marchi, $70,000 on 04/27/2020


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