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Berkshire Region Real Estate Sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Northern Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.


Massachusetts, October 3 – 7


5 Dubis Street: Adelle E. Michaud-Doerring and Robert M. Cuddihy of Adams to Michael J. Sommer and Helene L. Sommer, $210,000 on 10/05/2022

13 Murray Street: John F. Bordeau and Barbara A. Bordeau of Adams to Daniel E. Nye and Jill M. Nye, $129,900 on 10/05/2022

14 E Orchard: J J&B S Mckenna NT and James J. Mckenna of Adams to Stephen J. Bransfield and Leslie A. Bransfield, $320,000 on 10/07/2022

19 Leonard Street: Carol A. Daignault of Adams to Donald E. Reese and Sally Reese, $271,500 on 10/05/2022

27 E Orchard: Ruth E. Lennon and Dwane Rougeau of Adams to Patricia E. Farnam, $282,500 on 10/07/2022

59 Howland Avenue: Richview Properties LLC of Adams to FSCL Homes LLC, $29,000 on 10/03/2022

105 Alger Street: Jereme C. Vinette and Jacqueline M. Vinette of Adams to Nicholas R. Sorrell, $236,000 on 10/07/2022


52 Blue Boar Lane: Allard David J Jr Est and Dorothy Svoren of Becket to Keith Manley and Cynthia Manley, $108,000 on 10/03/2022

116 Partridge Lane: Francisco Miranda Jr and Molly Miranda of Becket to Gloria Shahin and David M. Dziena, $549,000 on 10/03/2022


72 Gleason Street: Chali Nondo and Helen Mbewe of Clarksburg to Jereme C. Vinette and Jacqueline M. Vinette, $325,000 on 10/07/2022


77 Frederick Drive: Mindy Perrault of Dalton to Katherine Lockridge, $550,000 on 10/06/2022


100 Baldwin Hill Road: Rhett W. Proctor of Egremont to Matthew E. Berg and Sarah E. Bishop, $545,000 on 10/06/2022

Great Barrington

3 Hillside Avenue: Robert J. Ostellino and Catherine K. Ostellino of Great Barrington to Samuel H. Crawford, $347,500 on 10/07/2022

28 Rosseter Street: Alan J. Righi and Bernice Washington of Great Barrington to Shelly Szabo and Sandor Szabo, $344,000 on 10/04/2022

420 Stockbridge Road #11: Rhett H. Mundy of Great Barrington to Skwirl Shack LLC, $100,000 on 10/05/2022


37 Corey Road #E: Charles S. Cumming and Jane S. Cumming of Hancock to Paul J. Desantis and Lena M. Desantis, $337,500 on 10/07/2022


316 Ashmere Road: Leonard E. Day 3rd of Hinsdale to Carol L. Leblanc, $207,500 on 10/07/2022


39 N Mountain Road: Victor J. Cappadona and Christy L. Cappadona of Lanesboro to Nicholas Perrault and Mindy Perrault, $650,000 on 10/06/2022

209 Narragansett Avenue: Timothy J. Flanagan and Ann Flanagan of Lanesboro to Dennis J. Mlynarski and Paula Mlynarski, $405,000 on 10/03/2022


300 Moose Drive: Daniel A. Zaccardo of Lee to Sara Joseph, $750,000 on 10/03/2022


82 Old Stockbridge Road: Ellen C. Marshall of Lenox to H David. Stein, $725,000 on 10/07/2022

234 Lee Road: Johanna D. Wetmore of Lenox to Cynthia Birnbaum, $435,000 on 10/03/2022

New Marlboro

732 Brewer Hill Road: Lawrence A. Agoglia and Susan R. Agoglia of New Marlboro to William Cassidy and Kathryn A. Cassidy, $1,490,000 on 10/04/2022

North Adams

23 Arnold: Jeremy Broadwell and Dawn M. Broadwell of North Adams to 4 Directions LLC, $10,000 on 10/07/2022

32-34 Meadow Street: James J. Borowski and Ann M. Shartrand of North Adams to Obilio Rodriguez Jr, $150,000 on 10/04/2022

53-55 Brooklyn Street: Jayne M. Lavariere and Richard Lavariere of North Adams to Robin R. Sears, $220,000 on 10/07/2022

56 Liberty Street: Pellegrini Maarten N Est and Isabel J. Pellegrini of North Adams to Jennifer Fey, $72,500 on 10/05/2022

60 Brooklyn Street: Harvey Lois M Est and Valmore Richards of North Adams to Marika E. Kobel, $190,000 on 10/07/2022

60 Meade Avenue: Kimberly J. Burdick and Perry K. Burdick of North Adams to Timothy M. Maffei and Yennifer C. Maffei, $215,000 on 10/07/2022

184 E Main Street #2: Carriage Barn Wellness of North Adams to A P Benson LLC, $340,000 on 10/07/2022

343 W Main Street: Diane B. Schwarzer of North Adams to Keith D. Kurman and Vicki M. Campbell, $155,000 on 10/06/2022


19 Pine Grove Ridge Road: Kathleen M. Wheeler and Matthew Wheeler of Otis to Amy B. Humphrey, $685,000 on 10/04/2022

1479 N Main Road: Betty A. Fillio of Otis to Brandon Otto-Smith, $400,000 on 10/03/2022


3 Northbrook Lane: Heather A. Lane and John L. Mclean of Pittsfield to Rinku Jakhar and Deepak Nainal, $790,000 on 10/06/2022

27 Adelaide Avenue: Lillian M. Kennedy of Pittsfield to Andrea M. Kennedy, $76,640 on 10/05/2022

39 Circular Avenue: Vincent F. Monitto 3rd of Pittsfield to Tim J. Allen, $105,000 on 10/05/2022

50 Vinal Avenue: Bryan R. Nutting of Pittsfield to Ashok K. Palakurthi and Sandhyarani Palakurthi, $316,000 on 10/03/2022

81 Longview: David Barile Jr of Pittsfield to Paul Saldana, $125,000 on 10/03/2022

160 Wahconah Street: John J. Giardina of Pittsfield to Lia Saldana and William P. Bravo, $145,000 on 10/03/2022

161 Stoddard Avenue: Alfred&A Gelinas LT and Alfred G. Gelinas of Pittsfield to Marcos W. Contreras, $230,000 on 10/03/2022

224-226 Linden Street: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to KOW LLC, $82,500 on 10/07/2022

413 West Street: Higgins Catherine A Est and Rita E. Welch of Pittsfield to Theodore B. Hiser, $85,000 on 10/05/2022

577 W Housatonic Street: Bruce D. Eaton and Christine G. Eaton of Pittsfield to Jose L. Rivers 2nd and Kahlye J. Albez, $275,000 on 10/04/2022

744 Williams Street: Greylock FCU of Pittsfield to Schmidt Dental RE LLC, $280,000 on 10/07/2022


8 Bosworth Road: Francis Palma of Sandisfield to Anne M. Mallgrave and Jeffrey Mallgrave, $109,000 on 10/07/2022

88 S Main Street: Tasim Klenja of Sandisfield to 88 S Main Street LLC, $250,000 on 10/04/2022


5 Cherry Hill Road: Maureen Dayal of Stockbridge to Nicholas Perri-Delfino and Melissa A. Nollstadt, $570,000 on 10/07/2022

31 Glendale Road: Jeffrey P. Labonte and Theodore Labonte of Stockbridge to Jed Drake and Jessica Drake, $545,000 on 10/04/2022

200 Old Stockbridge Road #2B: Rosenthal FT and Esther Z. Rosenthal of Stockbridge to Deborah Sagner, $595,000 on 10/07/2022


129-B Main Road: Kathryn T. Greenthal of Tyringham to Ashley Wright and Robin Wright, $485,000 on 10/04/2022

West Stockbridge

273 Great Barrington Road: Landmark T and Brenda M. Elling of West Stockbridge to Madeleine A. Elling and Abraham S. Hunrichs, $165,000 on 10/06/2022


1026 N Hoosac Road: David E. Archibald and Bernadette A. Archibald of Williamstown to Peter L. Beck and Elisabeth S. Beck, $871,165 on 10/03/2022


35 Savoy Road: Wayne Poirier of Windsor to Steven A. Poirier and Steven M. Poirier, $156,000 on 10/03/2022

Connecticut, September 30 – October 7


22 Chapin Road: Albert E. Goldstone 2nd of Colebrook to Steele G. Porter and Kate M. Goldstone, $300,000 on 10/04/2022

25 Silhouette Drive: Richard Ross and Sharon M. Ross of Colebrook to Kurt V. Satherlie and Jennifer A. Mcbride, $462,500 on 10/03/2022


109 Ivy Mountain Road: Robinson Doris L Est and George E. Robinson Jr of Goshen to Jason Carpenter and Morgan Carpenter, $350,000 on 10/04/2022

136 Bentley Circle: Joan B. Kirwin of Goshen to L&Stein Residence T and David Acker, $1,035,000 on 10/05/2022

New Hartford

725 Town Hill Road: Patricia F. Fontana of New Hartford to Bruce Worley and Kim M. Gould, $499,900 on 10/03/2022


80 Goshen East Street: Barbara J. Moeckel of Norfolk to Robert S. Peckham and Rebecca F. Peckham, $467,400 on 10/06/2022

98 Deerfield Road: Donald Cameron Alford RET and Donald C. Alford of Norfolk to Daniel P. Mayer and Sarah T. Hemphill, $2,400,000 on 10/03/2022

North Canaan

53-A High Street: Geer Corp of North Canaan to Little Wing Exp LLC, $250,000 on 10/03/2022

57 S Canaan Road: Geer Corp of North Canaan to Little Wing Exp LLC, $450,000 on 10/03/2022

268 W Main Street: Jayme L. Fleming-Wampler of North Canaan to Lindsie Kane and Michael Hotaling, $290,000 on 10/03/2022


64 Hammertown Road: Mcbride Builders LLC of Salisbury to Donna Mckay and Edward M. Spiro, $2,600,000 on 10/07/2022

142 Interlaken Road: Bruce Montgomerie and Claire Montgomerie of Salisbury to Timothy Kintzel and Eliza Ng, $2,200,000 on 10/05/2022


7 Swaller Hill Road: H Elise. Ward of Sharon to Gerard S. Calabrese and Jean Calabrese, $475,000 on 10/04/2022

15 Guinea Road: Carol A. Knutson of Sharon to George Holden and Anne Cameron, $400,000 on 10/04/2022

25 W Main Street: H&R Holdings LLC of Sharon to 25 WMS LLC, $495,000 on 10/04/2022

248 Millerton Road: Paula Hirschel of Sharon to Phillips Hathaway T and Sealy H. Hopkinson, $2,350,000 on 10/03/2022


17 Funston Avenue: Shift 4 Holdings LLC of Torrington to Black Rock US Asset Mgmt, $130,000 on 10/05/2022

18 Evergreen Road #18: Adam Llamas of Torrington to Cheryl Gallagher, $142,500 on 10/05/2022

21 Oak Avenue #3: Timothy M. Payson of Torrington to Joshua J. Tito and Samuel J. Tito, $100,000 on 10/05/2022

25 Alvord Park Road: Lape Joan I Est and Victoria E. Busch of Torrington to Deborah Dunay, $182,000 on 10/04/2022

57 Penny Lane: Iona Baker of Torrington to Mooreblessing Mwanza and Launas Mwape, $445,000 on 10/04/2022

57 Woodbine Street: Julio E. Idrovo and Wells Fargo Bank NA of Torrington to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on 10/04/2022

63 Dartmouth Street: Porter Robert A Est and Diane V. Libby of Torrington to Patrick W. Austin, $215,000 on 10/03/2022

64 Hunter Court #64: Irina Gorbachev of Torrington to Peter Macartney, $110,000 on 10/03/2022

80 Wolcott Avenue: FHLM of Torrington to G H. Teixeira-Donascimento, $150,200 on 10/04/2022

82 Roosevelt Avenue: Giovannina Nania and Delfina C. Mckenna of Torrington to Brandy L. Hackett and Jason W. Ward, $260,000 on 10/04/2022

86 Colin Drive: Ryan W. Nilsen of Torrington to Erin Flynn, $320,000 on 10/04/2022

118 Cole Street: Matthew V. Marola of Torrington to Franklin Sosa, $175,000 on 10/03/2022

118 Tamarack Court #118: Leslie S. Munson and Stacey G. Leslie of Torrington to James K. Obst and Margaret R. Obst, $169,900 on 10/03/2022

134 Griswold Street: Danielle Snider and Stephen Snider of Torrington to Bruce Hitchcock and Caitlin Hitchcock, $302,000 on 10/04/2022

161 Kinney Street: Shiraz Associates LLC of Torrington to Strawberry Hill Rlty LLC, $1,255,000 on 10/04/2022

209 Riverside Avenue: John Warzocha and Pamela A. Muphy of Torrington to Viengmone Phengkaen, $175,000 on 10/05/2022

282 Roosevelt Avenue: Jamie Figueroa of Torrington to Christopher Taylor, $240,000 on 10/03/2022

303 Cliffside Drive #303: Richard Sherwin and Susan Sherwin of Torrington to Daniel P. Roeser and Gunjan Prakash, $230,000 on 10/06/2022

411 Funston Avenue: Rachel Dewing of Torrington to Caitlyn Bourdier, $237,000 on 10/05/2022

466 Hayden Hill Road: Louis C&C E Reynolds RET and Catherine E. Reynolds of Torrington to Junie Belizaire, $385,000 on 10/07/2022

606 Kennedy Drive: Brian Griffin and Lynda Griffin of Torrington to William Embelton, $250,000 on 10/04/2022

1229 Winsted Road #50: Baskim Prevalla of Torrington to Keith Shepard and Carla Taggett, $185,000 on 10/04/2022

1927 E Main Street: TEP Inc of Torrington to Tower Ventures Cre LLC, $6,875,000 on 10/03/2022


8 Baker Street: Steven A. Sandell and Angela D. Sandell of Winchester to William J. Rivera-Ortiz, $159,000 on 10/05/2022

14 White Street: Thompson FT and Joseph W. Sparveri Jr of Winchester to White Street Dev LLC, $500,000 on 10/04/2022

20 Laurel Street: Jamie Jacobs and Heather Cruikshank of Winchester to James F. Fines and Lucille A. Fines, $310,000 on 10/03/2022

24 High Street: Dylan J. Seibert and Michelle A. Whitman of Winchester to Tony Hang, $100,000 on 10/04/2022

66 Munro: Taylor Rosemary D Est and Suzanne Reynaud of Winchester to Bradford Johnson and Hilary Johnson, $362,000 on 10/03/2022

108 West Road: Lauren Canning-Howroyd of Winchester to Lucas Provera, $201,000 on 10/05/2022

144 Old North Road: David Kuhn and Cheryl Kuhn of Winchester to William J. Kulis 3rd, $384,900 on 09/30/2022

New York, September 20 – 27


241 La Branche Road: Matthew C. Papas of Austerlitz to Johen C. Nahr and Alexander S. Nahr, $1,760,000 on 09/27/2022


3243 C R 9: Colin W. Rusch of Canaan to Jane K. Wood, $1,475,000 on 09/22/2022


227 Millbrook Road: Rajinder Mann and Johanna Peet of Claverack to Michael Clarke and Clara Kirkpatrick, $850,000 on 09/22/2022

451 Millbrook Road: George M. Starr and Pamela A. Starr of Claverack to Dylan Garbarini and Olivia Keeler, $310,000 on 09/22/2022

6032 Route 9H: Ellie Mac Inc of Claverack to Christian Lopez and Devora Lopez, $485,000 on 09/20/2022


149 Commons Road: Richard A. Bennek and Gail J. Bennek of Clermont to Elizabeth C. Munsell and Peter Lofficial, $600,000 on 09/23/2022


119 Black Grocery Road: Herbert Roberts Jr and Marilyn Roberts-Scutt of Copake to Ryan Maker and Samantha Maker, $18,000 on 09/20/2022


82 Maple Hill Lane: John Tomasetti and Cara L. Tomasetti of Gallatin to Carl A. Pforzheimer, $700,000 on 09/23/2022


23 Cheviot Road: James Biebel and Domenic Scarpulla of Germantown to Joan Shapiro, $550,000 on 09/20/2022

56 Main Street: Arthur M. Cady and Elizabeth M. Cawley of Germantown to James Poolos and Shannon Dunn, $690,000 on 09/22/2022

429 Viewmont Road: Charles H. Bohl and Barbara V. Bohl of Germantown to Jefferson Heuer and Michelle Heimerman, $1,240,000 on 09/20/2022


9 Burgi Road: Mark A. Vandeusen and Courtney K. Mcdonald of Greenport to Andrea Nassar and Chris Nassar, $387,000 on 09/21/2022

57 Arthur Avenue: George Opshanski of Greenport to Amy Schetinger, $320,000 on 09/22/2022

300 Town Hall Drive: Andre Perry of Greenport to Shaquesia Austin, $253,000 on 09/20/2022


54 Far View Lane: Leon S. Green of Hillsdale to Jamon Exsted and India Delashmutt, $2,450,000 on 09/21/2022

172 W End Road: Kathleen Doolan of Hillsdale to Mark Rosengren and Lance Vermeulen, $750,000 on 09/26/2022


48 Worth Avenue: Joseph S. Moore and Hallie F. Goodman of Hudson to Dawn L. Martin and Stephanie K. Hopkins, $775,000 on 09/22/2022


1 Rothermel Lane: Elizabeth E. Dyksen and Daniel Dyksen of Kinderhook to William H. Hurd and Gloria J. Cestero-Hurd, $240,000 on 09/21/2022

New Lebanon

119 Covenant Circle: Justin Burgdrof of New Lebanon to Paul E. Church, $295,000 on 09/27/2022

472 Gale Hl Road: Varner H. Redmon of New Lebanon to Sebastian A. Sarmiento, $775,000 on 09/22/2022


4039 Cty Rte 21: Charles A. Rodgers and Sandra P. Rodgers of Stuyvesant to Quada F. Kirk and Emily J. Chittenden, $425,000 on 09/22/2022


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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