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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Northern Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York


Massachusetts, May 9 – May 12


11 Pearl Street: Arielle M. Poirot of Adams to Elbin Orellana, $225,000 on 05/12/2023

12-18 S Willow Street: Berkshire Hm Rentals LLC of Adams to Wenninger Family L P, $155,000 on 05/12/2023

54 Maple Street: Hud of Adams to Pb Summer Street LLC, $85,500 on 05/11/2023

108 N Summer Street: John A. Ciuk of Adams to Timothy W. Kitchell Jr and Stacy A. Kitchell, $160,000 on 05/10/2023


738 River Road: Clarksburg Town Of of Clarksburg to Richardson Carrey A Est, $1 on 05/10/2023


23 Whites Hill Road: Richard S Greenberg RET and Richard S. Greenberg of Egremont to Black Bear Holdings I LLC, $705,000 on 05/12/2023

Great Barrington

24 Manville Street: William P. Zox and Jeannie B. Zox of Great Barrington to Shannon Burns and Paul Beling, $441,000 on 05/12/2023

29 Commonwealth Avenue: Lute V. Hatch Jr and Kathy M. Hatch of Great Barrington to Beth Grace, $439,000 on 05/12/2023


28 National Street: Paul M. Dodds and Renee Dodds of Lanesboro to Charles W. Digennaro and Marie E. Digennaro, $377,700 on 05/10/2023


42 Reservoir Road: Luz D. Salazar of Lee to Vania P. Lillie, $269,900 on 05/11/2023


Morgan #6: Amy Shaw of Lenox to Mary C. Rosensteel, $273,100 on 05/12/2023

154 Cliffwood Street: Kelley R. Vickery of Lenox to David M. Joseph and Molly B. Lyon-Joseph, $1,100,000 on 05/12/2023

260 Pittsfield Road #C1: Arthur J. Blum of Lenox to John A. Roethel and Margaret Roethel, $121,000 on 05/10/2023

522 Walker Street: Thomas Abate of Lenox to Richard Montano, $395,000 on 05/09/2023

New Marlboro

414 Brewer Branch Road: Henry C Jadow Qprt and Hilary L. Jadow of New Marlboro to Jack Gellen and Sarah Carpenter, $3,100,000 on 05/09/2023

North Adams

74 East Avenue: Donald P. Andreatta and Ann M. Boulger of North Adams to Frank F. Bird and Terri A. Bird, $260,000 on 05/10/2023

119 State Street: Charles E. Swabey and Katherine Swabey of North Adams to Iman Ghazi, $70,000 on 05/11/2023

270 Eagle Street: Nadia N. Matney and Diane M. Omelenchuck of North Adams to Nicholas M. Anderson, $179,900 on 05/11/2023

354 Kemp Avenue: Cindy Koloc and Brittany M. Cardinal of North Adams to Shirah P. Bergman, $180,000 on 05/08/2023


5 Caratina Drive: B I. Beldengreen-Karas and Julia I. Beldengreen-Karas of Pittsfield to Justin C. Carafotes and Rachel A. Renchner-Kelly, $375,000 on 05/12/2023

25 Dodge Avenue: Annamarie Yerkes and Joshua Yerkes of Pittsfield to Dianemarie Collins and William E. Collins, $367,000 on 05/12/2023

64 Boylston Street: Megan P. Whilden of Pittsfield to Luana Dias-David, $205,000 on 05/10/2023

80 Spadina: John J. Obrien and Linda L. Obrien of Pittsfield to Douglas J. Moore and Patricia C. Ingham, $489,900 on 05/08/2023

88 Howard Street: Henry W. Lingley 3rd of Pittsfield to Alexander A Lomaglio RET and Alexander A. Lomaglio, $252,500 on 05/09/2023

115 Euclid Avenue: Hill George W Est and Chantelle M. Hill of Pittsfield to Christopher K. Balaska, $240,000 on 05/10/2023

119 Elm Street: Sugar Bears Ent LLC of Pittsfield to Fang Tian, $224,900 on 05/11/2023

214 Tyler Street: Doesnt Matter Nt and Thomas W. Rumbolt of Pittsfield to Krzysztof Properties LLC, $115,000 on 05/11/2023

241 2nd Street: Thomas M. Mullaney of Pittsfield to Heather Kelley and Matthew Vella, $220,000 on 05/09/2023

247 Williams Street: Mary C. Rosensteel of Pittsfield to Lara Bolger and Robert Bolger, $332,000 on 05/12/2023

507 Churchill Street: Cianflone Louise F Est and David R. Cianflone of Pittsfield to Jennifer C. Benson, $310,000 on 05/09/2023


210 E Slope Road: Howard Graff and Bonnie Graff of Richmond to Jason Brown and Claudia E. Brown, $1,900,000 on 05/11/2023


72 Jackson Road: Commonwealth Of Ma of Savoy to Blair R. Mahar and Greta K. Faccheti, $100,000 on 05/12/2023


269 E Main Street: Thomas A Wilson Lt and Gregory S. Wilson of Sheffield to Stewart T. Traill Jr and Jenny R. Traill, $293,698 on 05/12/2023

1474 County Road: Hugh D. Buckhaults Jr and Cassie M. Buckhaults of Sheffield to Beverly D. Brennan and Dustin Rotenberg, $532,000 on 05/12/2023


361 Lovers Lane Road: Donna M. Stimpson of Washington to Colin M. Goundrey, $30,000 on 05/11/2023


160 Water Street #112: 160 Water LLC of Williamstown to David Jowett, $460,000 on 05/10/2023

Connecticut, May 8 – May 11


381 Smith Hill Road: Awb Finca LLC and Crt Campo LLC of Colebrook to William B. Reynolds and Robert C. Nestor, $1,500,000 on 05/08/2023


34 Furnace Brook Road: Heather Martins and Alejandra Ortega of Cornwall to Mark Gregory, $325,000 on 05/08/2023

New Hartford

86 Winchester Road: Peter C. Kores and Truby E. Kores of New Hartford to Kirsten Salline, $589,000 on 05/08/2023

220 Main Street #4L: Greta Lindquist of New Hartford to David Vayda, $116,800 on 05/11/2023


14 River: Stephen M. Cook of Norfolk to Jason Beaudreault, $225,000 on 05/10/2023

North Canaan

141 Canaan Valley Road: Crystalle Carlson of North Canaan to Sherri Lloyd and Gregory Lloyd, $40,000 on 05/09/2023


49 Felicity Lane: Frisbie Diane S Est and Catherine T. Hyde of Torrington to Maryln Tavares and Pedro Gonzalez, $250,000 on 05/08/2023

57 Eastlawn Drive: Phillip D. Cracco of Torrington to David Muirhead, $280,000 on 05/08/2023

82 Pythian Avenue: Andrew K. Baker of Torrington to Purchrock LLC, $95,000 on 05/08/2023

87 Sharon Avenue: Rosemary Davis RET and Rosemary Davis of Torrington to Debra A. Green, $173,000 on 05/09/2023

102 Funston Avenue: Matthew A. Vella and Heather Kelley of Torrington to Yared Perez, $285,000 on 05/09/2023

144 Culvert Street: Rb Martin & Company LLC of Torrington to Carmita R. Buestan and Gustavo R. Fernandez, $285,000 on 05/08/2023

300 W Hill Road: Regner Edward G Sr Est and Alan Regner of Torrington to Matthew Chasse and Stephanie Chasse, $295,000 on 05/08/2023

404 Essex Court #404: Shellie I. Goodwin of Torrington to Joni M. Rylander, $175,000 on 05/09/2023

1826 Mountain Road: James F Talbot RET and Brent R. Talbot of Torrington to Timothy R. George, $350,000 on 05/08/2023


6 Cook Street: Frank R. Bourqi and Rachael L. Bourquin of Winchester to Marek Banach, $60,000 on 05/08/2023

52 Overlook Road: Patsy M. Renzullo and Mary Renzullo of Winchester to Jennifer A. Cooper, $288,900 on 05/09/2023

174 Wallens Street #B2: M S & Maurice J Finn T and Karen M. Casey of Winchester to Frances M. Barber, $225,000 on 05/11/2023

New York, April 28 – May 4


64 Memorial Drive: Barbara Smith and Garry A. Preble of Austerlitz to Garry A. Preble, $115,000 on 05/03/2023

149 Beale Road: Richard A. Bilotti Jr and Jo A. Williams of Austerlitz to Philip Davies and Lela Mayers, $937,500 on 04/28/2023


48 Goetz Road: Harper Home Company LLC of Canaan to Lauren Bacotti and Andrew Horton, $675,000 on 05/02/2023


236 Dorland Road: Erika R. Santoro of Chatham to Lindy LLC, $2,860,000 on 04/28/2023


15 Calico Lane: Jane E. Raco and Kenneth M. Krakuar of Claverack to Janet L. Wynn and Roger M. Kubarych, $527,500 on 05/03/2023

30 Van Wyck Lane: Derek Borchardt and Ejieme Eromosele of Claverack to Derek Borchardt, $50,000 on 04/28/2023


50 Skiba Road: Fernando Dallorso of Gallatin to Devin Schuck and Teresa Brown, $407,000 on 05/02/2023


140 Fowler Lake Road: Margaret Caponetto of Ghent to Anabelle F Shrieve RET and Annabelle F. Shrieve, $1,457,000 on 04/28/2023


312 Maryanne Avenue: US Bank NA of Greenport to Saiful Chowdhury, $242,650 on 05/04/2023

329 Church Road: Hadson Labradoodles R Inc of Greenport to Nature Defense Foundation, $700,000 on 05/01/2023


34 Fairview Avenue: Mill Wheel& Anchor Co LLC of Hudson to Klondike Re LLC, $1,135,000 on 05/04/2023

36 Fairview Avenue: Mill Wheel& Anchor Co LLC of Hudson to Klondike Re LLC, $1,135,000 on 05/04/2023


106 State Farm Road: Paul Fuhrmann and Ruth Fuhrmann of Kinderhook to David C. Sauesaitis Sr and Leeann Peters, $430,000 on 05/03/2023

5 Broad Street: Paul Calcagno Jr Dev LLC of Kinderhook to Jill N. Filipovic and Ty L. Mccormick, $770,000 on 05/04/2023

11 Reynolds Road: Robert G. Roina of Kinderhook to James Valk and Elizabeth Valk, $499,000 on 05/01/2023


6691 Route 9: Stephanie A. Jepsen and Michael Jepsen of Stockport to Natalie Nuding, $289,000 on 05/03/2023

6714 Chester Avenue: William W. Richard and Carrie J. Richard of Stockport to Barbara A. Fax, $253,000 on 04/28/2023


15 Church Street: Kathleen C. Peer of Stuyvesant to Jennifer Mallory and Doe M. Boyse, $1,200,000 on 05/01/2023


920 State Rte 82: New Milleers Tavern LLC of Taghkanic to Half Mile Trout Strm LLC, $480,000 on 05/02/2023


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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