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Berkshire region real estate sales, April 23-29, 2017

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1 Simon Ave: Marcia A. Graves of Adams to Stephanie L. Cardeno and Lucas D. Shatford, $155,000 on 04/24/2017


5 Old Village Rd: Lawrence Y. Ong of Alford to Lawrence and Holly Steinberg, $555,000 on 04/26/2017


139 Alan A Dale Dr: Kendall Allan D Est and Sherry Tiscione-Kendall of Becket to Christopher and Kathleen Kiley, $42,000 on 04/28/2017


250 Ingalls Rd: Allan H. and Kathleen J. Goodrich of Cheshire to David J. and Patricia A. Carpenter, $262,500 on 04/28/2017


125 Greenridge Dr: Bill A. and Denise M. Moore of Dalton to Matthew P. Marotta, $320,000 on 04/28/2017

Great Barrington

7 Lake View Rd: Lawrence G. and Holly B. Steinberg of Great Barrington to Michael and Joan Ury, $650,000 on 04/26/2017

1079 Main St: Lisa A. Newmann and Bryan D. Sanderson of Great Barrington to Andrew S. Berens, $879,000 on 04/28/2017

275 N Plain Rd: Mark T. Costa and Diane L. Clark of Great Barrington to Leslie Borck Jameson T and Leslie Borck-Jameson, $505,000 on 04/28/2017


10 Bridge St: Benjamin C. and Jacqueline K. Anderson of Hinsdale to Alicia C. and Taner M. Autenrieth, $135,000 on 04/27/2017

70 Franklin Rd: Richard R. and Paula J. Lalonde of Hinsdale to Gustav A. Canfield and Kristina A. Lalonde, $188,000 on 04/28/2017


102 Silver St: Thomas D. and Judith A. Volin of Lanesboro to James J. Raab and Heaven C. Millar, $300,000 on 04/28/2017

6 Sunrise St: Jessica L. Nadeau of Lanesboro to Thomas D. and Judith A. Volin, $225,000 on 04/28/2017

8 Sunset St: Ryan J. and Darci C. Niedzwiecki of Lanesboro to Joseph M. Melillo, $209,000 on 04/25/2017


32 High St: John A. and Donna M. Pappalardo of Lenox to Brett W. and Leah A. Larmon, $310,000 on 04/26/2017

82 New Lenox Rd: Diane Dalessandro of Lenox to FHLM, $189,033 on 04/27/2017

175 New Lenox Rd: John M. Gochenaur and US Bank NA of Lenox to US Bank NA Tr, $213,768 on 04/26/2017

770 Summer St Unit 13b: Lakeside NT and Erik Parker of Lenox to Jonathan and Alexandria Aronoff, $375,000 on 04/24/2017


19 Laurel Banks Ln: James H. and Kathleen T. Bracken of Monterey to Philip and Gail B. Schoch, $298,000 on 04/28/2017

405 Main Rd: Michael L. Erkkinen and Ellen M. Farris of Monterey to Tomer Ben-Gal and Dana Lauren-Vorisek, $385,000 on 04/24/2017

North Adams

20 Kateley Ln: Landmark CU of North Adams to Dennis Bernardi, $40,000 on 04/27/2017

23-25 Laurel Ave: RSB Properties LLC of North Adams to Malcolm Bears and Colleen Mcdonald, $28,500 on 04/26/2017

9 Marion Ave: Claire A. Lamere of North Adams to Timothy D. Mangun and Elizabeth C. Urban, $170,000 on 04/24/2017

1521 Massachusetts Ave: Sandeep Arora and Adams Community Bank of North Adams to Centerville Sticks LLC, $5,000 on 04/28/2017

451 Union St: Arthur F. and Mary A. Smith of North Adams to Theresa Ramos, $80,000 on 04/28/2017

11-13 Wesleyan St: Satya Ferreira T and James J. Sisto of North Adams to Robert Rotondi, $25,000 on 04/27/2017


315 Woodlands Way Unit 54: Woodlands Way RT and Bernard V. Pilichowski of Otis to Michael C. and Elena Moran, $333,500 on 04/28/2017


99 Allengate Ave: Michael J. Merriam of Pittsfield to Emelia Ezan, $154,900 on 04/28/2017

121 Elberon Ave: Paul R. and Jane H. Marlowe of Pittsfield to Paul R. and Malinda M. Shepherd, $170,100 on 04/28/2017

1 Fasce Pl: Cory S Potts FT and Cory S. Potts of Pittsfield to Benjamin R. Collins, $120,000 on 04/28/2017

69 Fort Hill Ave: Kathryn I. Hughes of Pittsfield to David N. and Shauna J. Powell, $255,000 on 04/28/2017

96 Holmes Rd: DTK LLC of Pittsfield to Jessica L. Chapman, $214,000 on 04/24/2017

129 Howard St: Michael Tedesco of Pittsfield to Hermelinda Patino, $128,000 on 04/27/2017

50 Huron St: Jeffrey M. Harte and Pittsfield Coop Bank of Pittsfield to Pittsfield Coop Bank, $84,000 on 04/28/2017

34 Leona Dr: Theresa A. Gorman of Pittsfield to Michael Merriam, $230,000 on 04/28/2017

999 North St: Anthony and Ivoni M. Dalmaso of Pittsfield to Virgilio E. Valero and Gina Napravnick, $130,700 on 04/28/2017

12 Swan St: Ishwar and Padmani Parmar of Pittsfield to Kathryn C. Coviello, $210,000 on 04/27/2017

1188 West St: Christine M. Nowlan of Pittsfield to William J. Guzzo and Elizabeth A. Pulasky, $312,500 on 04/28/2017


951 West Rd: Steven Lefkowitz of Richmond to Shawna Stango, $330,000 on 04/27/2017


385 Deer Run: Susan P. Bubenas of Sandisfield to Leslie H. Neidich and Andrea S. Kardon, $360,000 on 04/28/2017

315 Wood Lands Way: Woodlands Way RT and Bernard V. Pilichowski of Sandisfield to Michael C. and Elena Moran, $333,500 on 04/28/2017


230 Brush Hill Rd: Nion Robert Thieriot T and Peter E. Thieriot of Sheffield to Rose M. Ugarte-Gee and Ronald D. Gee, $595,000 on 04/24/2017

283 Clayton Rd: Susan Rathbun of Sheffield to Kenneth W. Hadsell, $142,000 on 04/28/2017

426 S Undermountain Rd: Leslie Chananie and Ronald Rost of Sheffield to Mauricio Rubio and Eeva Mikkola, $355,000 on 04/28/2017


4 Madison Way: Sean E. and Robin E. Parker of Stockbridge to Robin E. Moyer, $175,000 on 04/28/2017

5 Sergeant St Unit 1: Barbara Pape of Stockbridge to Susan Baum, $255,000 on 04/28/2017

West Stockbridge

27 Austerlitz Rd: Ann Rothenberg of West Stockbridge to Alexander D. Stein, $20,000 on 04/26/2017


192 North St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr of Williamstown to Finally Home Inc, $70,040 on 04/24/2017

192 North St: Finally Home Inc of Williamstown to Erin M. Hightower, $105,000 on 04/24/2017

273 North St: Thomas E. Webb of Williamstown to Elizabeth R. Giordano, $17,500 on 04/25/2017

215 S Hemlock Ln Unit 215: Judith Liben 2010 RET and Judith Liben of Williamstown to Elizabeth Goldstein FT and Elizabeth A. Goldstein, $80,000 on 04/25/2017

189 Stratton Rd Unit D1: Katlyn E. Humphrey of Williamstown to Lawrence J. Zradi, $140,000 on 04/28/2017



96 Belden St: John V. Pozzi of Canaan to Diane Fasano-Stevens, $369,000 on 04/25/2017

New Hartford

16 Greenwoods Rd: Kathryn J. Doan of New Hartford to Heather L. Riera, $245,000 on 04/24/2017

184 W Hill Rd: Rosemarie Plante of New Hartford to Ethan Properties LLC and Roger Ours, $115,000 on 04/24/2017


19 Sugar Hill Rd: Marian K. Browning of Salisbury to Eleanore H. and Matthew G. Boyse, $2,500 on 04/26/2017

388 Under Mountain Rd: Ruth A. Daley and FNMA of Salisbury to FNMA, $1 on 04/26/2017

223 Main St: Eleanor M. Owens of Salisbury to Christopher R. Thomas, $275,000 on 04/27/2017


90 Arbor Dr: Doris L. Lauf and Nancy L. Doty of Torrington to Jordan T. Andersen, $95,000 on 04/26/2017

34 Ford Ln: Zachary and Magdalena Bronzo of Torrington to Christopher P. Oneil and Jennifer J. Rich, $184,900 on 04/26/2017

90 Millard St: 90 Millard LLC of Torrington to Gregory A. and Kim N. Morgan, $124,000 on 04/25/2017

144 Mount Pleasant Ter: Joseph F. Kephart and Bank Of America NA of Torrington to Bank Of America NA, $1 on 04/27/2017

2 Silver Brook Ln: Andrea Mcclanaghan of Torrington to Dominic J. and Mariel L. Pellegrino, $237,000 on 04/25/2017

20 Warder Rd: Viengmone Phengkaen and NYC REO LLC of Torrington to NYC REO LLC, $1 on 04/28/2017


111 Colebrook River Rd: Richard J. Kemp and Nancy A. Zepke of Winchester to Carlos Sanchez, $215,000 on 04/27/2017

180 Gilbert Ave: US Bank NA Tr of Winchester to Concetto Marino, $51,000 on 04/24/2017

110 Glendale Ave: Raymond C. Delrossi and CIT Bank NA of Winchester to CIT Bank NA, $116,000 on 04/26/2017

Source: The Warren Report


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