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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Northern Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.


Massachusetts, November 30 – December 16


2 Daniels Court: Scott Jacobs of Adams to Anne M. Adamczyk-Read, $180,000 on 12/13/2022

10 Glendale Drive: Christine M. Nimmons of Adams to Dennis C. Underwood and Nancy J. Underwood, $259,000 on 12/16/2022

78 Friend Street: Kevin J. Downing and Anna S. Downing of Adams to Zachary D. Stedman, $75,000 on 12/16/2022

146-A Bellevue Avenue: Bernard A. Martin and Melissa J. Martin of Adams to James M. Shea and James B. Shea, $264,500 on 12/12/2022


105 County Road: Dennis Laflamme and Catherine Laflamme of Becket to Stephen Poneck, $280,000 on 12/12/2022

512 Silver Leaf Drive: Gary G. Johnson and Regina M. Johnson of Becket to James J. Schneider and Cara Sgobba, $418,500 on 12/12/2022


69 Lake Shore Drive: JD RET and Raymond Kushi of Cheshire to Donald Marks and Bonnie Marks, $305,000 on 12/14/2022


20 Middle Road: Dennis C. Underwood and Nancy J. Underwood of Clarksburg to Matthew Runciman, $243,500 on 12/16/2022

59 Carson Avenue #59: Satira M. Hayes and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc of Clarksburg to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $50,000 on 12/15/2022


321 High Street: Caliento Mary Jane Est and Carolina Galliher of Dalton to Aaron T. Harrington, $340,000 on 12/12/2022


190 Egremont Plain Road: Miriam R. Shapiro of Egremont to Karin Schaefer, $250,000 on 12/16/2022

Great Barrington

1 Lovers Lane: Rockwell Development Inc of Great Barrington to Wende Crowley RET and Wende Crowley, $549,900 on 11/30/2022

12 Manville Street #4: Christopher E. Ryan of Great Barrington to Sheila E. Bandyopadhyay, $316,000 on 12/12/2022

27 Blue Hill Road: Kornelia Krzyzanowska of Great Barrington to Birgit I Patterson IRT and Nancy J. Hancock, $317,000 on 12/12/2022

281 Main Street #4: Damien Flores of Great Barrington to James Hendrick, $385,000 on 12/16/2022

358 N Plain Road: Sandra D. Szahun of Great Barrington to Thomas M. Hocker and Kathryn Heeder-Hocker, $687,500 on 12/14/2022


Corey Road #161: Macken RET and John S. Macken of Hancock to Howard Greenspan, $132,500 on 12/15/2022

Jiminy Peak Cond #219: Macken RET and John S. Macken of Hancock to Howard Greenspan, $132,500 on 12/15/2022


401 George Schnopp Road: Nicholas T. Shallies and Kristina E. Shallies of Hinsdale to Nathan J. Pitoniak and Katelynn Pitoniak, $530,000 on 12/16/2022


2 Ann Drive: Theresa L. Tracy and Matthew Tracy of Lanesboro to Colleen Blanchard, $229,000 on 12/12/2022

61 Orebed Road: Timothy Sherman and Gena Sherman of Lanesboro to Andrew Carlson and Rebecca Carlson, $310,000 on 12/15/2022


100 S Prospect Street: Driscoll FT and Kathleen King of Lee to Andrew J. Naventi and Mary E. Naventi, $425,000 on 12/16/2022

221 George Street: Bove Anthony Est and Paul G. Bove of Lee to Peter C. Miskinis, $247,500 on 12/12/2022

786 East Street: John C. Pelkey and Denene Pelkey of Lee to Dennis Laflamme and Catherine Laflamme, $237,500 on 12/12/2022


8 Tucker Street: 8-12 Tucker Street LLC of Lenox to North Sandy Brook LLC, $1,250,000 on 12/14/2022

40 Tucker Street: M L Duval T and Linda D. Sullivan of Lenox to Judith A. Duval and John M. Duval, $395,000 on 12/15/2022

310 Old Stockbridge Road: Front Yard LLC of Lenox to Linda Susan Law T and Linda S. Law, $8,000,000 on 12/16/2022

North Adams

294 Notch Road: Lincoln Shirley M Est and Scott T. Lincoln of North Adams to Claire L. Hutchinson, $255,000 on 12/13/2022

388 Ashland Street #5: Russell H. Sleigh and Janet A. Criscione-Sleigh of North Adams to Elizabeth A. Fischer, $60,000 on 12/12/2022

455 State Street: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to James M. Pedro, $69,000 on 12/16/2022


1975 W Center Road: Marston FT and Michael E. Marston of Otis to Hayes Pond Overlook LLC, $970,000 on 12/14/2022


3 Walden Lane: Holly Shaker of Pittsfield to Lorraine Deyo, $360,000 on 12/12/2022

3 Woodstream Drive #3: Sharon M. Daley and Evan Richard of Pittsfield to Grace Jull, $200,000 on 12/16/2022

22 Scalise Drive: David J. Pravia and Alicia Pravia of Pittsfield to Edwin M. Ramirez and Marybel Santana-Peralta, $370,000 on 12/15/2022

34 Holmes Road: Meaghan A. Stiles of Pittsfield to Arnold Constanza, $210,000 on 12/16/2022

44 Parker Street: Roots Nancy A Est and Eric J. Christopher of Pittsfield to Dean Christopher and Brenda Pettit, $170,000 on 12/13/2022

63 Concord: Thomas M. Hocker and Kathyrn A. Heeder-Hocker of Pittsfield to Ross G. Comstock and Cynthia R. Comstock, $398,000 on 12/14/2022

80 Industrial Drive: Venancio Torres of Pittsfield to Smegal Holdings LLC, $450,000 on 12/16/2022

92 Northumberland Road: Heather A. Kelley of Pittsfield to Daryl Brooke and Susanne East-Brooke, $405,000 on 12/13/2022

127 Shore Drive: Eileen M Nichols 1996 RET and Arthur J. Nichols Jr of Pittsfield to Amihai Miron, $1,255,000 on 12/12/2022

155 North Street: Ruffer Business NT and Deanna L. Ruffer of Pittsfield to Pittsfield North 157 LLC, $285,000 on 12/14/2022

480 Pomeroy Avenue: Anne Fleuriot of Pittsfield to Sava Svirskiy, $269,900 on 12/13/2022

480 Pomeroy Avenue: Anne Fleuriot of Pittsfield to Sava Svirskiy, $269,900 on 12/12/2022

730 Crane Avenue: Ricky J. Barnes and Tina Barnes of Pittsfield to Kabriya Bolbolan and Naheed Bolbolan, $227,000 on 12/12/2022

1220 North Street: K&K Liquors LLC of Pittsfield to JFG Realty LLC, $180,000 on 12/15/2022

1224 North Street: Ely FT and Gerald F. Ely of Pittsfield to JFG Realty LLC, $175,000 on 12/15/2022

1311 East Street: RPM Properties Inc of Pittsfield to Organic Cultivation Dev, $535,000 on 12/15/2022


897 East Road: Thomas Siders and Emily Siders of Richmond to Marion H. Rutledge, $385,000 on 12/15/2022


97 West Street: Margo Morrison of Sandisfield to Adam Mansbach and Jamie Greenwood, $1,392,000 on 12/16/2022

151 N Main Street: Nancy M. Kreis of Sandisfield to Mark Woodbury, $102,500 on 12/15/2022

241 Sandisfield Road: Mark Woodbury of Sandisfield to David G. Vanarsdale and Wakenda Tyler, $262,500 on 12/14/2022


869 Adams Road: Mark R. Ziemba of Savoy to William A. Drosehn 4th, $19,000 on 12/16/2022


Berkshire #3: Jankowski Paul Est and David C. Shepard of Sheffield to Sarah E. Divine and Nathaniel R. Divine, $10,000 on 12/15/2022


310 Old Stockbridge Road: Front Yard LLC of Stockbridge to Linda Susan Law T and Linda S. Law, $8,000,000 on 12/16/2022


124 Main Road: Gordon G. Vanorman and Kathleen J. Vanorman of Tyringham to Liza Taylor, $230,000 on 12/15/2022


10-12 River #10: 180 Water LLC of Williamstown to Stephen Barrett and Patricia Reilly, $1,130,000 on 12/14/2022

71 Henderson Road: Sandra L. Boucher and Jane E. Perras of Williamstown to Marcia E. Macinnis, $200,000 on 12/14/2022

1518 Oblong Road: Robert Greenberg and Patricia T. Greenberg of Williamstown to John P. Gerry and Laura H. Schoenbaum, $765,000 on 12/15/2022

Connecticut, December 12 – 15


342 Music Mountain Road: Cyril M. Wismar Jr and Kathleen L. Wismar of Canaan to Jonathan P. Lally and Emily S. Lally, $608,300 on 12/13/2022


213 East Street: Sharon Laughlin of Goshen to Tennyson Teece, $1,000,000 on 12/12/2022


49 E Main Street: Bethany A. Ralph of Salisbury to Bryan R. Smith and Erin G. Smith, $610,000 on 12/15/2022


8 Holland Road: Larry S. King of Sharon to Philip Deseve and Debra Rosenbaum, $385,000 on 12/12/2022


32 South Street: Randy E. Mcquilkin and PHH Mortgage Corp of Torrington to PHH Mortgage Corp, $176,558 on 12/13/2022

59 Wilson Avenue: Susanne Schreiber of Torrington to Margarita Tapia, $200,000 on 12/14/2022

87 Westledge Drive: Devine Ann P Est and Frederick P. Devine Jr of Torrington to William J. Waselewski, $389,000 on 12/15/2022

95 Sunrise Drive: Kenneth Murphy and Bank Of New York Mellon of Torrington to Bank Of New York Mellon, $1 on 12/15/2022

131 Queens Road #131: Travis L. Golden of Torrington to Kristopher R. Jones, $150,000 on 12/13/2022

141 Queens Road #141: Thomas E. Sterling Jr and Wayne G. Oneill of Torrington to Sandra E. Alexander, $145,000 on 12/14/2022

147 Brightwood Avenue: James V. Fontana Jr and Daren Sileo of Torrington to Jade 1 Holdings LLC, $210,000 on 12/13/2022

165 Cedar Lane: Stephen M. Lane of Torrington to Arun Zaide, $199,900 on 12/13/2022

187 Lovers Lane #15: Bryan Heafy of Torrington to Fatima C. Parmely and Luz C. Rugel, $142,000 on 12/13/2022

210 Dorothy Drive: Bobinski FT and Thomas L. Bobinski of Torrington to Selva M. Cabrera, $289,000 on 12/13/2022

262 Marcia Drive: Arthur C. Brochu and Linda M. Brochu of Torrington to Matthew L. Garcia and Mackenzie Brochu, $325,000 on 12/13/2022

355 High Street: Maryann Musselman and Terence F. Musselman of Torrington to Manuel S. Macas and Jennifer Gomez, $290,000 on 12/13/2022

473 Evergreen Road #473: Paula Licitra of Torrington to Susanne Schreiber, $210,000 on 12/15/2022

505 Harwinton Avenue #13: Fresh Look Homes LLC of Torrington to Saffi Gilani and Afleen Karamat, $122,000 on 12/15/2022

971 New Litchfield Street: Warren W. Walker Jr of Torrington to Orellanas Property Mgmt, $75,000 on 12/13/2022


28 Moore Avenue: Walter F. Lentini Jr of Winchester to Derek J. Symmonds, $223,500 on 12/16/2022

90 Colony Drive: Brittany Albright of Winchester to Judith R. Meunier, $233,000 on 12/12/2022

100 Hurlbut Street: Franklin Romans and Christine Romans of Winchester to Bridget M. Rodriguez and Angel R. Lucey, $225,000 on 12/13/2022

200 Torringford Street: Debra Totino of Winchester to Steven Lee, $219,000 on 12/12/2022

232 Torringford Street: Annick Lowry of Winchester to Victoria Wunderlich, $100,000 on 12/15/2022

265 Colebrook Road: Brian Casey and Anita L. Casey of Winchester to Michael Novajasky, $310,000 on 12/12/2022

New York, December 1 – 6


7 Waite Road: John E. Reisnger of Chatham to Christopher L. Thalasinos and Katie R. Thalasinos, $298,700 on 12/01/2022

2919 County Route 9: Michael Lewis and Chandler Lewis of Chatham to Jeffrey Louden and Christian Barclay, $320,000 on 12/01/2022

4379 State Route 203: Robert J. Bechard Sr of Chatham to Christina Mccomish, $165,000 on 12/02/2022


14 Route 217: Ross M. Fenn of Claverack to Sara Goodrich and Raphael Boccagna, $235,320 on 12/05/2022


11 Melvin Road: Montalto Carol Ann Est and Gina Giordano of Copake to Michael Herman, $63,365 on 12/01/2022

91 Lake Shore Drive: Beatrice Spinelli of Copake to Kevin J. Boone and Christine A. Boone, $300,000 on 12/01/2022


79 Lasher Avenue: Rosean C. Selteneck and Maria Brown of Germantown to Joshua Tuscan and Hope Kendall, $405,000 on 12/01/2022

85 Round Top Road: Eleonora B. Lanza of Germantown to Clark Wieman and Julie Metz, $766,500 on 12/05/2022


29 Slate Hill Road: Joyce A. Reynolds of Ghent to Daniel R. Barufaldi and Catherine H. Barufaldi, $470,000 on 12/05/2022


18 Becraft Avenue: Janice E Meyers IRT and Beth A. Harring of Greenport to William I. Singer, $329,000 on 12/01/2022

117 Joslen Boulevard: Carl W. Brash and Debra L. Brash of Greenport to William C. Brash and Tabitha C. Brash, $75,000 on 12/05/2022


9768 Route 22: Marilyn Rae Simon LT and Dana L. Simon of Hillsdale to Maria Theodoulo, $79,000 on 12/02/2022


23 Academy Hill Drive: M S&William J Taylor LT and Elie Kahn of Hudson to William J. Taylor and Marsha S. Kahn, $2,000 on 12/05/2022

526 Prospect Street: Grazyna Tarnawczyk-Gawron of Hudson to 526-528 Prospect St Q LLC, $550,000 on 12/01/2022

528 Prospect Street: Grazyna Tarnawczyk-Gawron of Hudson to 526-528 Prospect St Q LLC, $550,000 on 12/01/2022


23 Gaffney Lane: Gay Family IRT and Brian R. Gay of Kinderhook to Lisa Small, $324,450 on 12/01/2022


6726 Route 9: Aaron J. Allers of Stockport to Six Carter, $269,000 on 12/01/2022


346 Cty Rte 46: James Altomer 3rd and Jeffrey Altomer of Stuyvesant to James Altomer 3rd and Jeffrey Altomer, $75,000 on 12/06/2022


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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