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Berkshire region real estate sales April 21-27, 2019

The latest weekly report of real estate sales in the Berkshire region of Western Massachusetts and Northwest Connecticut: April 21-27, 2019



35 E Orchard Ter: Francis A. Waterman of Adams to Jason P. Klammer, $200,000 on 04/30/2019


19 West Rd: Andrew R. Hare and Wendy L. Reger-Hare of Alford to Adrian N. and Alise M. Drury, $480,000 on 04/29/2019

102 West Rd: Robert B. Strassler of Alford to Matthew and Karen Strassler, $5,610 on 04/25/2019


3860 Jacobs Ladder Rd: Blanche O. Laforest of Becket to Juston Townson, $200,000 on 04/23/2019

163 Mystic Isle Way: Ronald B. and Marceline Thompson of Becket to Lisa D Oram RET and Lisa D. Oram, $237,500 on 04/30/2019


69 Lake Shore Dr: Lamar L. and Laurie A. Smith of Cheshire to Louis V. Failla, $185,000 on 04/26/2019


33 North St: Thomas J. Vaughan and John F. Burnham of Dalton to Thomas J Vaughan RET and Thomas J. Vaughan, $100,000 on 04/26/2019

Great Barrington

10 Dresser Ave: Arthur J. and Rebecca H. Batacchi of Great Barrington to Tsamis Management LLC, $280,000 on 04/29/2019

525 Main St: Mary H. Mullin of Great Barrington to Marvin E. Rocche-Cruz and Diana Guadalupe-Rocche, $336,000 on 04/29/2019

328 Park St N: Bonnie T. Jurgenson of Great Barrington to Jason and Shelby Laforest, $170,000 on 04/25/2019

10 Thrushwood Ln: Barrington Brook RT and Michael D. Ward of Great Barrington to Bruce and Sandra Goldwyn, $749,000 on 04/23/2019


827 Thatcher House Unit 827: Austin A Bebyn LT and Austin Bebyn of Hancock to Robert A. and Stephanie M. Franchini, $305,000 on 04/30/2019


421 Creamery Rd: Kenneth R. and Pamela E. Peters of Hinsdale to Douglas Peters, $150,000 on 04/23/2019

261 Maple St: John L. and Lisa A. Smith of Hinsdale to Stephen V. and Katy M. Wixsom, $296,000 on 04/25/2019

160 Pine Cone Ln Unit 160: Robert B. Hadden of Hinsdale to Michael A. and Patricia A. Stamm, $260,000 on 04/30/2019


229 Bailey Rd: Jean-Roger C. and Sandra J. Parent of Lanesborough to Joel C. Cantor and Beryl A. Koblin, $403,686 on 04/26/2019

29 Balance Rock Rd: Luis G. and Alexis M. Teixeira of Lanesborough to Karen Bruck, $262,000 on 04/30/2019

8 Ocean St: Jarett Mello of Lanesborough to Cody C. and Olivia Martin, $158,000 on 04/23/2019


40 Debra Ave: Joseph F Puleri FT and Pamela Streeter of Lee to Jarett A. and Abigail L. Mello, $205,000 on 04/23/2019

190 George St: B&M NT and Robert W. Seward of Lee to Caren S. and Shawn P. Kinne, $270,000 on 04/24/2019

210 George St: Caren S. Kinne of Lee to Ian T. Oleary and Lee-Ann Skowron, $282,000 on 04/24/2019

115 High St: Lauren E. Pellegrino of Lee to Glenn Tamir, $226,500 on 04/29/2019

285 Leisure Lee Rd: Marian Sason of Lee to Betsy Sason, $200,000 on 04/24/2019


18 Highcrest Rd Unit 18: Elliot Rothstein of Lenox to Lewis Pollack RET and Lewis Pollack, $650,000 on 04/30/2019

55 Pittsfield Rd Unit 3: LD Associates Inc of Lenox to Inspired By Chocolate LLC, $575,000 on 04/26/2019

New Marlborough

112-116 Hatchery Rd: Danielle M. Smith of New Marlborough to Joshua and Emily Pierce, $440,000 on 04/30/2019

131 Hayes Hill Rd: Ned P. Wilson and Elizabeth M. Torsay-Wilson of New Marlborough to Cynthia J. Turner, $285,000 on 04/29/2019

920 Mill River Great Barringt: Horn Gary E Est and Wayne Horn of New Marlborough to Paul S. and Teresa M. Reed, $227,500 on 04/30/2019

North Adams

26-28 E Quincy St: TBL Properties LLC of North Adams to 26-28 E Quincy LLC, $240,000 on 04/30/2019

300 Notch Rd: Christine Dobbert-Burdick of North Adams to Joshua A. Racette, $139,200 on 04/29/2019

17 Phelps Ave: Wayne Arnold of North Adams to Nathan E. Hernandez, $137,900 on 04/24/2019

549 State Rd: David M. and Craig S. Boucher of North Adams to Dorottya Olchvary, $85,000 on 04/30/2019

243 Union St Unit 404: Andres F. Lichtenthal and Lisa Landry of North Adams to Arthur W. Wadsworth, $290,000 on 04/30/2019


31 3rd St: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Jacob Trudeau, $25,000 on 04/25/2019

25 Arlington St: Robert L. Allessio and Maria D. Liccardi of Pittsfield to Jaime Foster, $260,000 on 04/26/2019

189 Benedict Rd: Laszlo Ambrus and Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Timothy M. Hart, $62,000 on 04/29/2019

160 Brighton Ave: Ian T. Oleary and Lee-Ann Skowron of Pittsfield to Taylor Kelly, $161,500 on 04/24/2019

5 Bryan St: Michael E. Maloy and Jessica A. Salvini of Pittsfield to Michael and Charlene Quinlan, $141,000 on 04/29/2019

51 Burbank St: Richard C. and Linda M. Liccardi of Pittsfield to Henderson D. Penny, $135,000 on 04/29/2019

277 Connecticut Ave: Holly A. and Anthony Viola of Pittsfield to Michael J. Houghtlin, $170,000 on 04/30/2019

25 Cromwell Ave: FNMA of Pittsfield to Freance Britto and Scott Phillips, $95,000 on 04/30/2019

214 Dawes Ave: Douglas W. and Rosemary Obrien of Pittsfield to Seth G. Stambovsky and Emily E. Sadlowski, $320,000 on 04/25/2019

14 Dexter St: Richard A. Whalen of Pittsfield to Devon Johnston and Chazity K. Stimpson, $157,000 on 04/25/2019

69 Edison Ave: Colleen J. Snyder of Pittsfield to Kara L. Saul, $103,000 on 04/29/2019

428 Gale Ave: CSB Service Corp of Pittsfield to Ryan E. Mauer and Shannon C. Maloney, $370,000 on 04/30/2019

211 Hancock Rd: Mary A. Wright of Pittsfield to Kristofer Kohlenberger, $182,950 on 04/26/2019

555 Holmes Rd: Peter A. and Nancy J. Trowill of Pittsfield to John R. and Marjorie A. Hoke, $330,000 on 04/26/2019

25 Howard St: Trzcinka FT and Charles A. Trzcinka of Pittsfield to Jhon P. Hernandez-Melchor and Nancy E. Gomez-Ramirez, $135,000 on 04/25/2019

322 Lenox Ave: Magni Properties LLC of Pittsfield to Christopher A. and Maggie Lapine, $92,000 on 04/23/2019

40 Mckinley Ter: Kristina M. Wadsworth of Pittsfield to Rebecca Weeks, $241,000 on 04/30/2019

21 Milan St: Kirt Goines of Pittsfield to Leah B. Brown, $108,000 on 04/29/2019

100 Newell St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to Oana Boucher, $77,000 on 04/30/2019

1030 Pecks Rd: Rebecca A. Colvin and Berkshire Bank of Pittsfield to Jacquelyn C. Casey and David R. Granger, $142,000 on 04/26/2019

3 Pondview Dr Unit F: Cheryl M. Boudreau of Pittsfield to Nicholas M. Killeen, $136,500 on 04/25/2019

62 Saratoga Dr: Canio M. Mazzeo of Pittsfield to Joseph P. and Marie S. Mele, $280,000 on 04/30/2019

601 Tamarack Rd: Derek C. Hansen and James E. Terryberry of Pittsfield to Jason J. and Tracy L. Zustra, $320,000 on 04/26/2019

732 W Housatonic St: Jeannine E. Mccarron and Lauren Bolio of Pittsfield to Ruth A. Williamson, $71,500 on 04/26/2019

5 Wallace Pl: Kelly J. Wright and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Pittsfield to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $50,000 on 04/29/2019


575 N Undermountain Rd: Benjamin Mcdonald and Nicholas Curtiss-Rowlands of Sheffield to Asa R. and T M. Steady-Hardcastle, $91,000 on 04/26/2019


31 Park St: Ruth E. Dinerman of Stockbridge to Gregory P. and Nancy C. Gorgone, $365,000 on 04/30/2019

West Stockbridge

33 Pixley Hill Rd: Pixley Hill Realty LLC of West Stockbridge to David E Lanoue Inc, $320,000 on 04/30/2019


1525 Oblong Rd: Peter C Fitts 2005 RET and Jeffrey P. Fitts of Williamstown to Michael H. and Diana M. Mccormack, $325,000 on 04/30/2019

465 Stratton Rd: Daft 4 Alexandra FT and Nicholas Daft of Williamstown to Bradley Svrluga and Julia Bowen, $1,200,000 on 04/30/2019


North Canaan

196 Church St: Go America LLC of North Canaan to Erik Tomaino, $32,000 on 04/22/2019

45 High St: Salvatore C. and Lisa C. Caruso of North Canaan to Little Wing Exp LLC, $145,000 on 04/24/2019


87 Canaan Rd Unit 6e: Marjorie Liebowitz of Salisbury to Caroline C Herrick RET and Caroline C. Herrick, $515,000 on 04/26/2019

5 Fowler St: Jay and Katherine Knickerbocker of Salisbury to Salisbury Housing T Inc, $210,000 on 04/25/2019


200 Barton St: Justin Giampaolo of Torrington to Patrick Lee-Hapken, $176,000 on 04/22/2019

170 Beechwood Ave: Stefany Pina of Torrington to Angel J. Sanchez, $153,000 on 04/22/2019

61 Ben Porte Ter: Robert C. and Erin F. Behrmann of Torrington to Sisois K. Giannakos, $93,000 on 04/23/2019

60 Benham St: Fausto Gualan of Torrington to Michael Bernard, $102,500 on 04/24/2019

483 Brightwood Ave: Karen Cunningham of Torrington to Larry J. Jacobs, $35,000 on 04/22/2019

30 Forest St: Neopolitan Properties LLC of Torrington to Brett Dickinson, $145,000 on 04/26/2019

51 Greenfield Dr: Joshua E. Kaplan of Torrington to Jacklin Michna, $145,000 on 04/24/2019

91 Greenfield Dr: Abdove Investments LLC of Torrington to Mary Pope-Osborne and William Osborne, $140,000 on 04/23/2019

188 Hillandale Blvd: Mark M. and Diane E. Schebell of Torrington to Eric C. Madsen and Chester G. Kozikowski, $230,000 on 04/25/2019

185 Margerie St: Frank and Marilyn J. Mitchell of Torrington to Katherine A. Chamberland, $149,900 on 04/26/2019

322 S Main St Unit 6: CT Bama Boys RE LLC of Torrington to Viveiros Enterprises 2, $35,000 on 04/24/2019

826 Torringford St: Real Estate Growth Fund of Torrington to Vargas Susette, $125,000 on 04/24/2019

24 Torringford West St: Bruce G. and Nan Temkin of Torrington to Jill B. and James H. Cook, $218,000 on 04/22/2019

55 Wall St: Oddo Frank Est and V Peter Reis of Torrington to Minhthien B. Giap, $100,000 on 04/25/2019

108 Winterberry Way: Nicholas A. and Carolyn Guerriero of Torrington to William A. and Deborah M. Roe, $172,500 on 04/26/2019


52 Colony Dr: Travis Finnemore of Winchester to Michael Ellis, $159,900 on 04/22/2019

12 Manchester Hts: Neida Cintron and Neida Stevens of Winchester to Ryan C. Fullerton, $187,500 on 04/22/2019


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